Greyhound [Canis lupus familiaris] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled through Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant to Spiritually Based Businesses: 

Leap of Faith: It’s now time to take a chance. A change is way over due. There is a full circle of help awaiting the day you do. Higher powers want you out of this situation. It’s time to carry in your life only what YOU need. Bury victim-mentality, bury being used. Bury being broken, bury being confused.

It’s inevitable. These changes are assured. While you may be single in your walk towards this difference or doing things there lies support to back you up. Something impossible is about to take place in your life.

Without any further delays: While this news may shock others, it will bring peace to you. While it may feel that the journey ahead is long, you have but a few steps to take. While it may have been difficult for others to accept this change, you will gracefully move into them, as if though by luck or chance.

You’re over it know: You’re getting over all that you’ve had to go through in order to get to where you’ll arrive to. While this may not be an easy decision. It is inevitable and irrevocable that it be made. You know what lies ahead along the path you are exiting. So trust that instinct and what it is telling you.

The journey: You may feel like a lone wolf, yet this persona is a part of your journey at this time. Yes, you will attain and maintain many friendships and be in or out of relationship(s). Know that everything is now concluding and coming to an end or final ‘draw’ as it should.

You’ve got the power: You will not be able to look back once you make this change, you will not desire to do so, to any resort. Do you believe in miracles? That is the message here. You are delivering a miracle, or your actions are leading toward the deliverance of your miracle.

Epiphany: You have come to realize that the one situation you need to release is what has been ‘hidden’ all along. Perhaps, you were too afraid to speak up about these situations that must come to a striking end. Know that there is a Divine being shedding tears on your behalf as you make these moves and changes. Know that this Divine being has been watching after you. He/She knows what you have been through all along. Yet, he or she couldn’t have intervened unless you were the first to realize you needed an intervention.

Your Breakthrough: Do not worry how other may or may not feel. Regardless, they will have to come to terms with what is forthcoming.

Be encouraged. What you have been through has not went unknown. And even though you may have felt like you were afraid, deep inside you are brave. How else would you have made it this far? Through each trial and every test?

Through all tests, It’s finally time for you to win, also: You’ve helped others ‘win’. But now it’s time that your efforts and rewards return to yourself also. As, everyone will be alright, once the change has been made. You have already made up your mind about everything. What took so long? The angels weep with joy on your behalf.

Well done. Well done. Well done. Talk about a Blossom, awaiting it’s arrival to be plucked and desired.

Words of comfort/Prophecy: An angel awaits your arrival on the other side of this pain, so be assured. All will come to an end in it’s Divine timing. Stay encouraged. And continue being bold and courageous. You deserve all the good that is coming to you.

Intuitive Conclusions: Prayed until something happened? Indeed you did. Pat. your. own, self. on the back. ‘Prepare’ for all the abundance, which is to come.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect ©

All rights reserved ©



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