The Golden Eagle [Aquila Chrysaetos] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: The Symbolic Meaning of the Golden Eagle is that of strong will, empowerment, things coming to the surface, the ‘essence’ or source of information or situations, the truth being revealed, justice to a situation, righteousness, personal faith and belief, the best yet to come, foreknowledge, wisdom, intuitive power, allowing every closing door, new beginnings, clarity, third eye activation.

The symbolic message of the Golden Eagle is to allow, every, closing door. It is a message to not try to force or manipulate our way though. The Golden Eagle comes into our lives as a message that an inevitable opportunity or door is beginning to surface and will open, therefore will be received.

It is confirmation that our worries are little and our strength is much. It is time to soar above the winds and meet our fate, the seeds you have sown, prepare to receive the results. When we are looking into expansion, at the very moment we see the Golden eagle, it is a Divine message that YOU WILL. Know that any education you wish to pursue is a puzzle piece to your master piece (destiny).

The heavens will assure that all will Divinely arrive accordingly. If there has been a feeling that something or someone has been watching over you, it is confirmation that this is true. Know that every door we walk through at this time, will bring fruition that is for our long term goals + not only for what is right now.

   Prophecy + Illuminating Thought: We are to allow the sound of silence, as much as the sound of all that is around us. We must allow ourselves to learn, as much as we allow ourselves to win. We must allow ourselves to turn away from closed doors, as much as we must allow ourselves to faithfully walk into the opened door, no matter how unknown the journey. At this time. We must move forward.

    Intuitive Conclusions: Something has been activated on your behalf for the journey that you have now began. For Many years of your life, you will not know the past. You will not have to stand in the same shoes as before. In other words, the stagnation has been expelled on every level. You are on the Divine path that has been assigned before you could remember.

Ask the angels to help lead the way on your newly activated wisdom. Or. When confident enough ask yourself to clear the way. You have proved that you are absolutely ready to fully take on your purpose, only then could your abilities be activated at this level and with all of it’s support. xoxo Quornesha  All rights reserved © Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect. 

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