Cactus Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, CLairvoyance: The cactus is symbolic for motherly. That even though the person in Question may be overbearing or overruling this person actually loves you like a daughter or son. You may be this person for someone of great significance in your circle. You cannot help the way you feel as you have already walked the path similarly. You must also understand that their journey isn’t your own.

You can give your wisdom + just let it be. The one in question here will come around to being receptive to your knowledge or wisdom. Eventually  you will have a stable relationship one which involves equal communication. You can give the real but be considerate of the requests or paths of others.

The Cactus is not so appealing in nature. But that is only because it is protective. In which case you must allow another to make his or her own choices so that he or she will fully understand the circumstances for themselves. When you do your own research it is impossible not to interpret a message in its entirety. Wisdom can be sent in many different formats, whereas direct action is intervention of someone’s path.

Angelic Channeling: Do not make another feel guilt for the life they choose to live, based upon the sorrows you may have experienced. Wisdom can be sent through prayer, reiki or other spiritual means. It may be time to step back a bit and allow one to make a decision for themselves. One may be surprised when you are willing to trust + allow. Trust is an act on its own, unless willingly accompanied with something.

Intuitive Conclusions: Potted cactus means you are not ready to trust just yet. Growing cactus’ means you are coming to the realization to release directing the entire way through and you’re finally learning to listen,  trust and allow. If your abilities are in question it means that you are evolving but pace your receptiveness for your own sake and well-being. There is no need to rush through anything.


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