Oryx Symbolic Meaning

The Oryx symbolizes that you are traveling well along your Divine life mission or purpose. The Oryx Reminds, that you are in the right place at the right time. And that things are happening in Divine timing right now. What was once an illusion now becomes clear to you at this time.

It is time to surrender some memories or attachments so that you do not have to do so in the future. There are some energies or frequencies that simply do not resonate with us. Likewise, Oil cannot be mixed with water. If you are incompatible with a situation or goal, right now it is time to let it go. Know that any incompatibilities in your relationships, will begin to shift and work out for your highest good, in the end.

Divine/God works things out just as they need to be. Know that you nor anyone else, is the essence of worry, angst, fear or insecurities. As these are only experiences.Likewise, we are not happiness or abundance, these are blessings given to us along the way. We can however, become champions of either direction.

Whatever negative thing anyone is doing, is because they have chosen that path. Whatever positive or productive thing we have done is because we have chosen to do so. Right now, you will be provided the wisdom and clarity to rise above trivialities. Your thoughts will begin to rise and soar. Regardless of where you have been, you are a being of Divine’s will for earth. There is a bigger purpose, cause or reason that you are here on earth to fulfill. You are a dream the creator awaits to be fulfilled. Know that you will meet your destiny along the path you are at present.

No matter your mistakes, people love you and see you as an angel. Please accept this honor. As it is granted to the few. We are each entitled to our own level of entitlement, as these are assigned to us by heaven and God alone. Do not allow any person, energy or vibration bring you beneath this truth. While we have our human experience, our perceptions are not the same. And as we play, it may not be as fun or fulfilling to others. When something brings peace to you, keep doing it, at least it makes you happy. Your Destiny does not require that you be miserable while you make the world around you work, productive and happy.

Right now you are moving away from the concerns or perceptions that do not resonate with your own. Listen to wisdom being spoken into your life. People love and care for you, no matter the level of jealousy you may feel or sense. If your achievements or accomplishments give off feelings of intimidation it is a reflection of that person, not of your intention. When being misunderstood or misinterpreted you are not to go within anyone and ‘fix’ how they feel about anything. They must dig within themselves and do so. Every insecurity we experience is a reflection of past harms, or residue we ourselves are responsible for clearing away through self, other healers, other human perspective or Divine and heaven alone.

You are responsible for yourself first and then your cause. For If you are not in alignment with peace you cannot fully serve it and the people you are meant to touch by it.

If anything appears overwhelming You are to take a step back and observe your surroundings. All energy comes from somewhere. And it is not always from within ourselves. Often, we feel and are sensitive to the energies of others and their circumstances. And this comes about for very important reasons. It is up to you to transmute this energy for your good, in your own Unique way.

Happiness is your own right to obtain. We diagnose our own situations by how we see them. As a Psychiatrist, you are not diagnosed based upon research, but by the symptoms you tell them you have. By the concerns you bring forth to the table. If you tell them you are depressed they offer something to aid your “depression”. If you tell them you are angst, they provide something to aid you in your “anxiety”. See yourself and your situations in a different perspective. You are the fate of your own destiny! You are the captain, and life is what happens to you(How you experience it). Experience things differently and watch things change. If you speak with conviction to the universe, the universe doesn’t test it to see if it’s valid, it is believed by the level of authority YOU place upon it.

Your situations are as dramatic and as calm as you make them.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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The Law of Prayer| Spiritual Laws

Channeled by Quornesha S., The Host of Learning to Pray With Power: The Law of Prayer. Praying requires that one presents without judgement of a person, their will, their request and without pressing our views and opinions toward the other subject or person. requesting or in need of prayer.

We are asked, that if we cannot pray without applying our judgments to another or without hindering our own faith and beliefs. Then we must surrender the prayer to be prayed for by another, who can, in pure energy, aid the requester.

That which we pray for will and can be answered through the belief that it is already done. We are not to interfere with the conclusions of things such as Divine will or order. We are not to interfere with things such as someones faith or system that may or may not be different from our own.

We are not to interfere with the mistakes one has made.

The one reason prayers may go unheard is because of the context of the prayer request. Praying that one should ‘stay’ even though their heart is guiding them away from you, only places a bandage. As Prayer changes a lot of situations. But one thing it cannot do is override the law of request or one’s free will. We cannot force things to happen, if it is it’s Divine time to exit your life at this time.

If one should pray for riches, wealth or well-being. One must be also willing to take actions to make these things come about. Prayer is more of a Psychological tool. Shifting the mind and encouraging, so that you can and will achieve what you are asking for.

Note: It is impossible to pray what we are not. We cannot Pray to be the most powerful force in the Universe, without already having an ability to accomplish such levels. We cannot pray that we become the most influential Governors if we are not in position to govern. We cannot pray to win, if we are not doing something to win for.

Prayer assists with what is already in motion, as opposed to the law of attraction. Whereas, what you cannot see, you call to you. Yet, you you may not attract what you are not. Prayers come about as wishing and asking or even declaring.

Prophecy: Prayer is an empowerment tool. If you are not already trying to do something about your situation, there is no way to start where you envision. Therefore, when you are A president of a company, culture, business or society, only then can you pray for peace among those under your control. You will then be guided to lay some guidelines to put in place the steps the company or the society will take to generate more peace within your facilities for as long as you influence this group, to which you govern.

