Angel-Confirmation Number 828

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer: The number 828 is a message that you have reached a conclusion as well as a new beginning. One door is closing, as another is taking it’s place. 828 Is a message that you are here for a very important reason. Your reason for being here may involve being of service to others in a higher capacity than you may think; And to many.

828 Is a message of natural born leaders. You are here to teach others of their legacy, spirituality, and where they are headed in their lives. Your purpose is very pertinent at this time and you are being asked to put into action, the steps you are guided to make.

You will not only achieve your dreams, you will excel them. It is an auspicious time to affirm and declare your future and the path you want or hope for it to go. It is of importance to speak with Divine in your mind at all times, let go of situations that cause you to worry, fear or regret. Know that you are blessed and you will feel empowered to take on the next steps which are to be presented into your life at this time.

It is time to pray about a dream that you believe in. It is time to surrender every situation that has concerned you. Remember and acknowledge that all things happen for a reason. Know that you are not alone in your lifetime. Know that you are loved by legions of energies from the beyond.

There is much work assigned for you to do in your lifetime. Which may involve being of service to others. You may have experienced many things falling apart in your life and many blessings entering your life at some point. Know that you deserve every blessing you receive. Whether you are the one who initiates them or, they be given to you from others.

It is now time to look forward as things are beginning to shift at present, especially in the financial and career aspects. Know that as one door shuts, another will open. You are predestined for something great, to do many great things in the world and you have help from heaven, aiding you, to do so.

It is now a new chapter in your life, and you can look forward to new beginnings. Look forward to financial increase and supporters from around the world to aid you in your cause(s).

God surrounds you with his love and light. Know that no weapon formed will ever prosper. Know that blessings overdue are now forthcoming. Be receptive to your miracles. Know that you have learned your lessons fair and you have learned them well. Know that it is okay to shed a few tears as you move through any challenges, but know that it is also more than okay to smile about where you are going.

Listen to the good spirits that are aiding you in your life from the spirit realm. Whenever there is judgement from a ‘spirit’ of any kind. These spirits are not of love and support. It is okay to set boundaries and limitations for how you will listen to the messages and put them into actions in your life, as you are the person, who has to live out the story that comes along with it.

Know that when the number 828 reappears to you repeatedly it is a message that, right now, you are coveting your spiritual or earthly inheritances. Take caution and wish or think wisely. No matter what anyone says, always follow your own path. And constantly forgive yourself of your past, even if no one else will. It is a time to keep silent and a time to speak up. Ask Divine to help you learn from your past, move on from it and never repeat it again.

8+2+8=18 & 1+8=9 The Divine realm will watch over you at this time and during your lifetime. Know that you can expect many changes and know that these will all be blessings for you. Learn to speak life over the life, you have to live. Live well and prosper.

Practice your authenticity in all that you do.

See also the Number 9



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Angel-Confirmation Number 341

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant; The Number 341 is a message from the Angels and the Ascended masters that they are currently in charge of a new beginning or change happening in your life at this time. Know that these are blessings, that are to come about or to occur in your life at this time.

Know that your life will take a positive change on the social front. You will find that your circles’ are harmoniously balanced. Know that you will find peace in your surroundings. Be at peace with your life in every way. Be at peace with your pace, and the flow of the order of your life.

You an expect your financial aspects or money to flow with ease, and relatively. Know that right now is a very prosperous and abundant time for you. You can be assured that many blessings, in all ways and areas or forms will begin to flow easily and effectively in your life.

You will not have to concern yourself with issues, know that every issue and concern is only temporary. Do not be a victim of pain. You’re walking in alignment of purpose and the power of your authentic intentions. Know that your vibrations are high at this time, and you feel balanced in your life for a reason. Even if that reason may not be prevalent to you as of yet. Know that all is happening for a Divine specific purpose and intention.

You are strong for a reason, you go through things for a reason, you succeed for a reason, you fail at certain things for a reason, you end things for a reason, you begin things for a reason. Every reason has a season, it too, has come to pass.

Know that nothing is permanent, know that your blessings today, you will outgrow them and will move onto new ones. Know that you will be empowered and uplifted at this time. Know that you will feel encouragement from the universe and others, more importantly, turn every compliment you’d like to express towards yourself.

Begin to love who you are, who you TRULY are. Flaws and all. Accept the gifts that you have innate within you. Know that the old is old for a reason, and what’s new is new for a reason. Know that you are stepping into your greatness and you are encouraged to feel good about the work which you are doing in the world.

Make authentic desires or hopes and dreams at this time. Be rid of negative thinking and surrender your fears, if only for today. Just let them all be as they are.

It is now time for a new chapter in your life. And the universal energies, God, The Angels, Ascended masters, energies of heaven are all provided and there with you, to be of courage to you through these changes. Be assured you will prosper, you’ve had your past failures for a reason, every door closed (those that closed) for a reason. As well as the doors that are preparing to open for you, are opening for a reason.

