Angel + Confirmation Number 214

214  Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Psychic Medium + Seichim Master Seeing the Number 214 in Dreams, Waking Life, Synchronicity and more. 
Angel + Confirmation Number 214:

A relationship set to come about. Although many options are available,  one has been chosen from your own efforts.

One you’ll greatly appreciate.
To honor your Divine mate always be supportive of his or her good intentions.

Psychic Observation/Note/common sense: There isn’t a perfect relationship or perfect person. We can either choose to go through life believing that ‘one day’ one will become available.  Whatever we decide is our choice alone.

We cannot control others. We cannot force anyone to feel as we feel. When an emotion is mutual it will work itself out as it should.

Fear in Relationships: When we are afraid to love or be in a relationship all sorts of fears appear.  Fears of why it wouldn’t work or questions about how it’s going to work out.

It’s not what others think of you rather what you believe about yourself.  We cannot convince anyone to agree as we believe.

Prophecy: No two people are alike. We’ve all lived all our own lives, had our own failures,  and frustrations. However no one is responsible for what happened prior to any union. We are in relationships because we choose to be.

Both sides must be willing to accept that two are both different.  Beginning with personality and perspective.

Intuitive Conclusions: It is up to us to accept our past only so that we can move on from it. Not to become it.

You are free to move forward on your relationship with that of whom you have chosen, should that one you have chosen has also chosen you.

You are the one whom has to learn through the one you have chosen. Having others input on what type of person you have decided upon does not serve the soul. As you are the one who has to walk this path, not others. If others had to do so. They’d be in your position and not you.
Listen to what you want and you will find yourself happy in the end.

2+1+4= 7 Indicating that this will be a highly spiritual union. One for your long-term benefit and that of your purpose in this lifetime.


Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.



12 thoughts on “Angel + Confirmation Number 214

    1. Hi Brian, You will be guided as to how you are most inclined to be of service. Always begin with where you feel the most ‘pull’. Seek inside of yourself where you are most passionate and begin by giving within this vein/source of energy. I wish you many blessings as you seek how you will begin your service based giving into the world. Love and Light, Quornesha S. And a Happy New Year.


      1. Thank you I have a lot of internal conflict and a lot of grief.
        I’m afraid I can’t see past what I’ve got in front of me I can’t see what I’ve got in front of me I lost five kids.


      2. Brian, I apologize on behalf of your need to feel this grief or this part of your life. I must say, you have great strength. You are in an opportune time, as often, you can help yourself by helping others. If you are opened to it. It looks like you will do well praying for others. I see a lot of prayer in your future. Perhaps ministering to others based on pain will be of service to you. Hope this helps you begin Brian. Love and Light, Quornesha S. ♥


    2. This is so the situation I have in my love life right now this guy and I are very different but that is what makes it exciting . He has four children and I only have one and everything thinks Im crazy because of the baggage he comes with but he’s very honest with me . He has never sugar coated his situation . We met each other on 12/07 /14 . I see the numvber 214 all the time. I know deep down in my spirit that something about this guy was different.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Devonne, You are allowed to make your own choices/decisions. Your relationships are your own lessons. You are fair to yourself when you choose who you love and love them. :).
        Blessings, Quornesha S.


  1. Thank you so, so much for this beautiful post. It came at a perfect moment. I’ve been trying to see the signs at this difficult crossroad, and feel as if I could not quite tell which way I was being guided. This is the number of hotel room my boyfriend and I got when we stayed at Hotel Congress in Tucson. It was our first night as a couple. We lived three hours apart. Moving to his location proved a lot more challenging than I anticipated and I placed a lot of pressure on forward momentum in the relationship. Almost ruined things. Strangely, we are terrible at actually breaking up. I was going to move back home. We talked tonight and somewhat reconciled and I promised to slow down and give him time and space. He looked happy and relieved. I could see via FT (he was away on a trip) he did not really want to say goodbye. After we got off the call, I decided to look up this number. That night, when I saw our room number was the date of Valentine’s Day, I felt like it was the perfect man and the perfect moment for us. Thank you so much for this gift.


  2. Our first date in person was 1/14/2017, which also resonates as the number 7. I feel he and I are soul mates. My bd is 09/18/1973 his is 10/01/1970 (born in China, so theoretically if he was born in the states his bd would have been the 30th of Sept.) But in my last post, I realize it was confusing, the room we stayed at early on was 214. The room was haunted but the spirits were kind. It was the 83rd anniversary of Hotel Congress burning down when they caught John Dillinger when we first stayed there. The disruption in our relationship has been ongoing the last few months. I feel as if I need to trust him and this love and not expect it to have the milestones exactly as I want them. I need to be happy with him and not look over my shoulder and be fearful of the career, home, and family I left behind. Thank you, again.


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