Symbolic Meaning Of The Black Billed Amazon

Internal Wisdom: Clairvoyance + Claircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience: Also known as the Amazona Agilis. When seen in your waking life, pictures, paintings, flashes etc. Is a message of a promise that is set to come to pass on your behalf. The black billed Amazon comes in your life as a very positive omen that whatever your dream you’ve long awaited to come into fruition you will see it come about.

Under any circumstances, should you ever toss aside any other ideas you may have as they may compliment the dream you have in mind. Just as, we should never take an answer to one question and apply it to the entire path. Every message is different. Each time you inquire, the answer changes. It evolves.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as you deserve the answers to your most intimidating or daunting questions. Whatever you desire, you can have it. There isn’t only one direction to obtain what you’re looking forward to. Your perspectives may begin to change at this time. You realize that you indeed have the support and help you need to breakthrough.

Although as humans we are taught to learn and understand, we can only do so much. Or that perhaps our resources are a little less than we might imagine. The Black Billed Amazon comes to you as a message that you should push past this as there is a dream getting ready to break through in every way. Once complete, there will be plenty. You cannot build from nothing, as such, whatever your wealth is in that moment you begin. Talent, wisdom, insight, perspective, you will use that to create the empire you envision.

There is a calling on your life, will you answer?

Seeing them on fence means that you have began your journey, yet you have not decided if you’re all in. Seeing them on the ground means that this path will surely bring vast results in your financial spectrum. Continue forward. You miracle has to begin somewhere. DO not allow thoughts or others to preach into your spirit that it could take a while. How long the chapter stays open is up to you.

Prophecy: You will have your cycles of success and of failure. It doesn’t mean that you are neither, it is only an experience. You know that you can neither stay up or down, as there is always more work to be done. To stay on your path in specific. If you have began a journey, then stay on this course. Your beliefs may change along the way, but then again that is a part of the exhibition.

Intuitive Conclusion: The Color Green is the color of growth, production, harvest, equality, fruition, achievements. Don’t throw your plans out the window, evolve them.

xoxo Quornesha S.

The Supernatural Healer

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