Pigeon Symbolic Meaning

Seeing Pigeons in your waking life (taking a Divine notice toward them) Visions, Flashes, Dreams or Photos/Paintings is symbolic & a Sign that you will receive a message from those who have a Divine Eye or ear towards the future. You may visit a messenger of some kind or you may be the messenger for someone or Humanity.

You are asked to hold no judgement & to do what what you were sent to do. Deliver. Don’t question it. Do not force your way, as this message will happen naturally. It will be received. Hold no fear or doubt as this is exactly what you were meant to speak. It may also be for yourself also(two birds with one stone) which is why you are being asked to not judge. Even though you should not judge to begin with.

It is of Divine importance that you make way to receive & way to give. The blessings are coming, that is for sure.

Pigeons are symbolic that soon a prophetic word will enter your life what you do following it is up to you. You can do as you wish but that is up to you. Pigeons are signs of Divinity at work or Divine working together in the Universe on your behalf.

Hearing the  sounds of pigeons is symbolic that this message is imminent & asks of you to prepare. Pigeons appear everywhere in the big cities. Quite often in the middle of town.  You must be receptive. Pigeons may also be symbolic for openness or that now you have opened your mind, heart or being to a new way of something.

Always cherish your blessings they are subject to change, nothing ever remains the same. At some point it has decided to move along. You are asked to do the same & know that as one chapter closes another is beginning. Changes are not abrupt neither or you guided to throw all of your progress away to make a change. Change is change not obstruction/destruction. Change only asks that you see differently. Through New Eyes. Your life gets better, once you have climbed you can only fail at that level not start it all again even though it seems like it.

Pigeons are also symbolic for movement geographically speaking. So know that this change may not necessarily note that you will make some personal changes but of awareness/location/ways of doing things. Get rid of obsolete beliefs about anything. You’re moving up & cannot be served what is no longer progressing with you. Pigeons are symbolic for revolution & evolution.

It is time to go upward, forward & into what is in front of you.


Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly & with all due respect to the author. 

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23 thoughts on “Pigeon Symbolic Meaning

  1. I came home on a sunday night to a single pigeon in my driveway, it has stayed here day and night just watching my house, I came outside tonight(tuesday) and it was sitting on top of my truck staring at me! What does this mean, I don’t believe it to be coincidence


  2. Recently, a pair of pigeons has been flocking around my house and we see them often in the front and backyard. We have lived in this house for 10 years but this the first time I saw a pair of pigeons (or doves). I haven’t yet looked to see if they made a nest around or close to our house. Does this have any significance?

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  3. Wow this is amazing Thank you as a pigeon has landed on my window sill of the kitchen where i was standing . This resonated so much of how my day was going in relation to moving forward in promoting my self and my business. Which is a huge step but now its time to stop ignoring the change.
    Thank you 🐦🌟


  4. Pigeons are a blessing from God above, and the Universe. Brighter days ahead but different than the normal, usual ways of expectations. A good and positive way is entering into your life, so let it.

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  5. Hi, I just went outside to get some air at the place I am temporarily staying. A Pigeon started to fly back and forth and then started to come CLOSE to me and swoop over me. This happened twice and I went inside. Looked out the window and it was on the garage roof looking all over where I was sitting. I thought maybe it had a nest/
    I did a search for the meaning and was led here. I read the meaning for it.
    I am Spiritual and in the position that at any time a huge change is about to occur with my life. I have had many signs daily, all day for months so I know it’s close.
    I believe this Pigeon is another sign, it kept coming so close! back and forth.

    Thank you, this was meant to be for myself finding your website to receive my answer.

    Sending you many Blessings!



  6. Thank you for this site. I have been noticing pigeons around me for the past 2 years, but today I experienced something I’ve never seen before. I was on my way to an appointment in Manhattan, NYC. I was waiting at the corner for the light to change so I could cross to the other side. The light changed and I began crossing when I noticed them. The block I was walking in to had the overhead street signal lamps crossing each other like two swords crossing each other. That’s when I noticed the pigeons, but not just one or two. There were dozens and dozens of them on both overhead signal lights and in the trees on the corners of the block. I had to stop for a minute to take this all in because I know the significance of pigeons in one’s waking life. This was really special and a marvel to see and experience. I felt like I was walking through a portal or heavenly gates. Wow, it was truly special.

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  7. I wanna talk to you immediately and whenever I wish to talk to you..if you don’t encourage this stance of mine never be a channel to my Divine messages hereafter…lwt someone else do that job…thanks n rgds vijaynarayanan


  8. Thank you for this site. Please, I had a dream in which I saw myself keeping and feeding 3 pigeons on the roof of my house. They are brown, white and Ashe colours. What does this symbolise and what should I do?


  9. I know this is not a recent post of yours, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom! I had an unusual experience with a pigeon cooing late last night outside of my bedroom window, and the messages you have shared have given me hope in a desperate time. ❤


  10. I just came back from walking my dog at the beach. Each time I go there alone, the things I find there tell me something about what will happen or confirm what I’ve been thinking. The objects are very random too, like a clear plastic teacup (Ace of Cups in tarot), a pumpkin (!) when I had been talking about the benefits of pumpkin seeds all week.

    Anyway today I went and saw a single white pigeon (or dove, I dunno). I just stared at it because I haven’t ever seen one that was entirely white. I was expecting it to take off but it didn’t it just lingered. Then it flew out a little bit but still very close to me before finally flying off and settling on a rooftop in the distance. I did get the sense that it was still watching me. I burst out crying but don’t know why. I wish I knew what this means.


  11. A flock of pigeons flew in formation above my car on the highway. When I reached my destination, another flock did a lovely formation flying back and forth. It was so amazing I had to look it up and found this. Thanks again for sharing your gifts.


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