Llama Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Seeing the Llama in your dreams, visions, synchronicity, waking life or otherwise is a message that things are taking place in an order which you have unexpected. It is also a reminder that you are releasing some old restraints or constraints and are therefore coming into a new beginning in your life.

The Llama reminds you that a chapter is closing in your life right now, and you will benefit most from the outcome of these changes. Even though you have a sense of fear about it. The angels/ascended masters assure you that you shall receive your due diligence, as they bring into your life reflections that will empower you to move ahead.

The llama is a symbolic meaning of illumination, change, restoration, mysticism, worship, prayer. You are beginning to acknowledge your own steps. But higher powers encourage you that you are to stay grounded  and not become zealous of your future or present success. Begin to acknowledge the contribution that others have made into your life over the course of your life and in your goals and dreams.

The Spirit of the llama reminds you that you will be allowed to undo some negative attachments in your life and you will be able to renew and restore some ‘dry’ places which will now or soon be flourishing and you will overcome many challenges which you may have battled ‘long enough’.

The Llama reminds us, that in each of us, is our own unique source. We are all connected. It is a reminder that, all power comes from the same source. It is just interpreted differently. Make use of this beautiful time in your life, as you have earned it through your personal determination. If you don’t yet see these changes…take note that this is a prophecy for forthcoming blessings. 

The Llama reminds us that our lives are not meant to be perfect. And is a message for us to take a look at world happenings and acknowledge, that we are not exempt from the vibration of change, flaws or challenges. It is a reminder that blessings as well as challenges are a part of our experience. The Animal kingdom through the Llama also reminds us, that we create our OWN realities. That if we are not allowed to impose on others how they should live, others are not allowed to do unto us either.

The llama is an expression of favor and well being. Where you once knew stress in your life, you will now know and experience peace. It is important to absorb all positive messages forthcoming in your life, as these are blessings, prophetically entering for you to take full benefit, and acknowledge. The llama reminds you that a period of upheaval is coming to an end. And you will see things begin to flow favorably for you in matters close to the heart.

The llama is a representation of leadership, passion and prosperity to many measures. The Animal kingdom reminds you that, things are falling into place just as they should. And wish to remind you that, for the reflections of your past, you will achieve what is forthcoming to you. You are not to worry or concern with what is forthcoming as it defeats the purpose of the unknown. And you are to acknowledge that these are a part of your blessings and lessons.


Expect changes to come about in influential ways. Understand that those who are being a blessing in your life, know that you are grateful and understand the special relationship you may have with them. Even though you may not speak directly. If not now, they may soon know.

Awaken your own inner light, the way you choose. Choose to be different in your own way… be united and informed but not conformed to anyone’s  or the worlds’ argument  of who you truly are. Use your creative power and ability in your own way. Speak and act in the vibration of who you truly are always.


Quornesha S. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors in your waking life, dreams, or synchronicity.

Orange & Purple: Creativity, Passions, Purpose, Enlightenment

Orange is a representation of your thought processes. When you are in a time of expression, it is auspicious to use the color orange. When you combine the color purple with it, it generates philosophy and prudence.

Purple & Yellow: When empowered in the right directions and aligned with your purpose, it can help manifest recognition for your work and your cause.

Purple & Yellow: A Representation of power, resolve, illumination, enlightenment, empowerment, blessings forthcoming, Purple is a symbolism of royalty, grace & elegance, when combined with the color yellow this meaning is empowered. Yellow is the color of loyalty,  light, and purifying energy.

Black & Yellow: Black and Yellow together generates a sense or appearance of opulence and is therefore a substitute for the color gold.

Black & Yellow: A representation of power, Light and nothingness, potential & thought. Black can be used to balance out energy and vibrations to stay grounded or humble. While yellow will help to boost your inner resolve and help you to boost the way you convey your messages to the world.


White & Purple: Is symbolism of purity and grace. When combined together, it generates a feeling of ease in mind, body and spirit and conveys inner knowing or intuition.

