Snake Symbolic Meanings

Internal Wisdom: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, CLairsentience: Snakes, Regardless of their interpretations of the decades, are spirit based Species + are often used as protectors of your being entirely. Snakes are known for treachery or devious actions even manipulation. The truth is you must take caution to the one responsible for relaying the forewarning to you. If this person has been yourself, then you may fear upcoming changes.

When you have taken a journey it is a normal reaction to fear what is due upon the completion of it. Yet it isn’t necessary.

However when you get a flash of a Snake in particular you must trust your intuitive power in regards to the question in particular. Often times it denotes positive changes when you have made a wish or need some higher help. Please note that when you have made a special request please take note so that when the opportunities flood your way you will be receptive. When there is one slithering in the grass you need to be aware of with whom you share your dreams + plans with.

The tongue of a snake is potent, as all of it’s abilities to paralyze or protect are within this panel. It’s fangs are a sign that you indeed hold the same level of power. Yet you must use your abilities very practically as they may come about with substantial consequences as a result of any carelessness for anyone. Keep your thoughts + intentions very clear. Do not bring harm to others, that you do not wish to endure yourself. What you are willing to guide others through you are next in line for.

Angelic Communication: Telepathic Abilities: Remember harming another of any kind is an act of guidance, therefore you alone must take the same journey very shortly. Take caution what you speak about. Words have their own influence. Invoking them aloud gives them your personal signature. Whatever your abilities may be.

Snakes are also symbolic of a circle you may be invited/consider to join or spiritual practicum you may involve in shortly. Know that this was a journey you alone have requested it is useless to spend your power concentrating upon what is negative. Use your ability instead upon what serves you.

Intuitive + Reiki Master + Psychic Medium Quornesha, Conclusion: Take caution + be ware of one whose telling you about the Evils of another. After all we are capable of the same things. We may not have been caught doing so. It is imperative to move beyond all mistakes ever made. These do not serve you anymore. Only fools invest their entire trust in one particular being, belief or truth. Genius is discovering it for ourselves.


Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

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Gracefully Yours,

Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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