The Symbolic Meaning of Hearse

Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance: When seeing Hearse in your dreams, visions, flashes, peripheral visions or paintings. It signifies an end that was long overdue. One that you may have endured for quite some time. Know that this path (in question) is beneath you now. As things look up for you. Do not allow your thoughts, others or even your own beliefs to take your focus from your present course.

As the road changes everything else falls into Divine perfect order. Depending upon the color, or nature of the hearse in particular in your dream. If black use surrounding colors. Briefly, Blue is a representation of calm after the storm. Pink is symbolic of healing, black is symbolic of grievances or a loss which is painful, yellow a brighter path awaits you now, green all is well taken care of at this time.

A hearse with an open door is symbolic that you need to allow any episodes in your life to end, in regard to the one’s which no longer serves you in any way. One that is with a Coffin is symbolic that you have done so and are now parting ways with your past.

Yet if one is alive it is symbolic for the feelings of entrapment. It is useless to try + control the emotions of others. They do not belong to you. Every relationship has it’s own ups and downs. Some to which of course never work out as you may expect. It is time to stop resisting something. Resistance is a poisonous road that no human spirit ever wins. It weakens the human body-mind-spirit heart. To deny truth is to fight against it. Just listen or let it be, everything will work itself out as it needs to.

Angelic Channeling:Also Clairsentience + Clairaudience: You are being asked to not force your way through anything or person. Do not seek understanding at this time. Your message is meant to touch the people it will touch. Right now, it may not be time for the person in question to unfold the wisdom for his or her own well being. As things will come around as they should. When it doesn’t you have the power to move on. Hearse are not necessarily forewarning of the death for any human life, but it is symbolic for you to keep moving on.

Intuitive Conclusion: All of us, have our lives in our own hands. Whatever we look up to, we have decided to walk the path with. Furthermore, you should trust yourself to make the right choices in the right time.

A Painful cycle or phase has come to it’s conclusion.

Gracefully Yours,

Quornesha  S.

Thanks for sharing with all due respect.

All rights reserved© Please only use with permission, Thank you!


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