Snails Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: When you See Snail(s) in your waking life, dreams, visions, paintings, synchronicity, Trees, readings,  Flashes,  etc: Snail(s) are symbolic of the Supernatural, what seems to be slow in process is actually moving swiftly + productively. To take care of all things, in order to create stability. It is also a message of a holistic/supernatural healer that is due to come into your life. To offer ability and guidance.

If that being/powerful person is you, then consider working with others on your holistic projects. They will be of great help to you + quite patient.

It is also a sign of the ascended masters being near to you. + Angelic Beings + Guides working closely with you in your projects. Continue boldly moving forward, things are progressing ahead/forward now. When we take a look at the entire picture we will see that everything is flowing as it should.

When we activate trust toward what we believe for, it begins to bring calmness to us. It is most comforting for the soul to know that it will in it’s own timing. Rather than to force an opportunity or emotion to happen within the time we expect it to come about.

Being patient is only a word, try putting the effort behind it. When we see what we want/desire the manifesting + bringing us closer to what we envision begins to unfold. It’s not because we want to, waiting is a matter of choice. Consider the things you are faithful towards. Know that a solution is yet to come about.

Know that patience is set to pay off at this appointed time in your life. Seeing snails in your waking life is often a message that meditation is working. That things will begin to surface + offer clarity. Seeing them without shells is a sign of a new beginning, due to some inner work/contemplation/forethought about your current path.

The hard part is over. However one shouldn’t take it as a sign that the journey is over. As it is far from over. When one door closes, another has to open. Depending if you have completed each task assigned to the chapter/season prior, a new season is beginning in your life-mind-body + spirit.

One should never mistake how things turn out to not be the answer to our prayers. When they do not turn out as expected it is because we simply do not like or appreciate the answer. Something that is unseen/invisible or Supernatural has taken place. Only those with ears + eyes will help you to feel this phenomenon.

Prophecy: When we are open, the mind will receive the many perceptions of the whys, hows, whens, and where’s. Until then we’re focused only upon the outcome in our minds. Listening to your heart should come first. But you can choose to listen to your mind as long as you want to. But that doesn’t mean you move any closer to your purpose in doing so.

Intuitive Conclusion(s): We can do things our own way without ever recognizing those ways need to be changed. That they are indeed outdated + of no further use to us. Know this, that in some way, when it is appointed, it will happen, even if we deny the truth for what it really is.

Let go of how you think you should see things. If perhaps, your new ways of belief do not serve you, move forward anyway. As you cannot lose sight of what’s behind you until you walk forward, beyond the past.

xoxo Quornesha 

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7 thoughts on “Snails Symbolic Meaning

  1. it was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning. It was on my window frame, I picked it up and put it out for it to find it’s way. I also ran into another one at noon when I went to go start up the backup generator, set it on its way too. I’m grateful for the message from the universe.


  2. We had a server hurricane recently in Florida.trees being uprooted properties being greatly damaged.but one thing I did notice.two snails on my sons window throughout the storm.unmoved the meaning?🤔


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