White & Purple is beneficial to anyone who seeks excellence, in any degree or to any level. When you are creating your visions or visualizing what you want to do, use the color purple and white: IE; Candles, scarves, or purple and white paper, etc. Purple and white exceeds and is often in resonance with the number 4 and creating what you truly want. Purple & white encourages you to dream really big.

Green & Gold/Silver: Adding Gold or Silver with the color green is a representation of automatic success and prosperity in whatever you are doing. Seeing these colors is a message/Prophecy of Financial Stability and knowingness.

Green Combined with Gold is infinite wealth and financial well being. Green combined with Silver, is a balance of your higher thoughts about money or material gains and possessions. Silver and Gold combats negative vibrations associated with receiving and spending money. Know that your finances will be increased and maintained with these colors in sync with each other.

Black & Red: The colors black and red denotes balance of passions, and purpose. It also denotes, a balance of past and future lives. It is an expression of power/mediumship. Whatever you are meant to be doing you are meant to do it in an immense way or capacity. You have a lot of lessons within you, from the past or mistakes you have made.

Black denotes intuition in this case as Red denotes fire. Whatever you’re meant to do in the world you were meant to do it in an empowering and uplifting/authentic way.

Black & Gold: Black and Gold represents opulence, extreme wealth and overall stability in mind, body and soul. You are resonating at your highest vibration and living in the vibrations of potential, into doing.

Black & Gold Combined assures wealth, assures success, and assures acclaim and victory

Silver & Gold: Silver & Gold: Too much focus on material things. Can also represent celebrations. But will need to be balanced out and maintained or grounded. Silver is a representation of higher light and realm while Gold is more prestigious and is a color of Heaven.

Gold & Silver combined sends a message to Balance out emotions or intentions, they may be too focused or overwhelming.

Red & Purple: Red & Purple combined is a message from the Divine realm of All love for what you are doing in the world. Know that all of your needs and requirements will be met as you travel well along your journey.

Red & Purple together is a message of love. Love from yourself and those around you.

Purple & Gold: Purple and Gold combined is confirmation from the Universe that you are supported and it represents stability of your spiritual purpose. You are fully aligned with your cause, purpose and intentions in an authentic way.

Gold & purple Together equals legacy and the completion of your dreams with positive determinations.


Gold & Red represents fire, passion and achievements and is a reflection of the fire Pheonix. Be assured that you will walk Divinely into your blessings and achievements gracefully. You will put away fears and doubts and overcome negativity quickly.

Gold and Red Together represents the dragon & and Emperial realms of heaven and earth. You will find treasures and your achievements will not be overlooked.


More colors are to come…


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel + Confirmation Number 415

415 Channeled through Quornesha S. With Bob Marley| A Divine Spiritual Communication

Changes taking place to empower your spiritual purpose.

Breaking the Code: The illusion that you ‘need’ someone to lead you. Your ability comes from within your heart. Yourself.
You are the leader. Confidence comes from using Your own abilities.

You cannot take shortcuts in revealing the true face of your soul. -*Bob Marley channel.

Prophecy: Be careful searching for someone to lead you, guide you.
Very often this quest only leads to further frustration in the soul and stagnates your abilities.

Quote: It’s like taking medicine although medicine is not needed.

Yes it is your responsibility to value your worth. But you do not need anyone to reassure you of this truth.

It’s time to tell your own story. It’s difference.  It’s flaws. Most of all it’s beauty.

Metaphor: There is no such thing as a dry well. Instead one must dig in order for it to flow.

Intuitive Conclusions: Yes. There are stones and barriers for us to break. But these are all inner workings. With cancer, or, any other disease we must work with the essence. The source. Within. Regardless of what it may appear to be upon the surface. The beginning is always within
No matter the roads one must take. No matter the trials one must face.

Follow the inward light. It is the answer to all illusions.

