Paper Clip Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Channeler, Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master Levels I, II & III, Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Reiki Master, Hoodoo Priestess, Prayer Warrior, & So Much more| Seeing a paper clip in your waking life, dream life, visions, prophecies, synchronicity, to be given one or otherwise is a sign that things are due to fall into place.

Finding a paper clip is a sign that things are due to get better sooner than you are expecting them to. And that ease and organization is now arriving.  Most of all, stability is coming. To receive/find as a gift is a sign that you will find yourself blessed with many gifts in the forthcoming months and years of your life. To be associated with financial reward, accolades, and favor, above all odds.

If you desire wealth, prosperity, opulence, know that all is possible, and do not allow others to switch your perception of it, as each persons’ path aligns differently and according to their own desires. Let go of preconceived beliefs. As no one can tell you what an ideal life for yourself, would look like. You must, therefore, live your own life and fulfill your dreams through effort, determination and the work you do in the world.

The Paperclip is also an indication that you need to get going as soon as possible if you haven’t already on a project you may have delayed or procrastinated for quite some time. Use your own innate wisdom to do things the way you wish to do them. Not in a way that is predetermined by the beliefs of others. Only the person who believes is obligated to live in such a doubt, or fear or even belief.

Do not allow others to precondition or order your life in the way that it should go, only you are responsible for your life choices, so why give anyone the authority to direct the alignment or plan over your life, whether it appears positive or negative. Use your strengths and lose your weaknesses. If anyone is willing to tell you how to live your life, at least see to it that they are capable of doing it themselves, as a good leader is a follower of his/her own wisdom first and foremost. Don’t allow others to tell you it’s okay to be mediocre, while they live high. Take off the rose-colored glasses.  And see every individual for who they truly are. Not to be judgemental, but just so that you are aware of your surroundings.

Generational curses begin where someone believes they know what they are talking about over your life, prophesying negative outcomes and you allow it by staying longer in a conversation, allowing them to prey on your gullibility or naivety. You must encourage yourself. And speak over yourself and that of your future, don’t allow others that power. Unless you have volunteered their assistance through service or otherwise. Remember, even wolves appear as sheep at first glance. And not everyone you call a friend or leader will truly be for you. And even though you may feel that no matter who’s against you, Divine is for you, you still have to be on a level, where you are not allowing low spirited traffic in and out of your life.

Whatever positive or negative outcome you speak over yourself, it shall be so. So, what do you think will be if you allow others to do this for you? The most authentic way to live above and beyond is to do unto yourself first and foremost any positive thing you seek or feel entitled to. If you deserve wealth and all good things, create a platform to generate such goodness, and all of the best will be added to you.

The paperclip is a suggestion and sign that order has now been restored in your life, finances and home life. So, this should be a very happy time for you. As something abundant and beautiful is forthcoming in the very near future for you.

A blessed new phase is now, here for you and your household if you were to be gifted, receive or find a paperclip. Its colors are also associated with the blessings, if silver, look forward to unexpected income, an increase in the income and to live abundantly and without constraint or limitation. If a white paperclip, then look forward to blessings of peace and change, if purple, look forward to unexpected blessings and blessings in disguise. If Green, you will receive some fortune and luck, if yellow, look forward to gifts of nature, floral or otherwise. If red, look forward to a blessing of passion. Blessings of the highest degree are now coming into your life, from such a small synchronicity. As your goals will stay in order and will come to fruition and any drama will cease.

To receive or see plenty, get ready for an influx of blessings coming from many directions.


Quornesha S. Lemon 

Priestess of High Order 

Intuitive Life Coach 8

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The Symbolic Meaning of Brooms

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer) Seeing a broom in your visions, dreams or waking life is a message that something has come to a definitive end/conclusion. You are clearing away from old habits, beliefs, concerns, etc. The ascended masters and guardian angels would like for you to know that changes are forthcoming in an unexpected way.

You are not to feel angst, as these changes will be swift, smooth and will bring peace in many areas of your life. If there are any fears of the unknown in your life, know that they will be quickly swept aside. It is important to listen at this time. As the messages forthcoming are to be from unexpected source(s).

