Angel-Confirmation Number 597

Channeled By Quornesha S.: Intuitive Medium Healer: A Master of Obeah, Reiki, Egyptian Energy, Psychic Power, Mediumship, Channeler and Animal Communication: For readings use links avail on site! Thanks!

The angel number 597 is a message that you are in the midst of changes all around you. You may find that the number 5 plays a prevalent part with this number appearing to you. The Spirit wants you to know that all things happen for a reason, or at least they wish to remind you…all things have a purpose. You are asked to release your pain, penned up anger or feelings or burdens or emotions that are no longer of use to you.

Anything that is no longer of use to you is something or someone that continues to cause you more pain than your soul could afford. You cannot afford friendships, relations or partnerships that drag you down and dim your light. Your light is your life force. You are an incredible healing energy! No matter what it is that you do. But is not by coincidence that this number has appeared to you!

God/Source/Deity Or higher powers want to assure you to keep going. Something is forthcoming and in the works. Keep your faith. you will definitely reach a stable point in your life up ahead. Something and someone will leave your life, just as soon as something new enters. Release all constraints and allow things to die or pass away! While you may have felt distant from your spirit guides, know that they have always been with you.

It is now time to break a hiatus. To free some constraints and get  back to working on something that brings you much peace and inner joy. You will find that all you need at this very moment will be supplied to you! Angels will sit with you if you need to quit a job or leave a relationship behind. You may have released a few friends and this has come about for very special reasons.

The angels ask that you hold on, as they are not yet finished with uprooting people and habits from your life that are of no further use to you! Someone near and dear may pass through your life and you are asked to prepare. It is best to assure those we love that we care. It is best to take care of our surroundings. It is best to be sure that all you want to keep you are grateful for. As, soon, a ship will come into your life and gather you and all the things you are grateful for and carry you forward to your next destination. Someone is expiring or something is coming to an end. Hold your head up high. As this too you will pass!

If there’s someone present in your life causing trivialities or unjustly treating you, know that this person will receive a wake-up call and all will be well with you, mind, body, spirit, and soul…once again. Be Assured, you are moving into new territory in the coming times. Do not worry about how things are working out. Just know that they are. And it is due for arrival ON TIME!

You will see a difference made in your life in every measure. If your messages or channels or signs repeat themselves to you it is a sign that you are doing the same for or with someone around you. Nothing will change with this person in question, so it is up to you to release these persons as best as you can for now. And move on and forward! Someone and something better is forthcoming. These persons or person can be friendships or partnerships. But you are encouraged, to KEEP moving on! Don’t waste your energy, time or matters.

Know this for sure: Trees that live closer/near water are mentors, to those that live on land. Not all trees are wise, but each has a little knowledge and the potential to become something greater or better in its’ future. Something will wane from your life as something waxes! Be prepared by detaching from whatever thought, process, person, situation or belief(s) You’re clinging to! You’re worth it!  The prophecy is that: It is a part of your Divine Plan to move on at this time. Don’t cling, be loosened!

Number 597 in Numerological Terms, as Channeled By Quornesha S.: 5+9+7= 21 & 2+1=3  The angels are with you as go through these changes and you are to feel assured that all things are indeed for a reason. Keep going and continue loving on and praising yourself for the very steps you are taking. Pay attention to your blessings in disguise. All things must end and start in due season!

Namaste & Blessed Be, 

Quornesha S. (PowerfulMystic8)

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