Love Notes: Channel

You are a man who may develop an illness as you grow older. Whether this is by family ties/genetic health inheritance or otherwise. It is also shown that due to this you my become incessant so choose wisely.

There are many women around you. But you must consider your future.

Determine who needs to stay on the side of friendship and that of your relations.

This illness has much to do with legs, or your ability to walk. Quite often twin souls date others to prepare for each other. But you could if you decided to do so, toss it to the side and choose love at your own expense. It’s up to you. You’ll need patience and compassion as you grow older that is for sure.

Your love life is in your own hands, regardless of how stubborn or open you choose to be.

This illness is simply a lesson. As you choose a mate, that is how you will experience this lesson. In a sense you are deciding your future by the mate you are selecting.

It’s up to you, it’s in your own hands. It’s your stubbornness that can save/make you or otherwise.

It’s in your own hands. We have it in our own hands the power who we will love, but it doesn’t mean the person we select will be good for the soul.

Companionship is simply someone willing to put up with you, and love you in the process.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

All rights reserved ©

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Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect to the author. 


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