Intuitive Conclusions: We may all influence many things, with our opinions, perceptions, interpretations etc. But, only those assigned to lead a group of people can make the final decisions. You must be in position to have your prayers heard and answered to.

When you want to become a better wife to your husband or a better husband to your wife, You begin by Loving the man you fell in love with, Loving the woman you fell in love with. It all begins with you. If you want something, you must begin within yourself first. You’ve got to give it to you first, before anyone else can do that for you.

Prayers are only answered through the efforts you begin to make on behalf of your goal. Dr Martin Luther King, was not a dreamer in my perspective. He was a prophet. And with prophecies, you envision, and you make a difference where you believe it needs to be made. So that you can enjoy a life of happiness, prosperity, abundance, love, victory and without restraint.

It’s all up to you. It’s time to take Inspired action

Furthermore, we are not to take it into our own hands what others deserve or desire. Nor, for that matter, what they don’t deserve. That is not our ‘job’ or place to decide. You must not defy the request of others with your own beliefs nor continue to pray for them even when you do not wish to. As this could conduce bad karma or negative vibrations for yourself. Also, those you pray for or with must be in agreement with you. Not against what is requested.


Quornesha S.. 

Clairvoyant Medium

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Symbolic Meaning of The Pigeon Hawk [Falco columbarius]

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master for the Pigeon Hawk, as seen in dreams, visions, waking life, tattoos, psychic flashes, travel, magazines, or more. 

The Symbolic Meaning of the Pigeon hawk is that the Spiritual Law of Request is now being activated in your life. You have learned and listened pretty well about forthcoming changes. It is wise to not listen to what ifs’ from within yourself or others at this time. As you are making the right decisions for your own well being and that of your purpose. 

Law of Request: With the law of request, we are asked not to ‘butt’ in to any situations. As it is now time to release these ‘constraints’. Feeling the need to reach out to others even when we do not want to, means we are being confined and against our spiritual will and crossing boundaries we have laid out for a specific purpose. To keep us aligned with our spiritual calling, that is.

Note:Everything happens for a very special reason. Whether that is debt, emotional instability or obstacles and these are all put in place for us to overcome. You must remember, that when the road seems heavy, it is time to verify whether you are actually within your own vibrations or that of someone else’.

Whatever is going on in anyone’s life is because in a subconscious way, they desire it. Whether we choose to admit it or not. Things do not change unless we are willing to see where we have gone wrong and where we are off course.

Note: When we are on our ‘correct path’ nothing anyone says about us that is negative will matter at all. Because we are confident and are assured that we are being guided and protected from jealousies, hate, envies or evil intentions or eyes. Even from within ourselves.

Beware of trying to teach anyone to be right or live right as whatever choices they are making, is for their own karma. You are not allowed to assist anyone without their permission for your help or guidance or advice.

Do not fear to put your information out there and to support and believe in it. As only you can. Because you will need this clarity in some way yourself, at some time or point in the near or not so distant future.

Prophecy: Everything, all things happen for a reason. There are the laws of cause and effect. SO allow anyone who may feel they are superior to feel that way, as that is there lesson.Anyone who may believe they are excluded from karma, let them believe that as well. As that is there lesson or lot in this lifetime. Do not correct others. Let them be. As if they needed your assistance they would likely and gratefully pay you for your time to do so.

Positively and absolutely, this may be a challenge for you considering your kind or generous nature. But you are asked to stay in your own vibration and allow others to take care of their own when they feel the need to do so. You’re subject to obtaining prosperity like everyone else is. It is not your responsibility to convince anyone that they deserve it too. As how you interpret what they are saying could come from a place of low vibrations. Until you are asked for help, and you have the right to decline anything if you do not wish to do it. Do not intervene. As these are life lessons for each person to learn and grow from.

Intuitive Conclusions: Telling someone what is right does not teach them the morality or the defining truth about anything, instead they are still blind because deep within they still have the urge to discover more.

It’s time to move on now. Even with compliments, it is not your space to do so unless you are Divinely guided to do so. As confidence is also a growing and learning path. Just because someone tells you something does not mean the soul will believe it is true. Which is why, we all must believe in ourselves first. If they feel confident already, and it shows, they will be able to accept our kind words. Until then, kind words will go in one ear and out the other. As that is not your space. And each person is responsible for healing from their own past as they see fit.

With all the questions associated with telling someone something positive, like, ‘how do you know this’ or maybe that’s for you and not me. Etc. These are all immediate consequences and are lessons that it’s time to value your time and advice and reserve it for those who will value it in turn. If you do not feel valued after giving this means you did not give from a space of value.

These messages apply to everyone, including those who walk away and out of your life for no reason or explanation at all. As each exit is symbolic for someone who must go through something you cannot assist them with or intervene towards.

You cannot teach a student who isn’t ready to learn. -Quornesha S.


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Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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Pigeon Hawk Image, Used with Permission

Free Will

Part of the reason the law of attraction works is, you cannot have what you resist. And you must have what you’re open for. It’s up to you. Your outcome is in your own hands.  So If you have resisted and now you want it, allow it to rewrite itself. Don’t force anything. Just receive.

Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

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