3+4+1=8 Know that your spirit will feel at ease about many things at once, at this time. Know that blessings of many kinds and opportunities will be offered and received by you at once at this time in your life. Continue your kindness, generosity or whichever work you do in the world. Know that it is now of benefit to you and others. Know that you do things your own way, for a reason.

Also see the Number 8


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Angel-Confirmation Number 1137

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: You have the right to your own beliefs. Follow your own, and practice what brings peace to you, do not follow the crowd of religions or anything else for that matter. If that is what will work for you, you are free to do it. It is encouraged to seek paths of spiritual independence.  And honor your truth as you would all others.

Commend your progress and turn your compliments to yourself.  As that is to love yourself. Give to yourself so that you can be light to those who cannot give unto themselves.

Bare your light and shine in the inner wisdom within You. You are who you are for a reason. You are different from others for a very special reason. You have unique abilities for a reason. And you are powerful for a reason. Listen to innate abilities.
1137 Is a reminder that ascended masters,  those whom have walked before you (Buddha, Christ, The Angels, Serapis Bay, Angels and Loved ones Are surrounding you at this time.

Know that at this time, the perfect doorway or path has been unlocked from your own efforts for you to walk through. If you’ve been waiting upon something of a spiritual nature, know that the time has come and you are now entering this phase in your life. Had you been waiting for it to come along or open up to you.

However you choose to walk your life from now on, is how you will experience it. Including how you choose to adapt to your spiritual beliefs or  outdated beliefs and concerns. Know that from here on, it is up to you. If it is right for you at this specific time and space, this is how you will finish your course or life. Your angels will always lovingly guide you along the way, as per the opportunities you will listen and receive their guidance.

Know that nothing has to be perfect. But it is up to you to see this from now on. Nothing has to go right at all times, but it is up to you to understand this. You no longer have to take yourself and everything else too seriously, but it is up to you to apply that.

Know that you have full support at this time in your life and your blessings are forthcoming or arriving now into your life. It is up to each of us individually to release past circumstances. And, focus on what is yet to come and in front of us. Know that everything the angels speak to you about, doesn’t always have to be expressed. It is up to you what you are willing to share and keep for yourself.

Know that you are never bound or trapped in any situation or circumstance. Know that life will get better for you when the number 1137 repeats itself to you. It is a message of reassurance and confirmation and you are to let go and surrender all worries and concerns, know that everything God has in store for you is assured and inevitable. Know that you are in the care and watch of Divine.

Rest assured, your blessings will flow abundantly. It is up to you, how you will live out your life and carry out your earthly mission. Be expectant but not concerned of forthcoming blessings in any way, shape or form. Know that you are loved and all will be provided for beyond your means. Know that you are unique and you are special, for a very special purpose. It’s up to each of us, if we will face our pain, or question it.

1+1+3+7= 12 & 1+2=3 Your angels are guiding you on a new path in your life. As a new beginning has started and you and you can feel at ease or peace that it is for your highest and greatest good. Release all of yesterday’s sorrows and pains. You are able to communicate in a natural way to your angels, guides of any kind, and to the frequencies and vibrations around you, that support and uplift you for your highest and greatest good. Choose positive thinking, and know that when you have to face anything, it is of importance to know, that it too shall pass, and speak the truth about your situation to God alone. Know that, he is compassionate of you, as he is forgiving more than you can expect.

Choose your battles wisely, you do not have to defend yourself, endlessly. Speak your truth and do not conform.

See also the number 3


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A Channel from The Angels on Worries

Channeled through Quornesha S.

You must stop thinking so negative about forth coming changes. Your mind builds a magnet for those situations. Always lean toward the brighter side. Unless you are presented with such truths there is no need to think in that way. However being positive does not mean you ignore the pain. Surrender worries.

There are some situations beyond your control. And know that what you cannot change or brighten has a purpose. While this may make no visual sense. You have to stop giving so much power to negative thinking. It cannot choose you unless you agree to that kind of relationship. These thoughts do not belong to you. Let them go. Move on as you would to any negative situation.

When something does not serve you, while that is your choice it cannot be a good investment to continue such connection or ties if it wears and tares at the soul. Time to move on. Be happy. Choose to be happy and live in light.  You have a thought companion as much as relationship or business companion. It’s up to you when you will revoke the contract to those relationships whether in your thoughts or otherwise.

Our souls cannot evolve, always grieving, always grudging, at some point you have to get over it. At some point we must trade in the cards dealt to us if they no longer serve us. If you will say, declare or positively affirm that You wish to make a positive trade for something negative in your life in anyway.  We will support you.
Furthermore.  You are not obligated to keep anything you no longer feel is of use to you.
Forgive. As you are opened to it. A clean slate is in the making.

In love, light and great power.
Take responsibility for your well being. The Angels Channeled through

Quornesha S.

Psychic Medium (Natural Born)

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