Angel-Confirmation Number 2141

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Clairvoyant, Certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Medium, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Shaman!| The angel-confirmation number 2141 is a message that you are currently receiving advice and guidance as to how to be in your relationship. As at this time, you have entered a new chapter in regards to relationships and you are guided to take all opinions with a grain of salt. It does not matter the many or few years of dating, parenting, marriage or otherwise. Another person’s idea of what will keep you and your partner happy may not always be suitable for you.

Stay true to who you are. And resonate with your truths and always speak love about yourself. We each have our own values, and standards…live from your own happy place. Do not feel deterred nor allow others to have authority as to the direction of your relationship with your significant other.

We are each on separate paths. Even though we may seem to travel in the same direction. It is up to you how you choose your happiness. If there are any issues, these issues should be discussed between your partner and yourself, not others on behalf of you or your partner.

You are your own unique person. And just because you are different, or stand strongly in your values, does not make you weak. It is of your best benefit to stand out from the crowd. Do things in your own way, always. Be careful of the energy you produce about yourself, or from others about yourself or your partner.

It is up to those involved *just the two*, as to how things will or will not be. You have the freedom to move on from any situation that doesn’t serve you. Just because we have been there and done that, doesn’t mean we have all of the answers. Just because we have relationship experience from our failed or successful relationships, doesn’t mean we have the answers to keep another’s relationship in order.

It is of importance for everyone to mind their own business. Whatever you choose in this lifetime are your own lessons, pleasures, and joys. Do not feel that you beneath or second to anyone.

You are not responsible for the jealousies, envious, or regrets or joys of another person. Turn whatever kindness you are willing to place to someone other than your partner and invest that to your partner and on bettering your life and theirs. Think of your partner above yourself always…in terms of romance, in terms of finance, think of each other.

You are with your significant other for a purpose. This indication, not only applies to a person yet can also relate to a career, job or idea…You are to put in the necessary work and go through the necessary hardships and challenges. These challenges exclude man-made challenges, but challenges that are meant for you or your significant other along the way. You are to renounce every challenge imposed upon you or your spouse by others. Remember, either party can decide to walk away. We are not in this world to be bound, but to find our ways back to peace and to do the work as necessary in our specified lifetimes.

Angel-confirmation number 2141 = 2+1+4+1=8 This union is blessed at this time and place in your life. Pay attention to all of the signs…not perpetuated or manipulated signs from others. Only regard pure energy, the way to know it is pure is to be discerning of all messages you receive…were they placed before you, manipulated by the human mind, or is it truly a heaven-sent sign? You will know by the feeling you receive.

Namaste & Blessings, 

Quornesha S. Lemon


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