Powerful Prayers (Praying With Power)

A Prayer to Rise above spiritual Intimidation A Prayer for spiritual Greatness. Prophecy of Wealth

Dear Heavenly Father and Angels of Prosperity I ask that you teach me to rise above spiritual intimidation, within the vicinity of my finances, my thoughts, my surroundings, enemies, and within myself. I ask that you protect and restore me from every hardship and financial crisis. I ask that you help my soul to heal every area of my life that is no longer serving a positive purpose. I ask that you remove from my vicinity the situations or people that are for harm and not good. I ask that every feeling of defeat or adversity be overcome easily and victoriously. May there be plenty of finances to give, to have to invest and build upon. Let every seed I have planted blossom, and the seeds that don’t may they be transmuted to serve me for my highest and greatest good. I ask not that you make every enemy my friend, but that you cause me not to stumble in the waking of their anger, viciousness and cruelty. Thank you and so it, is. I prophesy that there will be restoration, I prophesy that the enemy will flee in the presence of my victories, I prophesy that there will be blessings and the removal of poverty, whether in relationships, finances, home and business. May there be Golden door, that you’ll open, specifically for my needs, purpose and desire. In the holiest of all names, Blessed be and so it is. All rights reserved © 2015 Quornesha S. Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master The Supernatural Healer™ Medium + Reiki by Quornesha S.

A Prayer for Divine Healing A Prayer for Physical Peace

Dear Heavenly Father, I come boldly before you today, on behalf of those I love, those I care for. Those that are of great value to me. without crossing the line of their free will I ask for your healing in regards to any situation they may be facing. I ask that you empower your angels to be as light and a guide through this difficult time. I ask that your miracles go beyond change, and Divinely work on behalf of those I love. If it is written within your will and Divine purpose in their lives, Let their healing be known. Allow healing and allow spiritual transformation. Not only so that we can continue to be present here on earth, but so that they are allowed one more chance to live again. If it is their desire to continue existing, I ask on their behalf for healing and physical and mental change. I thank you for allowing me to call upon you, even when I do not visit as frequently. Thank you for your supernatural and miraculous power, May all that is good, be recorded and may we be reminded that you indeed, do listen. Regardless of any disheartening news, we may have heard about any ‘given’ situation, I allow you to act on our behalf so that your will be done. May the angels allay any worries or concerns to which are not the final outcome. Amen In the holiest of all names, May we be protected and may we fulfill our purpose here on earth. Blessed be. © All rights reserved Quornesha S. Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master To relieve stress about loved ones and keep them safe from all harms during any physical transitions or illnesses. The Book Of Prophecies ©

A Blessing for Family by Quornesha S.

Dear Angels of Family, I come boldly before you today. Asking you to teach me to put family first. Yet without exoneration of my own boundaries, goals and dreams. I ask that you teach me to Without ignorance to what my purpose is, or without setting aside my own beliefs. I ask that you teach me to love those given to me as they are not intended to belong to me forever. Without ignorance of sacrifice or naivety. What does it truly mean to love those given unto me? I am now giving you permission to teach me, in a way that is loving and non-judging. Teach me to leave the past where it belongs. + To overcome all evil with good. We can all say that we love, yet it is when we exist with love, that it truly counts. Protect us always from harm and trivialities. Should we face any obstacles may they be easily overcome. May we be the support we were intended to be for one another. Bless our home, finances, and the way we look at the world. Including ourselves. Bless us so that we will stand for something and not against one another. Bring us together and help us to forgive all wrong doing between us. Protect the animals that we have, and teach us to love them. As they too are a part of our home. Help me to see the good within all of those around me. Help me to accept the characteristics of others, which I have no control over and cannot change. Help us to embody love and above all, let us all laugh together. Amen, And So it. is. All rights reserved © Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master + Ministry Prayer Volunteer.

Prophecy ForDivine Supernatural Increase

There will be a moment of increase. A Moment of Divine + Supernatural Intervention and Clarity as to why you deserve your Supernatural Inheritance. This will propel you to fully be able to position yourself for your purpose and for all that which is to come. There may have been a void of emotions for quite some time. But it’s over, once you decide to look beneath all of the illusions within your mind. A time is coming where you will see the reason + understand why you are such a gem within the world. In your life, there may be many doubts and anxieties or trepidation as to what the future holds. You may take all of what you see as a sign that the answer is no, or not yet. But you can be assured that the time has come. Hold fast to the ‘one’ answer that is surrounded with the most light and you will find that you easily surrender all else. Why do you feel that you are undeserving? It’s time to be free from the reason why you don’t deserve and move into all of the reasons why you do deserve. The time has finally come. It’s a time of increase, and empowerment, a time of encouragement and purpose, not only revealed but clarified. Keep moving forward. You’re set to discern why you are so blessed and yet why there is so much to unfold for you. You need not worry so much as to what your future holds. As all answers are clarified in correct or Divine Timing. You’re getting ready to discover why you deserve to have it all. + You will. Namaste + Blessings, Quornesha S. , Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master © Quornesha S. 2015

A Divine Prayer + Blessing for All Who seek Blessings by Quornesha S.

