Ravens Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Obeah Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner, (Initiated) Shaman, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Reiki Master Certified Master Medium, & Intuitive:  There is something or someone about to leave your life OR it is you who will leave the lives of another or other. Someone or possibly you. have not been grateful for your blessings or the presence of someone who may be making a difference to which you have given no recognition. The ravens come as a reminder, that nothing nor anyone appears without reason. The pendulum cannot move if the other pendulum doesn’t respond through movement.

Ravens are symbolism of great power for the spiritist. If you are a healer, this is confirmation that you will soon heal many people in a towering way. Look after your health at this time, both spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. You are being congratulated for understanding your leadership position. You lead through those whom come to you for your services and offerings.

An opportunity for affairs cannot present without your partner first succumbing for an affair. An opportunity for revenge does not appear without first being wronged. Although two wrongs do not make a ‘right’. These are the karmic balances and challenges we all face.

The Raven is symbolic of illumination, being a torchbearer, having great responsibility (power) and affluence. You are rare. When a raven appears to you in dreams or synchronicity, someone is working on your situation, prayer, petition or request in a mighty & powerful way. Have not fear in your heart, mind, body or soul; Your ego exists for a reason. But all must be in balance. You are spiritual power.


We are all of the same connection, no matter the direction we choose. Whatever rises, must fall, what is up, must come down. No matter what. Everything must be in a constant moving state for it to be stable and growing. Keep your money moving by spending wisely instead of hoarding it. You must be grateful by spending as well as saving. Take care of your body for in each day, you live/dwell in this temple. God is not outside of you. All the power you seek outside of yourself. Is available within yourself.

You are asked to take on the path you are guided to take. The Raven comes as a warning that you may go through some changes or that you have just completed some changes, but it is not complete as of yet. Ravens appear as a sign, that something is not meant to be. Once yo figure out what that ‘something’ is. Move on from it.

We have access to the most highest and lowest of all powers, you must choose the direction of which your energy will flow or follow. Raven is also a reminder that you are respected neutrally, that you have authority above as well as below. You may not know entirely about your abilities, but some time in your life along the way, you will know. Ravens are reminders that even dark energies bow before you and ask what it is that you seek. Your name is respected, as well as the work that you do in the world. You feel overwhelmed in energy at times, only because you are not only feeling your own vibrations but that of others. Ravens are forthright and do not take NO for their finale. In other words, they do not remain feeling or being defeated for long.

Ravens are therefore a reminder that it is prophesied over your soul, you will comeback from whatever you have suffered or lost. So do not worry, do not stress. You are strong. Something unwavering, stable and blissful is about to happen. Prepare for your blessings. As shadows and light protect your path. Your fears are not to be pushed away or subsided, as they are your guiding light in tough times. If you doubt something this is also your power at work. Follow the instruction of your feelings. They cannot deter you. If they are in the wrong the feeling will immediately change. It is law. Karmic law. If you have brought harm upon none, no one’s harm shall covet you. Raven is a sign that your spells, incantations, prayers or spiritual work IS WORKING. Do not be concerned with skepticism, even from within yourself.

Raven is a sign that something is about to happen. A chapter will close, or a life or relationship will end. This time…the door has/will close(d) for eternity. Even if there are memories, etc. The expiration of something in your life is inevitable. Have no fear. You have friends in high and low places. Pay attention to vivid dreams and messages, as they are dreamt, what you see in your dreams, is always for you and involves you or someone you love. Pay close attention. Be proud of yourself and stay humble in the work you are doing. A Power beyond space and time, protects you from malevolence. You are awake. Stay there!  Never doubt yourself even if thoughts and vibrations tell you otherwise. No evil shall prevail against you, no matter it’s source. You are a messenger, spread your light around the world and in your life/surroundings. See also: The Color Black 


Quornesha S.  

Illumination Reiki & Readings


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