The Symbolic Meaning of the Color Black

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The Symbolic Meaning of the Color black. The Color black symbolizes power, Integrity, Will, Strength, Embodiment, The Essence, Seeing through Illusions, Benevolence, Source, Whole, Nothingness, Clarity, Getting Clear, Starting Again, New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, Horizons, Illumination, Power, Force + Knowing Ones On Strength, Protection.

Seeing the color black in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity is a message for us to see the blessings in disguise, when circumstances come about and we need clearing of our space, it is opportunity to heal all other situations surrounding it also.

When you are exhausted of trepidation or situations, you are coming toward the completion of that chapter in your life. Move forward fearlessly, even if you have any doubts at this time.

The Color black suggests that you take action for your highest good and give no priority to your fears. When you receive black items, (Stones, Gems or Gifts) it is a message that you will go through some upheavals in order to release some constraints. If these are at present happening in your life, rest assured that there is purpose behind them. But you will not see the greater perspective until hindsight.

Black can also be a representation of death. It may represent the conclusion of situations. If you are losing loved ones at this time, take time out to grieve. If there are ill loved ones. Take time out to pray and express your love and kindness to them.

Black is a representation of forgiveness and absolution of past or present mistakes. Black has many spiritual properties and is associated with cleansing situations, circumstances and emotions or vibrations.

Your life has just begun in a sense. If you see the color black repeatedly (Black cars, clothing, or items or electronics, Black ink. Etc.

Perhaps you have lived your life in an ordeal or ideal manner, but you are finally breaking free of your shell. It is time for you to turn the tables and play the hand you have  been dealt and make it to your advantage.

It is up  to you to see your own reflection, we must daily ask ourselves. “What do I hope the world will see, that I need to see about myself?” Open your eyes and see the truth about the world. It is time to begin speaking and teaching your truth. Live in your truth about yourself and do not allow yourself to accept interpretations about yourself that you do not believe in. Begin to spiritually stand up for yourself, both directly and indirectly.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant


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