Dear Heavenly Beings + Ascended Masters, I come boldly before you all today. With open mind, soul, heart and body. Receptive to your blessings. Receptive to your light. Bless my heart that it may love. Bless my work so that it will be a reflection of your highness. Bless my spirit so that it dwells in peacefulness. Bless my eyes, ears and all that I am. So that I may see + perceive good things in the world and make a positive difference for all that which is bad, according to my own personal judgments. I ask that you bring peace to my mind, body, heart, soul and being so that My light will be luminous and brilliant before many, even unto myself. I ask that you bless me boldly, as I continue to be a ‘pearl-like-light’ in the world, beautiful, rare and with highest integrity. Guide me along my path today. With my highest good in mind. May I always bare my greatest joy in mind, when selecting others to be part of this journey. Blessed it may be and So it is. All rights reserved © Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect. Quornesha S. A Prayer for Divine Intervention From Stress, Overwhelm and to Live peacefully or sleep peacefully.

Now Behold the 12  Day Miracle: 

Dear Heavenly Father, I come boldly before you today. I ask for strength in times of spiritual Transitions. Knowing that each situation you have put me through was not because of lack of luck or your total favor. Yet, so that You can build me up to become the warrior you made me to be. Not with discrimination of my beliefs of you. But so that you’ll accept me, just as I am. Knowing that faith is not a module set out by the world. Help me to silence the world when I need to tune into my inner spirituality and beliefs. Teach me how to move mountains and keep forward. NO matter how hard it seems. Help me to move from situations that keep me fighting but going nowhere. Knowing that the battle belongs not to me. Teach me to forgive when I really want to avenge. Teach me patience when I really want to give up. Teach me to turn to you, when I know no one else is listening nor wish to hear. I ask that your favor be upon me in this time of my life. Teach me to rise above every dictation against the soul, and myself. Teach me to shine completely in your purpose. Teach me the truth about enlightenment. Teach me to exit when there exists no future to where I am going. Teach me to release in light of all I have faced. I prophesy that your will shall be invoked in the Next 12 Days of my life. Asking that you terminate all actions that lead me no-where. coming to you, not heavy, bitter, out of control. Not stricken by poverty or jealousy nor oppression.Knowing that this too is going to pass. Where one road ends another begins. In 12 days. Your light shines to illuminate the way, Just as I desire. Knowing that you will help shape  and course the future, as I ask. Knowing that as long as  I serve the purpose you have given me. You will honor any and all request I make in the Holiest of all Names. And So it is. It is sealed. Knowing that in your blood and within your power. Nothing is impossible.  Namaste. All rights reserved © Quornesha S. Prayer Warrior in own right.

A Prayer for Infinite Blessings 

Dear Heavenly Father, I come boldly before you today to ask for your infinite blessings to be upon me for as long as I shall live.
Knowing that you come first. Knowing that you will bless all of my doing. That you will teach me to prosper and teach me to plant seeds on behalf of others in my lifetime in heaven.

Teach me to be in authority of my life above all others. Teach me to be in authority of my soul above all others. Teach me to be in authority of my well being and the direction i should take in life. Above all others.

Bless my finances.  Bless my mind. Bless my spirit.  Bless my heart. Bless my intentions.  Bless all that I do. Bless and activate my purpose. Bless my dreams. Bless my environment.  Bless what I do for the world so that I may continue to do so. Bless me and my family. Bless my authentic friends.  Bless those who help me along my path.

Bless those who look after me and pray for me. Bless those who bless me and forgive those who tresspass against me.

In you, I am forever infinite with your love and Divine Miracles. No matter where I am. I am always blessed and surrounded with your holy fire. You will protect me from every enemy and from their inconveniences against me if ever there be any.

Bless all that I do so that I can filter the voice that is not of you and listen to the voice that is yours.
Amen. In the holiest of all names.

