Rope Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing a Rope in your waking life, visions, flashes, readings, or in synchronicity is a message to be careful how you treat + what you say to people. As they may see you again on their way up and you may meet them on your way down. You’ll never know whose in your presence, it is best to be kind as that is an investment for the life experiences toward your journey.

When you are the one who seems to have a target on the back, it is time to allow your voice to have the volume it deserves. If you wanted to, you can make a call, but you’d still have to say something to make conversation.

What we do is simply an appointment for us to show up to at a scheduled time, when we are unaware.

That’s what karma is, an investment. Know that the interest will be due, you’ll have enough good or bad to pay forward and receive what is owed to you. Be careful judging anyone because everyone else is doing it. Only the person who seems to be criticized knows the truth about themselves. Don’t point fingers you can’t afford to receive in turn or multiplied back to you.

Be patient with others today and your future occurances will be patient with you.It goes the same for being good to people, you have no idea the relationship you’re building, so keep being open and receptive. Be opened to what is unique and different and when you are different/change it too will be accepted.

Know this: There is no use, or necessary cause to not be your authentic self. As being any way so that others can approve or scratch your back in turn, does not activate your true blessings, yet only mediocrity.

Be your best self naturally. As no one is naturally cold-hearted, something in their past activated that emtion or feeling and so they carry it as a badge of honor until they let it go.

Being your best self, your authentic self and expressing authentic emotions, automatically provides support from all those who’ll resonate with your message.

Let your message be how you truly feel, and the universe will truly and abundantly reward you. Yet, not based upon how you’ve been hurt. What would you do in a position to truly express your most loving self?

Do that as that is who you are w/o all of the painful memories.It’s easy to distrust if your time has been taken advantage of, it’s easy to be spiteful/hateful if no one has ever told you that you could have what you wanted or you’ve never gotten the things that you thought you’ve deserved.

Prophecy/Divine Message: Every memory you carry, is a debt you have assigned to the soul. While it may be amazing or a gift to remember our childhoods. All of the lessons learned don’t necessarily serve us. YOU have got to decide for yourself what those lessons are. Once you let them go, the weight will be lifted and the burden will be no longer.

Intuitive Conclusion: However, The Rope can also be a message that you should consider the people in your life, take note of them, as these may be people who are set to be in your life for quite some time. Take caution, as it is assured that your souls have crossed for a specific reason. Don’t discount what this person or persons can or will do.

It is also a message/confirmation that these people will be around for quite a while, whether through friendship, industry, relationship or partnership. Know that your paths will meet again, regardless of how you choose to treat them at the present moment. The Seat you judge may be the seat you sit in. Take CAUTION. That is the message of the Rope. So listen up.

xoxo Quornesha 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for Sharing So kindly + With all due respect! 


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