What’s the Moral of The Story?


Channeled and written by Psychic Medium Quornesha S. :

A child was born. It was a girl. She was so beautiful.  Everyone admired her. As the girl grew older she was taken from her mother.

Her mother got her back from the thief who’d taken her to admire her beauty.
This girl who’d one day become a woman held in her eyes great power.

But people she thought was supposed to love her. Had abandoned encouraging her difference. Her uniqueness. She was then deemed the opposite of who she truly was. She had lost all hope in her creator.

As she grew up in the family she was born into. Corruption followed. She dreamed of palm trees and skies as black as the souls she met along the way.

She knew and could see that where she was born into brought her only trouble. She didn’t have a plan yet.

Each year had passed the little girl wept. She wanted a way out. But in her mind she was caged.

After battling the demons in her mind and the people they used around her. They laughed at her. But as the girl grew into a woman. She laughed back. Life tested her will and strength.  She pulled through every time.

The towns people wondered how she had gotten through every battle. And by herself it seems.

No one around her decided to change. One day a voice spoke through her and said. There is nothing left for you in this life. Move on. It’s you.

26 years had passed and finally she got up and decided to speak to all around her. “I have given you all 26 years and a million times to show me you have changed. I was your test and YOU have failed me. It’s a little too late to show you care. It’s a little too late to show your tears”.

She then put a vision into the universe.  Set it out. She begin to envision her life again this time.  The sky was as black as the souls she grew to know. But this time. One by one lights begin to shine. They were stars. Billions of them. A light beamed directly toward her and the wind whispered. You are the one. A few months later. All clothed in black to support her ending and a new beginning she moved.

And at first she shed her tears. But then she awakened within her soul and decided. “This was it. My tears will only be shed for when they are most needed.  Tears don’t change people and definitely not situations”. A voice comforted, “Yes. Save them until they are needed”.

She smiled. And this was the greatest gift she had given herself.  Her hand to the sky both night and day. Grateful.  The chance was taken. She moved and the wind moved with her. She felt lucky. But someone from heaven was asking and granting on her behalf with every bold move she made. She’s living the life she wants now. Surrounded by everything that empowered her difference and all was well. People. Yes many. Came to her for answers. After hearing of her in the new town.

She lived humbly but her surroundings and bank statements were never the same. Her home was quaint but beautiful and alluring. But that’s why most loved her in the new town. They wanted to know. How can someone live so small and feel so fulfilled and she had answers. Lots of them. Her audience was many and grew globally. As well as her beauty and the evolution of her soul.

Later in life. When the time was right it was time go ‘home’. She had become acquainted with death so his visit was no surprise.  She packed a ‘suitcase’. But she knew she couldn’t carry it with her. People celebrated her. And only cried because they’d miss her smile and essence. It was the last time anyone had seen such power expressed as she had. She’d become a myth as decades had passed. But her legacy was one many could believe in.
People could swear they saw an aurora of light sweep her foot steps and the home she’d claimed in her lifetime.

What is the moral of the story?

In Power, Peace + Priorities, 

Quornesha S.

Natural Born Psychic Medium 

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©



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