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Decoding Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is a reminder of the Inevitable possibilities. Always do your own research, into whatever it is, area or field, that you want to get into. Discover the truth for yourself.
~Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

Power Question + Channel From Dr. King + Mother Teresa

Power Question:   Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Every delay is a part, of your faith test. Do YOU believe, you CAN do it? Channeled through Quornesha S.,…