After some self healing and forgiving failure I have channeled something amazing, VIOLA!

I now realize that failure is simply an example of the endless possibilities of the Universe. I realize that higher power was simply at work building my faith, so that when I do succeed, I will know that I deserved it. I deserve success. I am open to succeeding. I am appreciative of all my successes.

Failure is preparation, so that I will hold onto the successes. Failure is faith being built.

Each time I failed it was Divine preparing my heart to hold onto what i have worked so hard for.

In order to be able to hold onto anything, you’ve got to have experienced some loss or lack of it. It makes you appreciative for when you do excel. That’s what failure does.

Each of us must experience our lessons as we have chosen. My intention isn’t to change your mind. But to introduce you to be more positive. Only YOU can open that door!

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xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

all rights reserved ©

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