4+1+5= 10 & 1+0= 1 New beginnings are imminent/on the horizons. These are changes in alignment with your purpose and soul mission. Honor them through gratitude and gentleness.

Quornesha S. With Bob Marley A Divine Channel. Through Quornesha S.,

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The Law of Prayer| Spiritual Laws

Channeled by Quornesha S., The Host of Learning to Pray With Power: The Law of Prayer. Praying requires that one presents without judgement of a person, their will, their request and without pressing our views and opinions toward the other subject or person. requesting or in need of prayer.

We are asked, that if we cannot pray without applying our judgments to another or without hindering our own faith and beliefs. Then we must surrender the prayer to be prayed for by another, who can, in pure energy, aid the requester.

That which we pray for will and can be answered through the belief that it is already done. We are not to interfere with the conclusions of things such as Divine will or order. We are not to interfere with things such as someones faith or system that may or may not be different from our own.

We are not to interfere with the mistakes one has made.

The one reason prayers may go unheard is because of the context of the prayer request. Praying that one should ‘stay’ even though their heart is guiding them away from you, only places a bandage. As Prayer changes a lot of situations. But one thing it cannot do is override the law of request or one’s free will. We cannot force things to happen, if it is it’s Divine time to exit your life at this time.

If one should pray for riches, wealth or well-being. One must be also willing to take actions to make these things come about. Prayer is more of a Psychological tool. Shifting the mind and encouraging, so that you can and will achieve what you are asking for.

Note: It is impossible to pray what we are not. We cannot Pray to be the most powerful force in the Universe, without already having an ability to accomplish such levels. We cannot pray that we become the most influential Governors if we are not in position to govern. We cannot pray to win, if we are not doing something to win for.

Prayer assists with what is already in motion, as opposed to the law of attraction. Whereas, what you cannot see, you call to you. Yet, you you may not attract what you are not. Prayers come about as wishing and asking or even declaring.

Prophecy: Prayer is an empowerment tool. If you are not already trying to do something about your situation, there is no way to start where you envision. Therefore, when you are A president of a company, culture, business or society, only then can you pray for peace among those under your control. You will then be guided to lay some guidelines to put in place the steps the company or the society will take to generate more peace within your facilities for as long as you influence this group, to which you govern.

Intuitive Conclusions: We may all influence many things, with our opinions, perceptions, interpretations etc. But, only those assigned to lead a group of people can make the final decisions. You must be in position to have your prayers heard and answered to.

When you want to become a better wife to your husband or a better husband to your wife, You begin by Loving the man you fell in love with, Loving the woman you fell in love with. It all begins with you. If you want something, you must begin within yourself first. You’ve got to give it to you first, before anyone else can do that for you.

Prayers are only answered through the efforts you begin to make on behalf of your goal. Dr Martin Luther King, was not a dreamer in my perspective. He was a prophet. And with prophecies, you envision, and you make a difference where you believe it needs to be made. So that you can enjoy a life of happiness, prosperity, abundance, love, victory and without restraint.

It’s all up to you. It’s time to take Inspired action

Furthermore, we are not to take it into our own hands what others deserve or desire. Nor, for that matter, what they don’t deserve. That is not our ‘job’ or place to decide. You must not defy the request of others with your own beliefs nor continue to pray for them even when you do not wish to. As this could conduce bad karma or negative vibrations for yourself. Also, those you pray for or with must be in agreement with you. Not against what is requested.


Quornesha S.. 

Clairvoyant Medium

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Hot Air Balloon Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Hot air balloons are messages of ascension in spiritual form and what is needed at this point. Be open to the changes now happening to you, move forward as you are guided. Opportunities are now coming forward for you to climb aboard. Dreams will begin to flourish and you are ‘asked’ to consider the expansions that are being offered to you.

Do not fear the changes taking place, as these are for your highest good at this time. If you find that any frequency presents itself to you in a way that pulls at your energy rise above it.