Continue calling into your life through the power of your manifesting tools and abilities. As these have played a viable part in the making of these changes. You are co-creating with the Divine realm and you are empowered to continue. A concern will lift or a burden will ease. It is now a time for new beginnings.

Know and assure yourself that you are protected and safe from harm or fears of any kinds. Know that your travels will be safe when you see the broom in your waking life, dreams or synchronicity. Know that your home is protected. Know that there are blessings of many kinds to enter your home life or home aspect at this time.

In some traditions the broom is used in ceremonies/rituals of variant kinds. Therefore the broom is a reminder to call into your life and upon that which you hope to see in your life. Right now is a very successful time in the home aspect for you. Take note of others being of assistance to you along your way. As these are also many answers to your prayers. Prayer is a powerful tool to draw things into your life and into your favor. Remember, that if we do not ask, it is assumed that we have no need. It is important to balance yourself and be willing for relationships or dreams to grow and expand at this time. Know that whatever you do in the world, a blessing comes along to nurture and support you so that you may continue doing and being in this vibration.

There is ancient energy moving in your favor, whether the broom is seen upside or right-side down. You know how to handle life and it’s challenges, and for that reason, many things will begin to flow your way as opportunities to share your wisdom with others. Be uplifting, and inspiring as that is what you create and will receive in turn. Know that everything you send you receive in turn.Be loving, be bold, be kind, be receptive and respective in both directions (towards others and towards yourself).

If there is a special prayer you’d like to make, or request or affirmation, now will be the auspicious time. If there are any changes you’d like to make to your business, your brand or home, now will be the time. The broom sweeps energy into your favor, in a non-direct way.

Know that every move you’ve ever made, every trial you’ve ever faced, every mistake you’ve ever made. It all mattered. Nothing was ever a mistake or by chance, it all happened for a specific reason and purpose. As long as you are willing to believe it, you are not a reflection of your mistakes, your trials, your tribulations or the things that you go through. Every situation is a different story, a new window, a new door. Keep moving forward. Everything has a purpose, and a time to end and begin/renew.

“These changes are ‘clearing the way’, for you to walk without restriction or restraint” express gratitude. A Broom is confirmation of good energy or feng shui being brought or sent into your direction.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Rope Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing a Rope in your waking life, visions, flashes, readings, or in synchronicity is a message to be careful how you treat + what you say to people. As they may see you again on their way up and you may meet them on your way down. You’ll never know whose in your presence, it is best to be kind as that is an investment for the life experiences toward your journey.

When you are the one who seems to have a target on the back, it is time to allow your voice to have the volume it deserves. If you wanted to, you can make a call, but you’d still have to say something to make conversation.

What we do is simply an appointment for us to show up to at a scheduled time, when we are unaware.

That’s what karma is, an investment. Know that the interest will be due, you’ll have enough good or bad to pay forward and receive what is owed to you. Be careful judging anyone because everyone else is doing it. Only the person who seems to be criticized knows the truth about themselves. Don’t point fingers you can’t afford to receive in turn or multiplied back to you.

Be patient with others today and your future occurances will be patient with you.It goes the same for being good to people, you have no idea the relationship you’re building, so keep being open and receptive. Be opened to what is unique and different and when you are different/change it too will be accepted.

Know this: There is no use, or necessary cause to not be your authentic self. As being any way so that others can approve or scratch your back in turn, does not activate your true blessings, yet only mediocrity.

Be your best self naturally. As no one is naturally cold-hearted, something in their past activated that emtion or feeling and so they carry it as a badge of honor until they let it go.

Being your best self, your authentic self and expressing authentic emotions, automatically provides support from all those who’ll resonate with your message.

Let your message be how you truly feel, and the universe will truly and abundantly reward you. Yet, not based upon how you’ve been hurt. What would you do in a position to truly express your most loving self?

Do that as that is who you are w/o all of the painful memories.It’s easy to distrust if your time has been taken advantage of, it’s easy to be spiteful/hateful if no one has ever told you that you could have what you wanted or you’ve never gotten the things that you thought you’ve deserved.

