The Symbolic Meaning Of The Vulture [Aegypius Monachus]

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Vultures are Symbolic for protecting before further damage, An enemy being present, slyness, trickery, one who steals, one who takes what isn’t originally their own, one whose laziness strives for the success and effort of another, cunning, poker face, The need to be secretive or fully disclose information, the need to protect ideas, the need to be aware, the need to hide or conceal information, the need to make something classified, protecting one’s projects, Backstabbing, betrayal, the need to take caution for further success, Protecting the harvest, or releasing toxic people, looking over anything you sign…thoroughly + asking the right questions, even with “perfect” opportunities. 

The Message of The Vulture: They look extraordinary, but only because they have taken all the credit for another’s success(es).

I think we all want to see the good in others, if you throw discernment out the window placing your trust in all, you lose. There’s always that one player without a poker face or bluff. You must listen to your gut about vultures, wanting a stamp without the hard work or effort. They always come when the prey is dead, they don’t arrive when you are thriving. Yet some are bold, and may attack while you’re alive, successful…thriving. Expel Naivety.

If you’re looking a little dead, shake off the zombie nature. Or they’ll come for you. But as we all may know, quite often the enemy is known to follow an illusion, trying to catch bait, he becomes bait.

Vultures represent laziness and lack of belief in one’s own project or lessons. So that others may take on the work for them. And leave treasure, available for them to take. Protect your work. We cannot assume that all are, as that is only symbolic for paranoia and angst.

Prophecy: Consider allowing others to carry their own load or work. It’s not only about non-judgment. It’s a stress reliever to not focus on what others are doing, what they are wearing, how they are living their life. It’s time to keep it real  in order to keep the death seekers out of your life. And away from your dreams and plans.

Real Talk: There’s a reason betrayal exists. Do you naively believe that ALL will look over what they see or applaud you along the way? It’s up to you to keep buzzards from flocking your way trying to take credit for what is rightfully yours. When you respect your work, you’ll be supported, regardless if anyone is visibly appalled by you standing up and protecting what is yours.

Intuitive Conclusion: They can flock but you better have a bat, or look alive. There is no need to be physically or verbally defensive, nor emotionally. But you need to obviously take back the power you are leaving open to others with the script readily available for a steal. Don’t be indecisive nor show vulnerability or weaknesses at this time. Don’t make rookie mistakes or take risks in the presence of thieves.

If you’re going to leap, do it the right way, with dignity and integrity. Do nothing under the table, don’t take shortcuts or take detours. Stay on the path, no matter how easier another direction appears.

xoxo Quornesha, 

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