Angel-Confirmation Number 322

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Shaman Initiate, Egyptian Healer, Channeler, Strong Intuitive & Medium: The Number 322 is a reminder that you may be experiencing an emotional imbalance at this time due to some spiritual transformations. The angels remind you that once these changes are over, you will feel relief. You are doing well by facing the ‘crisis’ or emotional upheaval rather than avoiding it.

You are strong and these are tests of your faith. Although you’ve been through so much already, these challenges have made you stronger. You have assistance and love all around you,  even if you do not see it right now. You know that everything happens for a reason. The number 3 is also the number of the empath. Meaning that your emotions are not only intense right now because of your own feelings, but because of things taking place in the universe on your behalf.

Everything is taking place in the right place and, right time. Believe in your own opinion about your life as you’ll have to be the one who goes through the steps you seek to take. 322 Is a reminder that you feel sensitive for a reason. Be grateful for the added sensitivity and take time out to care for yourself. And boost your own aura and clear your mind. Nothing will ever be easy.Know that at this time, you are taking care of a very difficult aspect and the angels applaud you for taking on these challenges.

You are not alone through this transformation. You feel overwhelmed with energy that you will soon have mastered. Stay grounded, be not over zealous, proud of negative. While your thoughts are manifesting you attract more into your life as reflections of your energy. Stay determined as the angels are showing you your future. Ask the Divine, “Who Am I Truly?” And you will receive a direct answer. Pay attention to the signs and feelings that you receive and you will find that these are answers to your question of who you really are. Do as much as you can to take action in the vibration of your desires. But also take time out to relax during these overwhelming emotions.

It is not always going to be easy to change or make changes. But do remember that you are loved. Pay attention to the energy you feel in your heart center. Giving these concerns over to God *The Higher powers* doesn’t always mean we will not think about them or continue to make an effort to come out on top. Although things may not all turn out the way we want them to, accept that your highest good is unfolding. While your desires are being considered, know that you can have it all, within reason of your purpose.

322 Reminds you that angels surround you as much as your loved ones. They know of these challenges before you have experienced them. Visit the gravesite of remains of your loved ones at this time. As they have messages and healing for you. You will be surprised by the signs you receive by doing so. Send flowers to those that are still with you. Accept your every blessing and be truly grateful for them, as you may never know which doors these blessings will open for you.

Changes abound at this time and although it does not feel good at this time, this time will come to pass as the seasons must change from Winter to Spring and Spring to Summer & Summer to fall and vice versa. Know that you are safe no matter how intense you feel. You have a lot of support. And you feel so intense at this time because you are due for a breakthrough. But just like the diamond miner, do not give up before you see the results. Run on & See what the ‘end’ is going to be. You are open and free to ask for assistance outside of yourself . But you must consider what you want. Right now, it is not the vision of others you must walk but your own destiny. It is okay to listen but you must heed your own advice.

3+2+2=7 Your changes at present were/are very spiritual & Have so much to do with Your LIFE PURPOSE. LIGHTEN UP. Whatever is going to happen will, But you are your own human. You will follow wherever you decide.  Do not pretend to feel better when you don’t. Do not retract your steps. You have come so far for a reason. It’s not easy. Do not look too long upon your past. We all have some regrets, but we cannot be overpowered by these. Let these times go and move on. Forgive yourself or others for how you may have handled your actions in the past or present life.

You are making reasonable, effort. You have no idea which doors are preparing to close. And that is because you are not meant to attach yourself to these pastimes or outdated opportunities. You are not to be blindsided, instead…Trust that there is a higher power at work on your behalf. Do not lean to your own understanding of situations. Reassert your surroundings. Fasting will allow your true emotional identity to flourish. Don’t just meditate  breathe. Sacrifice something for a few hours to get away and rekindle with your higher vibrations.

See also the Number 7


Quornesha S.


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  1. Thomas

    Thank you. Ni agree with much of what u have written here. I will have s difficult time not being over zealous as it is my character. I am a 2 Gemini. ADHD. I call it the jehu syndrome. U speak of boosting aura and clearing my mind. It would make me very grateful if you help me understand how to boost my aura. Thanks again


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