A Prayer for Divine Direction and Wisdom

Dear Heavenly Father, I come boldly before you on behalf of my Path and direction. Asking that you lead every step I am set to take, moving forward. I ask that you teach me to forgive and let go of all that has rendered it’s lessons in my life. I ask for supernatural provision and wisdom. I ask for your favor to light the way in my life and the road I shall carry on.

I ask that you teach me not to be weary or confused. Teach me to connect to your Divine source of love and light. I ask that your holy fire shield and protect from all diversions that are not of your will. I ask for your strength and renewal in the areas I need strengthening and in the areas I need renewal.

I ask that you bless my knowing and bless my path with positive energy, and those that support rather than envy. I ask that you help me to learn from lessons so that I will never have to repeat them ever again. I ask that I go from level to level, upward and not backward or downward. I am asking for the activation of your supernatural increase and that you teach me to know your voice and to take heed with an understanding of why you are leading me to take the next step. My faith is knowing that you will teach me to win and teach me the reason of your lessons. Knowing that you have designed me to achieve,  attain and maintain every blessing. In the Holiest of all Names, Amen.  ©All rights reserved ©quornesha.com

Prayers For Turkey & The World

Dear Heavenly Father I come boldly before you today. Asking for your blessings in this hour for our world and peace for Turkey. I am asking for the debut of your strength within all of us. Bless us so that we are more involved throughout humanity. Asking for your healing beyond all of the pain happening around us. With so many fires and explosions and floods. Asking for your grace and sufficiency in this dire time of need.

Knowing that your awesome power never fails.  I know that you can build worlds as well as tare them apart. I come to you on behalf of the world I live in.

Asking for your supernatural power. You are changing all of us, as well as disrupting our very existence. But we know that it all works together for our good. Teach us to be abundant and to involve purposely each day.

While this year has been quite heavy with many concerns and dangers, i am asking that your light be the very essence of our nature. Help us to evolve and involve the gifts you have given to each of us.

Knowing that everything happens for a reason. The feeling often vanishes in times of crisis or global debt. Teach us to live with joy in our hearts and kindness to each other. Knowing that pain is part of the journey, I ask that we become content and learn to become captains of what happens to us. Give us the courage to accept what we cannot change. Give us the serenity and contentment with your will, whatever that may be at this time. Knowing that you do all things purposefully and with a reason.

Scripture-wise, you say that be perfect because you are. Or that we a are perfect because you are. So then, where do so many of our tests come from? Please teach us to move forward and find peace during this global adversity. Teach us to lift up one another rather than taring one another down.

Give to us peace, as the heaviness would empower anyone to give up and even let go of the entire reason you have us here. Help us come through this transformation with love and light.

Teach us to see the light, where it is nearly difficult to see in the eye of catastrophe. Surrendering all judgment and worries to you in this time. in the Holiest of all names, Amen. © All rights reserved 3/19/2016 8:03 A.m

Quornesha S.  All Rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with All due respect.

A Prayer to Receive What is Abundantly & Infinitely Yours in your lifetime!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come boldly before you on behalf of my earthly inheritance. Asking that I be open and receive all of the abundance, prosperity, blessings in all areas of my life while I am here, that are aligned and ready for me to receive and given.

I ask for your Divine Miraculous power to welcome into my life all that you are ready to unfold in my life in a positive and abundant way. Asking that every lesson that I have needed to learn, clarity be provided so that i can decode and move forward to the best that is forthcoming.

I ask you for the gift of favor. I ask you for the gift of steadiness. I ask you for the gift of all that I am destined to inherit now and forever. I ask that the blessings be open and the doors open, I declare that I walk into and accept my Divine Supernatural, Prosperous, abundant And Overflowing inheritance now. And I am expressing deep gratitude for all of the doors that have closed. I release all concern of spiritual debts in any way. Asking for Divine Miraculous power in every area of my life.

May you teach me all that I need to know, and may difficulties be few. May every action I take never be in vain. May every idea and dream see it’s potential growth and potential come true. May all my biggest dreams see the light of success.

May all that is for me flow to me in my life right now, in an abundant and empowering way right now. Teach me to detach from reflections of enemies, reflections of hurt or harm. From this moment forward, Life is good, I am blessed and all I partake is favorable, successful and I easily overcome any delay,  or failure if there be any or none at all. All is prosperous and abundant and successful, I receive everything destined for me in my lifetime right now, and throughout my existence.  In the holiest of all names.  Amen.

All rights reserved © Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.


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