Decoding ‘Two Sides to Every Story’

Channeled by Quornesha S. Natural Born  Psychic Medium 

Getting right to it: Two sides to every story. No one can use this wisdom against another as we have all gone through situations that have been one sided. Discriminatory. Yet there are those who wave it around like a flag.

When you express your story some people are filled with skepticism questioning the other half of the story.

The Grazing Truth: If you cannot request the same in situations of racism. Terrorism.  Killings and rape. Or apply this theory to the legal systems this out dated concern does not even matter.

There is always a victim and there is no sympathy unless it’s brutal. If you cannot show the same concept to the children you bring into this world about his or her reports of being bullied in school yet are quick to judge why your child comes home beaten or broken you do not have authority to use this out dated concept.

What we often do in this outdated concept: We all jump to conclusions in many situations. But if we cannot also apply that often…but rarely that some situations are often one sided and often a person or situation is the one to blame.

Psychic Note: Of all the double standards. Often we use this as though the person behind the story has a motive. Until you obtain the details you cannot deem that it is not true. Often we want others to believe our stories. Yet if we drank from the same out dated poison of ‘two sides to every story’ we’d come up with some excuse that we were there and others weren’t.  In a sense this is considered false prophecy. To refute something we were not there to witness. Yet aren’t we asking others to give what we cannot give?

When to seek clarity: This does not mean we believe all and everything at face value. But if you are going to entitle something at least get to know actual facts. This outdated concern has been used as an excuse to not trust. But that is a reflection of ourselves. Not others. When you refute something whatever you believe in place of what is being told is because  of your own beliefs.

You cannot tell someone to not force their views onto others and yet do them yourself also.

What it is not intended for: Wisdom is not intended to throw at others to make them feel less about the pain they’ve been through. As though what we have been through matters and theirs do not. Take a good look at yourself. Not all scars are self inflicted. Therefore everyone else should be seen as the same. They didn’t self inflict themselves. So either listen or move on.

Intuitive Conclusions: You must use inner wisdom and ask for clarity before you judge any situation based on your own life. If that is what you choose you will gain the same in turn. If not, you cannot ask and gain the same as nothing exists until you do it also. In A spiritual and energy sense/perspective.

In Power, Peace + Priorities

Quornesha S.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

All rights reserved ©

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