You have done some vital karmic work so make sure that you understand that the changes that present right now, you have earned them. Everything will begin to come together in all the right ways. You will seem to be in the right place at the right time. You are asked to not descend from your current changes. As with any new shoes, your ‘feet’ must get used to them.

Reward yourself for the hard work you have done.

Make a list of the things you want in your life (in small ways) make it reasonable and watch your manifesting ability awaken through intention. (this is only the beginning).

Prophecy: You’ll begin to do things with higher clarity. From new perspectives, you’re in position, you’ve cleared the way so that you can lead as you were meant to lead.

Intuitive Conclusion(s): Finding your purpose consist of the willingness to being open to what your calling is. If you feel you already know what that may be it may be time to narrow down with intention what it is specifically meant to do in the world.

It is now time to focus only on the positives as this will empower you to go much further in what you are pursuing in the present. Regardless of any opinion, whether from within yourself or about yourself, this is your journey to take. It’s up to you how you’re going to take on the lessons.

Hot air balloons are symbolic that you have finally reached the end or completion of something in your life, mind, body and spirit. This ending will be a very happy one. (The end is near) and That’s in a very positive light. You’re soaring, like only you can.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Snails Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: When you See Snail(s) in your waking life, dreams, visions, paintings, synchronicity, Trees, readings,  Flashes,  etc: Snail(s) are symbolic of the Supernatural, what seems to be slow in process is actually moving swiftly + productively. To take care of all things, in order to create stability. It is also a message of a holistic/supernatural healer that is due to come into your life. To offer ability and guidance.

If that being/powerful person is you, then consider working with others on your holistic projects. They will be of great help to you + quite patient.

It is also a sign of the ascended masters being near to you. + Angelic Beings + Guides working closely with you in your projects. Continue boldly moving forward, things are progressing ahead/forward now. When we take a look at the entire picture we will see that everything is flowing as it should.

When we activate trust toward what we believe for, it begins to bring calmness to us. It is most comforting for the soul to know that it will in it’s own timing. Rather than to force an opportunity or emotion to happen within the time we expect it to come about.

Being patient is only a word, try putting the effort behind it. When we see what we want/desire the manifesting + bringing us closer to what we envision begins to unfold. It’s not because we want to, waiting is a matter of choice. Consider the things you are faithful towards. Know that a solution is yet to come about.

Know that patience is set to pay off at this appointed time in your life. Seeing snails in your waking life is often a message that meditation is working. That things will begin to surface + offer clarity. Seeing them without shells is a sign of a new beginning, due to some inner work/contemplation/forethought about your current path.

The hard part is over. However one shouldn’t take it as a sign that the journey is over. As it is far from over. When one door closes, another has to open. Depending if you have completed each task assigned to the chapter/season prior, a new season is beginning in your life-mind-body + spirit.

One should never mistake how things turn out to not be the answer to our prayers. When they do not turn out as expected it is because we simply do not like or appreciate the answer. Something that is unseen/invisible or Supernatural has taken place. Only those with ears + eyes will help you to feel this phenomenon.

Prophecy: When we are open, the mind will receive the many perceptions of the whys, hows, whens, and where’s. Until then we’re focused only upon the outcome in our minds. Listening to your heart should come first. But you can choose to listen to your mind as long as you want to. But that doesn’t mean you move any closer to your purpose in doing so.

Intuitive Conclusion(s): We can do things our own way without ever recognizing those ways need to be changed. That they are indeed outdated + of no further use to us. Know this, that in some way, when it is appointed, it will happen, even if we deny the truth for what it really is.

Let go of how you think you should see things. If perhaps, your new ways of belief do not serve you, move forward anyway. As you cannot lose sight of what’s behind you until you walk forward, beyond the past.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Unicorn Fish Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Intuition + Clairvoyance + Claircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience :Prophetic times are ahead, imminent or present when you are aware of the unicorn fish. Don’t tell tales you cannot fix. Be cautious in wishing on the whim. Think before you speak. Take caution in throwing stones. Mystical + metaphysical times abound. Your abilities to manifest are potent at this moment + you really want to take the necessary caution + attention in what you give that power toward.

