Angel-Confirmation Number 258

Channeled by Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom: The Number 258 Is symbolic for receiving financial prosperity to meet your needs and to assist with your life’s arrangements and requests. Your finances will be improving, whether that is in regards to your job, your business, your ideas or a career of any sort.

Money/financial Gain: You will be coming into a fortune of some kind. Whether that is through influx, lump sum or windfall. This bonus is suggested to be spent wisely, in order to continue the flow of financial prosperity.

It is inevitable: Your blessings in the financial aspects are inevitable to increase in volume or size. If you are considering any expansions, you will find that these will be quite favorable to your personal finances.

Increase: You are ready for this increase to the aspects of your money and the money required to serve your purpose and live out your life as you wish. Know that this income stream will be steady and flowing. As per your request and the powers of prayers, this money is imminent.

The Storm Is over: Your worries about your finances will decrease and your joy and peace of mind will increase. Be sure to keep others in mind at all times. Be sure to only contribute where you can authentically feel inspired to make a difference. It is time to set a spending margin or budget, even though wealth is due to come your way, it is time to build patience with yourself and some willpower as to how you spend your money.

New Beginnings or Horizons: When the number 258 Appears with the number 1 you can expect some new beginnings in regards to your finances.

Stability: When the number 258 appears with the number 2 you can expect some balance and stability to be assured in your life in regards to your finances and personal prosperity in life, career and business.

The Angels: When the number 3 appears with the number 258 you can be assured that the angels have assisted with this change to come about.

Further Confirmation from Angels and Ascended Masters: When you see the number 4 in relation to the number 258 rest assured that ascended masters are assuring you of financial stability as this upgrade to your finances is long over due.

Please see following numbers through the search tab of this blog for more information in relation to the numbers 1-9.

Commend Yourself: Applaud yourself for the actions you have taken and the actions you are yet to take with your new found financial freedom. Know that as you receive your abundance this is not limited to what you shall receive. But do be grateful and continue to spend money wisely.

2+5+8=15 (1+5=6) There will be new beginnings in regards to your home life. Especially in the financial aspect. Life will become sweeter during this period. Any lessons that need learning will come in their own timing. Simply enjoy the ‘fruits of your labors’.


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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