The Energy in New York City

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: For those who desire travel and beginning any technical business, engineering, Pr or  finance, will be greatly favored, by the energy in New York City. “Gateway to freedom” Although it is highly strong in fashion or acting also. Anyone hoping to begin any venture would highly benefit from visiting this city or having a corporate office in such a location.

A new beginning awaits those that visit. The energy in New York, supports all those who take a vow to begin again. For it’s popular busy streets and avenues of technology.

Prophecy/Illuminating Thought: Follow that urge to go where the heart is leading you. When it tells you, that you will benefit through movement, listen. It is also known for residence/real estate. When you’re sincere, no matter how difficult, the doors will open in the right ways. Don’t allow your fears to put you in ‘the blind spot’.

Intuitive Conclusion: Any city you visit will hold it’s own nuances. When it’s worth it, the worthiness doesn’t truly show until you take the leap of faith. For those that love adventure and travel should visit The City of New York, to activate their traveling star(s). If you feel lost, or are often synchronized through pigeons, a Big city would probably be your key to finding your way. New York Is always a great place to start with. Even if it isn’t for the long term. New York’s Energy is known to make you dream and help activate those dreams with some effort from the Universe on your behalf.  Take  A Leap of Faith. Psychiatry is also highly supported. Follow your heart before you follow worth. That is where true value comes from.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Image used with permission Via Wikimedia Commons License.

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect!

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