Plecia Neararctica Hardy [Love Bug] Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance;Psychic Medium + Intuitive + Reiki Master:  The Plecia are symbolic for several nuisances occurring all at once. Seeing them in your waking life, paintings, visions is symbolic that you shouldn’t shoulder the path or burdens of another at this time.  It may be that you offer your kindness on the whim. Step back at this time, observe.

The Love Bug is symbolic that you are being asked to not take on the lessons of someone else. DO NOT DO THE WORK OF OTHERS FOR THEM. Everyone must walk their own path. You are also asked to not take things too personally as this may be a substantial phase that others appear sensitive.

A significant phase will end soon. Stop leaving trails for anything to catch up with you. Reliving “glory days” should also be avoided. You should avoid the act of linking with your past. What hasn’t had the opportunity to work may never come around to that path in particular. The angels know what is best for our human experiences. If you are guided to take another road at this time, consider it. As adjustments are possible later.

Take caution in spreading gossip as you may not know the story in it’s entirety. Take caution to the one you consider dating. As this choice may be one you will be with for quite some time. Partnerships in relations or business are possible yet right now is not the time to lower your guard.

Angelic Channeling: Keep an intelligent + clear intention. No mess no stress. In conclusion you need to keep your trust highly guarded at this time. As you may either be going through some test of some kind. The answers you give through your actions could be setting the course for the next lessons in life you will take. Keep your hands clean + clear + the next chapter will be that of rest + tranquil.

Avoid joining trends based upon what you see or hear walking into any conversation. The very same arrows you point at others even when it is in agreement with another. Even if you are simply elaborating upon what another has said. Avoid taking sides with anyone. Remember the clouds will soon part + all parties involved must reap the hard work he/she has put in. Regardless if it was for the good of others or for the harm of them. Invoking spells may be removable yet they have consequences + dangers all or each of their own.

Intuitive Conclusion: When you believe in your unique ability there is no need to bring harm to anyone to feel more respected or to prove you are right in any way. Everyone deserves to learn their own lessons from life without too little or much at all of your help with casting lessons upon anyone. The same door we revolve before others swings our way too. Remember you are setting the table for two. So if you feed “poison” to one, sooner or later-on, that very “poison”, you’ll be consuming also.

These insect-like-beings aren’t necessarily harmful to us yet swatting them away out of annoyance communicates of our lack of openness to what can be, past, the beginning stages.

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