Snowy Owl [Bubo Scandiacus] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: The Snowy Owl is symbolic for endurance. Illumination, dreaming big, achieving goals, + dreams, Inner knowing, support, kindness, psychic ability, family, sacrifice. Encouragement, egotism, a new reality, a new beginning, moving forward, protection. Seeing all things Clearly, ambitions, success hard won. Doing what is necessary. Champions, Finishing Strong, new beginnings, strength, will power, the prophet, the prophecy, fulfilling a prophecy. Legacy, Being Legendary, Doing It anyway.

Seeing the Snowy Owl is symbolic that you or someone you’re healing/reading for is going through a spiritual evolution and elevation at this time to move on. It is best not to prolong the situation + get it done now, as the blessings pour in when the journey has come to it’s completion.

Don’t be afraid to take on your challenges. The ones assigned to your journey in specific. Do not will or force anything away as that will only put you back at the beginning once again. As though you’re in a time loop.

However the Power of the Snowy Owl will not allow you to look back and walk that way too. You may at any time refer to where you’ve been to find clarity for your present course but there’s no road that leads you back to the path that once was.

While some journeys allow you to climb mountains, you’ll never get the map to such locations until the present course goes according to it is Divinely planned. + That is to get you through it.

Whatever threatens your path at this time is only intended as a distraction to the goal. Forgive all lack of intelligence or maturity,

If they become an oppressive energy or frequency to you, know that the journey is coming to it’s completion. Endure what you HAVE to. Just know that it will not be ‘like’ for so long.

When you’re only passing through + it was only a stop along the way, know that these will serve as blessings of long-term wisdom for you to share with others, and the self when needed.

Prophecy: If the challenge comes from those you love, know that your blessings are on the way. Know that when you’re on the right path, there will be those who test your will and strength. Even those who support you. So remember not to put anyone on a pedestal here. As they can also serve as a disappointment. (Refusing to believe that every human is capable of causing pain). And anyone whose a friend can easily turn out to be a foe. All are capable of the same as the others are capable of . We choose to love and all of the good things life has to offer.

With the power to also choose the opposite.

Only YOU are capable of providing to yourself without causing any harm or hurt. Don’t allow yourself to believe that anyone can love you better than that.

Intuitive Conclusion: Yet, we still must remain open and not build emotional walls. Accept support with gratitude + grace for the things they are putting an effort toward. Accept the support readily available to you.

xoxo Quornesha

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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