Llama Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Seeing the Llama in your dreams, visions, synchronicity, waking life or otherwise is a message that things are taking place in an order which you have unexpected. It is also a reminder that you are releasing some old restraints or constraints and are therefore coming into a new beginning in your life.

The Llama reminds you that a chapter is closing in your life right now, and you will benefit most from the outcome of these changes. Even though you have a sense of fear about it. The angels/ascended masters assure you that you shall receive your due diligence, as they bring into your life reflections that will empower you to move ahead.

The llama is a symbolic meaning of illumination, change, restoration, mysticism, worship, prayer. You are beginning to acknowledge your own steps. But higher powers encourage you that you are to stay grounded  and not become zealous of your future or present success. Begin to acknowledge the contribution that others have made into your life over the course of your life and in your goals and dreams.

The Spirit of the llama reminds you that you will be allowed to undo some negative attachments in your life and you will be able to renew and restore some ‘dry’ places which will now or soon be flourishing and you will overcome many challenges which you may have battled ‘long enough’.

The Llama reminds us, that in each of us, is our own unique source. We are all connected. It is a reminder that, all power comes from the same source. It is just interpreted differently. Make use of this beautiful time in your life, as you have earned it through your personal determination. If you don’t yet see these changes…take note that this is a prophecy for forthcoming blessings. 

The Llama reminds us that our lives are not meant to be perfect. And is a message for us to take a look at world happenings and acknowledge, that we are not exempt from the vibration of change, flaws or challenges. It is a reminder that blessings as well as challenges are a part of our experience. The Animal kingdom through the Llama also reminds us, that we create our OWN realities. That if we are not allowed to impose on others how they should live, others are not allowed to do unto us either.

The llama is an expression of favor and well being. Where you once knew stress in your life, you will now know and experience peace. It is important to absorb all positive messages forthcoming in your life, as these are blessings, prophetically entering for you to take full benefit, and acknowledge. The llama reminds you that a period of upheaval is coming to an end. And you will see things begin to flow favorably for you in matters close to the heart.

The llama is a representation of leadership, passion and prosperity to many measures. The Animal kingdom reminds you that, things are falling into place just as they should. And wish to remind you that, for the reflections of your past, you will achieve what is forthcoming to you. You are not to worry or concern with what is forthcoming as it defeats the purpose of the unknown. And you are to acknowledge that these are a part of your blessings and lessons.


Expect changes to come about in influential ways. Understand that those who are being a blessing in your life, know that you are grateful and understand the special relationship you may have with them. Even though you may not speak directly. If not now, they may soon know.

Awaken your own inner light, the way you choose. Choose to be different in your own way… be united and informed but not conformed to anyone’s  or the worlds’ argument  of who you truly are. Use your creative power and ability in your own way. Speak and act in the vibration of who you truly are always.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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