When you speak something over someone, you’re next in line. That is the science of cause + effect. Your soul becomes aware  to the spectrum’s it is most familiar with + would relay to whichever comes first. Whether it occurs to you first or someone else. Vice versa.

Explore all of your options, do not settle for what is coming up just to say that you’ve done it. That isn’t true victory. Victory is to have what you want or desire + need regardless of what you had to face to get to it.

Angelic Channeling:Also Clairvoyance + Claircognizance:  It is time to awaken your inner beliefs. Quickly expel all negative thoughts or wishes. Do not make false interpretations of others or accept them about yourself. You are in the process of walking through another door to another level in your spirituality. Therefore, channels may not be as clear at this time.

This change will be brief, swift  or quick. You will know you have walked through one realm of a spiritual level + into another when low frequency thoughts or low Ideas cease.

If you feel more powerful than before it is further confirmation that all is done.

Intuitive Conclusion: The Unicorn fish is symbolic that you are to acknowledge your gifts, beliefs + honor your true worth or self. Until you can truly face yourself in the mirror and accept your own thoughts, will you be able to truly express them without restraint to another or others.

It is also a great notation that, your spirit may be in a sense of review at this time, so that frequencies may be able to serve you greatly in the next level or otherwise.

You may refer to this phase you are passing from as the unknown. Once you complete the transition things will become more clarified + less puzzling or mysterious/mystical or far out.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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Eel Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Via; Claircognizance + Clairvoyance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience Abilities: The eel is symbolic for A life you desire or one which accommodates the purpose + why you are here. Obviously the eel is an underwater species however it’s nature is always receiving whatever is necessary along the journey. When you see the eel in your waking life or in dreams, visions, flashes you are receiving confirmation that you are on the path that is right for you. Take caution in asking for an opinion as to the next steps to take. As you already know what to do, so do not be afraid to take the next steps.

When you question your path, it is time to take a moment to breathe and check within to see whether or not you are taking your present steps in regard to what you truly dream for yourself or is it for some external purpose that will never honor the spirit?

The eel often appears when we are beginning a new adventure, meaning we have taken a leap + landed on new oceans. It is time to grow from the past, the old, what you have learned. Now may be a great time to see what treasures you hold within + simply bare them to the world. Water species hold great confidence + would rather be in the limelight than in the shadows. So in a sense you do not need to shy away from any position of power take it on + see where it will lead you.

Eel is also symbolic of many social events + gain on many levels. You will begin to receive what it is you need as you need it when you need it. It will be as though you are in the right place at the right time, in the most perfect ways.

The eel is symbolic that something is coming to an end and you will be glad that it has. You have ran that course in your life. It is time for new ground and you are completely prepared to take on the road ahead.

Angelic Messages: Via; Clairsentience + Claircognizant  + Clairvoyant abilities: Everything is coming to the surface and into alignment. You should applaud yourself for how far you have come in so little time. This is your victory + you should be happy for the life that will unfold for you. Stay clear on what you desire + continue to write them down (dreams) as a reminder of where you are going.

Intuitive Conclusion: Whatever lifestyle you think you deserve you are set to receive it, because the source that is supplying is abundant  + open to you. Await the signs + continue to move ahead. Stay open, continue to envision your best life, it is unfolding now, Pat your own self on the back.

Do not be afraid of your own purpose + legacy, leave it behind, leave the world filled with your presence!


Quornesha S.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Hearse

Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance: When seeing Hearse in your dreams, visions, flashes, peripheral visions or paintings. It signifies an end that was long overdue. One that you may have endured for quite some time. Know that this path (in question) is beneath you now. As things look up for you. Do not allow your thoughts, others or even your own beliefs to take your focus from your present course.