Prophecy/Divine Message: Every memory you carry, is a debt you have assigned to the soul. While it may be amazing or a gift to remember our childhoods. All of the lessons learned don’t necessarily serve us. YOU have got to decide for yourself what those lessons are. Once you let them go, the weight will be lifted and the burden will be no longer.

Intuitive Conclusion: However, The Rope can also be a message that you should consider the people in your life, take note of them, as these may be people who are set to be in your life for quite some time. Take caution, as it is assured that your souls have crossed for a specific reason. Don’t discount what this person or persons can or will do.

It is also a message/confirmation that these people will be around for quite a while, whether through friendship, industry, relationship or partnership. Know that your paths will meet again, regardless of how you choose to treat them at the present moment. The Seat you judge may be the seat you sit in. Take CAUTION. That is the message of the Rope. So listen up.

xoxo Quornesha 

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The Symbolic Meaning Of Iron(Ing)

Inner wisdom: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience: To iron or see an iron in your waking life, paintings, dreams, flashes or signs is symbolic for the preparation of success. Whatever action you have taken for the fruition of your dreams, stay in this vibration as the results will be bright and positive. Remember to show gratitude where it is due.

You are learning to control your fate and not allow your destiny or others to control you. Things change all the time and you are using your will and power wisely. You are also using your words in a more balanced and calm state of mind. You differentiate what is heated and what is cool. Interpreting that you are in control of you emotions, once and for all.

You know that this balance and stability you feel is not of your imagination. You are grounded and you know how to sit aside time for inner contemplation. If you are ironing, consider how wreckless, careless or gentle you are with this iron…Is it plugged in when you’re raged? Is it cooling down when you’re enraged.

Things will begin to shift in your favor. You can expect some victories for the trouble you have faced. Know that whatever it was, is over now. If you’re feeling as though you cannot take it any more and you will not be defeated, this is a sure sign that you’re taking your shift pretty darn well.

Success + fruition is sure to be. You are allowing yourself to learn that even though others have the best intentions, it does not mean that they are necessarily correct. You have realized something about yourself. Acknowledgement of who you are and how to activate a particular emotion is the first step.

Congratulations, you can expect to hear positive news about the way you are currently carrying yourself emotionally. Continue to trust your intuition and things will go smoothly and steady from here on out.

Channel also Clairvoyance + Claircognizance: The angels ask you, WHY HAVEN’T YOU ASKED FOR HELP OF THIS KIND, BEFORE NOW?! But they are indeed proud of you. Even though people told you of the truth you were courageous + remarkable enough to try on the lessons yourself.

You’ve overcome something. Whatever it was, has no more control over you. Rather your long term relationship with it prior to this moment has allowed you to adapt and discern your frequency from your fears or doubts. You can expect to see your ideas and actions successful for many times to come.

Intuitive Conclusion: Remember to stay balanced. As you receive more when you know there is more work to do. An opportunity is set to come your way. Open your heart-mind-body and soul…wide!

Enjoy the acceleration period!

Ironing a suit: Business

Ironing a Tie: Social events

Ironing a Dress: Social Events + Commendation

Ironing Slacks: Complete tasks at hand, success ahead.

Ironing A blanket: All being provided for

xoxo Quornesha 

The Supernatural healer™

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Crucifix Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: As known As: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: The crucifix has been around far beyond deities or religion.In fact to see them in one’s waking life, dreams, visions, flashes, paintings or even in photographs are symbolic of one’s life path being at a cross roads. One or all will come to an end. Or simply you must choose your own way. It is also quite potent in protection but also impotent if one should use it incorrectly.

 Depending upon the opinion of the beholder it can also symbolize division. Careful in interpreting others according to what you believe, this is your path alone. Careful in trying to convince anyone at this time. As one’s beliefs may be restricted you’ll be guided or forced to open to your own way of thinking.

Continue to review the opinions in your mind + heart. It is each of our own responsibility to not take on the external ones as our own beliefs.

