Baby Deer [Fawn] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: 

The Fawn deer, appears in our lives as a message that you will find that the incessant worries you have today will not be as prevalent tomorrow. It is a message that there is something that has come to an end in your life. In regards to worries or struggles, in ones’ life.

You are managing your emotions and spiritual well being at this time of your life. You are learning to create a sacred space within, when the rest of the world seems noisy.

The Baby Deer is a representation of new financial beginnings and life outcomes. It is also representation of the results, beyond situations, crisis, and transformations. It is symbolic for silence and meditation. Also solace.

Your thought processes are maturing at this time and are elevating. A chapter has concluded and a new one is to take it’s place. Be consistent with the directions of your life and your life’s work.

It is up to you to believe in the birth of your own ideas, as only you know how they are going to work out for the long term or imminent future.

Do not allow others and their questioning of how long or how far you have to go now, to dictate the next action steps you’ll have to take. As only you can step forward and take up those actions, so do not allow others to dictate your directions. It’s up to you.

The fawn represents the sun in tarot, as it is a representation of creative energies and activating growth and empowerment. Do not give wrong for wrong or eye for an eye. If you give negatively of your own eye because another has taken his eye and thrown it at you, how can you see?

It is time to be mature about situations and walk away from some of the emotions you have held onto for quite some time. It is time to mature your dreams and ideals. The Fawn is a representation of grace, beauty, essence and illumination.

You are being requested to follow the wisdom within yourself and continue forward. It is time to discontinue the search of reassurance and also, to do well anyway, even when others interpret your actions. Only you define who you are, and you should never give that power to others.

No matter anyone’s opinion, no matter how expert they may be, it is time to follow and listen to your own mind and heart. And receive only the guidance you want to receive. You cannot grow and learn from your lessons if you are always seeking the answers to your path through others. You cannot see the entire world if you only see the a lens that others may have provided to you, claiming that it is much clearer.

It is time to step forward and into your own abilities. It is now time to graduate from something that is of no further use to you. Whether that is trading a fuel car into an eco car, or reassessing of your ideas and plans. It is not that we are better or greater than anyone. But you must declare that you are blessed and that you are loved. Put off the mentality that you’re here to serve only what is outside of you. Put off the mentality that your spiritual work has no value. It is time to free yourself, if you are ready, to live a life abundantly.

Release and surrender to the angels, animal guides, ascended masters and Divine with all love, the concerns about your life mission, as you are meant to live it abundantly and not in a way that you dictate how others will or shall support your causes, but rather, powerfully.

It is time to release thoughts that you are weird, creepy, ‘out there’ beyond. And begin to raise your vibrations of your own unique genius’-ness.  Be bold and wear it, without the need or concern for whom will like it or not like it. Do not worry of  whom supports your dreams and does not tomorrow. You are free to move on from these constraints and to uplift ourselves from the dis-ease of pleasing all others.  Shine your own light in the way, you know you feel great in doing so. It is now a viable time to break free what others think you think of yourself. As it no longer matters and dulls your illumination power.



Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 



12 thoughts on “Baby Deer [Fawn] Symbolic Meaning

  1. Thank you for writing about the Fawn and what they represent as one with the whole. That teaches to pay attention more than the top layer.

    –Fire Starter


  2. Thank you so much for your wisdom….you have confirmed my new level….

    There was a deer in my yard last night….and this morning 5 beautiful fawns were waiting for me as soon as i turned into the driveway at my job
    Leaving me no room to question…many blessings to you my sister😇


  3. Quornesha, could an adult deer also have the same symbolism? Everything you wrote about the fawn/baby deer is exactly what’s going on in my life to the T. But my encounter was with an adult deer.
    Are you available for a private readings?


  4. I was at a gathering this weekend and a journalist wanted to use my photo and quote, but I decided to hold my message for another forum. I was sitting in this glade of conifers talking to this person about my decision. We were near the gathering with vehicles and people noise, but a fawn walked up very close to us, and calmly strolled off. I was surprised because it was a remote area, not used to people. I felt that my decision was quietly and peacefully honored by this young animal’s presence. Reading on your site, I find the same kind of quiet confirmation. Thanks for sharing.


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