As the road changes everything else falls into Divine perfect order. Depending upon the color, or nature of the hearse in particular in your dream. If black use surrounding colors. Briefly, Blue is a representation of calm after the storm. Pink is symbolic of healing, black is symbolic of grievances or a loss which is painful, yellow a brighter path awaits you now, green all is well taken care of at this time.

A hearse with an open door is symbolic that you need to allow any episodes in your life to end, in regard to the one’s which no longer serves you in any way. One that is with a Coffin is symbolic that you have done so and are now parting ways with your past.

Yet if one is alive it is symbolic for the feelings of entrapment. It is useless to try + control the emotions of others. They do not belong to you. Every relationship has it’s own ups and downs. Some to which of course never work out as you may expect. It is time to stop resisting something. Resistance is a poisonous road that no human spirit ever wins. It weakens the human body-mind-spirit heart. To deny truth is to fight against it. Just listen or let it be, everything will work itself out as it needs to.

Angelic Channeling:Also Clairsentience + Clairaudience: You are being asked to not force your way through anything or person. Do not seek understanding at this time. Your message is meant to touch the people it will touch. Right now, it may not be time for the person in question to unfold the wisdom for his or her own well being. As things will come around as they should. When it doesn’t you have the power to move on. Hearse are not necessarily forewarning of the death for any human life, but it is symbolic for you to keep moving on.

Intuitive Conclusion: All of us, have our lives in our own hands. Whatever we look up to, we have decided to walk the path with. Furthermore, you should trust yourself to make the right choices in the right time.

A Painful cycle or phase has come to it’s conclusion.

Gracefully Yours,

Quornesha  S.

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Cattail Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S., Psychic Medium  

Victory Is Mine: Cattails are symbolic for Victory, In mind, body & spirit. It can also symbolize the need to reflect on the inside or to do some inward cleansing, ritual of some sort. Cattails are symbolic for friendship & allies, who will not only be of great company but of great guidance also.

Relationships: Depending upon your relationship at the time you visualize, come across/see in photos, paintings, near ponds/water. It is time to acknowledge how far you have traveled along that journey you have learned so much from as it is safe to move on. However if you have been in a long term friendship it is quite often a question; How far do you wish to go in order to release what has ran it’s course already?

Our fears of past failures or mistakes: Many of us believe that failure is a reality but it is actually the opposite. Failure is simply obstacles, you have overcome, it only seems like you “failed” because there may or may not have been any visual success. You should probably look on the inside. That may be your key to acknowledging that you have actually succeeded in a way. You never “work hard” for nothing.

Metaphor: In a sense when you have obtained something the easy way, it is often difficult to maintain. When it was difficult to obtain then comes the “easy” part. But then nothing is actually easy it is just delightful & a relief to actually achieve the goal.

Take time to heal: It is important to set aside some time to heal: Detox your spirit.

Some articles can help you with detoxing: New Normal Letting Go

Cattails Message: You have reached completion of a chapter & it is safe to release now. Cattails may also be symbolic for rescuing animals or serving humanity in some way to help them break free into a new world.

Symbolic Note: Cattails rise above water. Listen to the urgency to get things done. As this is a reminder that You ARE ready to make these changes.

The sun is going to shine and you’ll be able to let go completely.

Psychic Note: Often cattails are cut down, Once the water subsides. Think of your situation in comparison to the cattails. This feeling that you are being pulled from, what you have known for years and into the unknown. Allow it to lead your instincts, but remain in control of where you wish to go.

The trepidation associated with change: Cattails are symbolic of angst. But also a very beautiful omen of change. You are asked to trust the final outcome. Cattails suggest the need to hold on a little while longer.  Something beautiful awaits. You are stepping aside in perfect timing and all will go according to plan.

Intuitive Conclusions: While There’s energy in you waiting to breakthrough. It cannot burst through the seams just yet.

This has been a test of your faith.  But it is only going to take you higher. \

There is a time and a  season, for all things.


Quornesha S.

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