Black Stallion Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Stallion Horse is  symbolic of immense power, illumination, stability, Patience, empowerment, inspiration, shining your light, Being powerful, embracing your life’s purpose, moving forward, enlightenment  and success.

When seeing the stallion in your dreams and waking life it is a reminder that you not be rigid in forthcoming opportunities. You have it within you to attain and maintain your wealth, well being and success.

It is important that you remain who you are within as this a source of confidence with you….you are capable of standing in your own strength as well as integrate team-wise + come together to get things done.

It is important to rid yourself of any energy that may be wearing you down. It is now a time to pause and observe where you are going and take in the opportunities as you are due to receive at this time.

Know that there are very important changes + increase of your energy at this time. It is  a time to refresh in all ways + know that while you receive stay humble & kind. You’ll bring out the best in others about you and themselves by how you choose to react.

It’s time to fly high. Give credit where it is due + most of all give credit to yourself for your personal sustainability. Know that your behaviors today make way for your tomorrows. Everything happens for a reason. But three is a time & place for everything. Learn to balance your work from your play time.

It’s an opportune time to focus on what you really want. Listen to the messages all around you, as you will be able to tell what opportunities will suit you and which ones will not. Do things that energize you. Participate in opportunities that renew you & that which gives you a sense of hope. Know that you are being guided by the good of all involved, energy or spiritual team.

It is time to lay to rest your past. As right now, is a very productive time for you and your big dreams. Dream really big + knock on doors. It is time to refresh your life in all ways.

Know that everything will work itself out the way that it should + the moment your needs arrive they will be met as well as your personal goals + desires. Continue moving forward.

The Black Stallion adds to it’s meaning through it’s color. Representation of Wholeness, and nothing in the same setting.

Know that positive things are forthcoming and you have nothing to fear. Know that no weapon formed shall prosper. Use the Black stallion as a power animal in meditations and prayers or in sessions to balance energy and remove negative frequencies. ‘Saddle up’, for good things to come. The black Stallion overall, is also an overall symbolism of high honor and respect.

Act in alignment with your purpose. Know that if you do not know of it as of yet, you are on course to discover it and unravel the meaning of your existence. If you’re going through any changes, know that these are for your highest good. Everything happening in your life right now, is for your highest good.

Know that your highest ordeals will be met and you will exceed what you are expecting of yourself. It is now a time of positive lessons and abundance or overflow in your life.

See also the color black. 


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha  S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 




6 thoughts on “Black Stallion Symbolic Meaning

  1. Very inline with my life and mentally where I’m at. Just had a black stallion given as a patronus and decided to look up the meaning of the animal

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  2. Thanks. This piece came very timely with where I am in my life. I was seen as a black stallion in the other world.


  3. This is spot on, overally my life is yearning for this change, and I can feel the change is now right within my reach. Thank you, thank you, thank you …


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