Taking on Another Human’ Energy

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant 

Taking on another’s energy; You are not responsible for the emotions of. Anger, Bitterness, hate, lack or complaining if these are not your very own energy.

When you respond to another’s political point of view, trying to find the sanity in it. It does not make it right or empowering to your emotional well being.

Psychic Note: Fear, anger and anxiety can be absorbed by agreeing to another’s point of view or habits and actions, even when they do not agree with your own beliefs. Or when we know for certain that they are wrong.

We Must Speak up for what we believe in. We must not keep quiet out of fear of how they may feel by us doing so.

You must not remain in situations with dismay of losing someone or anything. It is your choice alone to listen to your sixth-sense.

Prophecy: As when you pass from life to death, only you are responsible for what you did and the things you did not do. Not others. It’s pertinent that you understand, it was you whom entered this world + it is you alone.

Understand this for your own benefit, should you choose to, and for your spiritual growth and well being.

If you are procrastinating to make a move or not take a job at this time from your own sense telling you not to or to do so. Follow the directions of your inner self. As no one can steer the ship, only you were ‘trained’ to sail.

Psychic Note: Allow your heart to heed your instincts.

No one can live out your life for you, pay forth the Karma that YOU owe, nor enter a life in the hereafter on your behalf. For only YOU can do that or make those choices.

Prophecy: The truth is, there is no contract with our thoughts, emotions or feelings. These are not binding. We can choose to terminate them at any time, should they no longer be of benefit to our purpose.

Our families are given to us. We are also provided free will. And can decide what we will obey or disobey.

Confidence: Withholding how we feel about situations, or downgrading your successes to conform or fit in also defines that we care about what others think, feel or say.

It’s not your job to empower jealousies so that they can feel or see why you are deserving of your achievements and successes.

Intuitive Conclusions: It’s not about what others think. As that is their own beliefs. You cannot fully live out your life or serve one of purpose attached to what everyone else believes and not follow your own.

Further more, anyone trying to tell you how to live your life is like, A Person, jumping in front of the screen of a really great film and telling you the ending. This does not absolve you of your need or spiritual quest to learning. Instead it hinders your relationship with this person or situation. You must learn your own way in seeing things. No matter what. Rethink your surroundings and associations. Beware of the company you keep. Always remain authentic in what you believe and believe wholly in what you are doing. Always.

x Quornesha S. + Mother Teresa


Quornesha S., 

For Further Healing

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with All due respect 

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