Crane Symbolism

Cranes are symbolism of Learning, Teaching and Divine Messages. If you’re considering higher education such as college or training the crane reveals a very big positive YES. It asks you to take that leap of faith.

If you’re unsure of what to study it is time to set aside external desires (What your family wishes you’d do) You cannot have personal happiness if you’re only giving it to others.

Learn where your power of ‘no’ resonates from. APPLY it!

Once and when you decide to move ahead you may find that miracles appear to assist you in this journey to obtain a Masters, Bachelors, Or PHD.

Understand that any action you take  is also an affirmation.

Do not be afraid as what you fear only makes the issue feel bigger even though it is not.  ”No” may come into play here. When you begin to say no to your fears and rise up and do it anyway. It says a lot about you to whatever you’re afraid of.

Cranes are fearless. They often swoon down wherever they feel they must go. They take chances, they leap. Often they still fly in the direction of their intentions even though they’re afraid.

Whenever you see a crane sitting anywhere he’s sitting there intentionally. Depending on the intention of it’s visitor it will not fear/fly away.

If you’re afraid of your dreams, your dreams will be afraid of you. It is as though you’re running from your own reflection.

You may often see cranes on campus, at zoos, in parks and wherever water is. Crane is confirmation that your thoughts must shift. Believe in yourself and your educational ability.

If you teach, and you feel it is your calling in your heart, then it is. YOU cannot allow crows to talk you out of your dreams.  Or Vultures to plant seeds in your hopes, desires or dreams.

Stop allowing the vultures to intimidate your path or the crows to instill fear in your heart about what you have chosen to do for yourself and this world. As any higher degree, training etc. Is a purpose and a calling only you can answer to.

No one will ever understand the assignment of the soul, better than it’s captain! – Quornesha S.

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