You have the right to not allow someone else to inherit your time, feel free to speak what’s in your heart.

When you have decided to live your own best life, + to not be a victim of any situation you become free + discover various opportunities for your taking.

We have been taught that through biblical word or prophecy that An ascendant master in particular was beaten + endured as a matyr for the saving of his people. This is rather outdated + we are not certain that what we have been taught of the past is true or accurate. It is only then by faith that we believe what is written.

Angelic Channeling: Also known as Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, CLairsentience + Claircognizance: It is now time to create your own fate when the Crucifix appears to you. Or perhaps you’re already on your way in doing so. You are asked not to deter from this journey that you are guided to take. Do not allow refutation or upheaval to take the wheel + drive you off course. As often this is symbolic for jealousy or hate or lower frequency or convergence to another path that has nothing to do with the course into which you are set to take.

Internal Wisdom: Do not allow any phase to settle here. As any storm passes, allow those opinions to pass also. If you’re feeling vulnerable, remember that the best makeup is your own self love + confidence.

If you have lost your way as of recently, know that a way is being aligned for you to take a greater journey. Being in position to say that you have it does not bring happiness or spiritual peace. But being at peace within + having your passions accordingly will motivate the soul to do more in the world.

You must calculate what it will cost you in terms of endurance or strength when you take on paths you aren’t truly passionate about. With the same level of endurance you can be who you really want to be. If you’re considering higher education then you are being advised to take the steps carefully as the time you give + the money you receive cannot be reverted.

Once you align something such as this it becomes a long term assignment. You’ll have to parent the upcoming changes in order to keep it on the right path. YOU have to make a decision very shortly, don’t be confused. clarify! Don’t take that first step unless it has your name on it.

Intuitive Conclusion: The right path is to take the one you’re most passionate about. There’s temporary passion + there is long term passion. Which one is up to you, + your personal life choices. Only one flame can flick per wicker. Not two or three. To sacrifice is to choose to live that life as only messenger, you’re not just a messenger, you are the creator of how you’re going to live.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

The Supernatural Healer

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Bicycle Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Clairsentience + Clairaudience + Clairvoyance + Claircognizance: Bicycle is symbolic for a more easy going journey ahead. You hold the power to think a solution + it will manifest. You are more of a relaxed person, one who strays from trouble more than anything else. You are not a person who prefers interdependence but of independence.

Remember you know how to lean on others, you do not see the need to make it your signature to do so. Your creativity will serve you greatly in times ahead. You are indeed a leader. You prefer to do so where neither those you lead will not cling or those who allow you to lead, you will not cling.

When in relationships, approach things lightly yet not so heavily to begin with. Take your time + you may find that the other person moves along. You are not here to emphasize rules, you are here to serve your purpose.

It is important to contemplate your beliefs at this time as they may have you to feel restricted as you long for freedom + activity. It is important to do the things you love each day in some way. If things are not as smooth right now, take note, things will turn around when the Divine moment arrives, for now enjoy this journey + where it may take you.

The Bicycle is symbolic that you have made your transitions + are releasing the unnecessary expectations in your heart. You may also need to check the interpretations you may have deposited from others or loved ones. A dream or wish may come true + duality plays a very big part in this. Please see the number 2

Angelic Channeling: Life will begin to offer up the opportunities to do with purpose + calling so be ready when they arrive, they are set to come. It may be helpful to speak good affirmation at this time: I am surrendering old ways for that which is good. You have to take note that with all change comes the need to face something with courage. At least until you are capable of filling those new shoes.

Intuitive Conclusion: As you move ahead you’ll find clarity in how to move beyond your obstacles in your own unique way. The spinning wheel of the cycle is about speed obviously take note of the question + you will have your answer. How do you need to pace yourself is a question that is within your hands. You have the options so choose. The horn is simply to be aware. The bicycle is symbolic of influx in variant ways.

Expect things to process more quickly + with less struggle or restraint. Things getting better, resonance + receptivity!

Take it easy!


Psychic Medium + Intuitive + Reiki Master

Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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