The Burning Letter from My Future self

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant 

It would be unwise to follow someone else’ proven results, when you are destined to create your own. Everyone else got where they are because that is their story.

You cannot tell your own planted in another man’s soil. Whatever you plant must be a part of you. There will be NO results without your own effort and unique ideas. Put your soul into all that you do. Your soul is what adds the passion. Your soul is what adds that unique ingredient.

It makes the cake sweeter and sweeter every time. This is to be fully aligned and illuminated. We either shine or never use our bulb in our lifetime.

You don’t know whether you get a second life. So you put your soul and heart into this one. You must burn every essence of you. Use it all up. When the final curtain calls, it cannot be reopened for another shot. This is my one and only shot. I’m taking it to make it.

There is a source inside of you that has awakened.  The book is already in front of you. It’s written don’t allow it to collect dust before your time runs out.  You may not have much time. Wait not waist not.

Don’t wait 4 the deal to tell your story. Begin. Write. Live. Anyone who doesn’t understand what you’re doing is for you to know and them to find out.

Don’t hinder another human’s life lesson. Hindering can cut their time short. Let them live out their own mystery unless your help is sought out from all of your planning planting and toiling. Let them seek the light. Do not shine it in their eyes. Nor upon their faces. Time.

It is about time. You realize. How great you are. You have in common what most great people have. Only you know what that is. You have a certain level of diplomacy few would be able to interpret and understand in their lifetime.


Quornesha S.

My affirmation for today: Each and every day I am further and further into the truth more illuminated than before:

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

Al rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect

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