Angel Oak Tree Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Because Quornesha’s Background is so extensive in Energetic and Practical magic, this is why she is considered as ‘PowerfulMystic8’ Moving right along…the Angel Oak Tree is symbolic of a path, a door way, an entrance….A Beginning and ending…An illusion of time and space.

The Angel oak tree represents healing of many forms to all that seek it for whatever reason that may be required along one’s ‘journey’. You are to request healing at this time as the vibration of your spirit guides are potent and generous. Be receptive to all paths, or healing modalities and allow your fears to subside.

You are in this world for a reason. Even though at times, you would rather question your existence…your presence has a purpose. Do not become so emotional, physically, spiritually, mentally or otherwise too available to negative people, situations, places or things. ‘Stay busy, or occupied’ and allow everything to heal itself. Know that everything that does not heal or mend, wasn’t meant for your good to begin with.

It doesn’t matter what people say. Whether it’s truth or lie, gossip or meaningful conversation…what rings true is what is known with spirit/Divine/Universe/Gaia/Mother Earth…etc. Life itself will hand you your own personal tests, storms and trials, but never more than you are capable of understanding.

Regardless, it is a time to release toxic situations, people or even images within yourself about yourself or things and situations from others about yourself. It is time to grant every anxious feeling, or thought or process to the Angel Oak tree for healing. Whatever blockage you may be feeling has been healed as you are presented with the Angel Oak Tree…You are asked to surrender and step aside.

If negativity is coming from within you or any situation or place/timeline in your life at this specific moment, know that it will be deeply healed. It is imperative to use self-encouragement. The Spirits, Gods, Deities, Elementals have noticed your increased levels of stress, anxiety and frustrations and are now boldly cutting away these energies that are hoarding up valuable time and space in your life. You are to get going in your skills and show the world what you are made of. It isn’t up to others what keeps you happy, that is Up to YOU!

There are memories of past hurts that will begin to heal at this time. There are past occurrences in this lifetime that will now pardon and begin the healing process. You cannot change the situations you have been through, but you are allowed right now, to rewrite the outcome of how things have been effecting you as a result of the pain.

It is time to get rid of the emotions you have tied to the memories or pain you have experienced. Although you may never forget or may not want to…you have to let go now of all that you have experienced that has been negative and look forward to better experiences. It is up to you…YOU KNOW for sure, the people you need to detach from and move forward or onward. It is now time to begin something different as these painful past experiences have held you up for quite some time.

Not to fear though, you will always hold onto the lessons learned that have shaped you along the way. Allow the pain to subside. It’s time for these situations to ‘bow down’ so to speak. As these constraints become powerless, you will regain your strength, connect with nature as nature has many answers for any questions you may have. If you cannot interpret them on your own, allow an experienced person to assist you along the way!

Right now is the opportune time to express your needs and desires. There’s nothing wrong with you for needing anything. You are human and you are allowed to make special requests from the universe. You have your own pursuit of happiness deep within you…Seek it, as opposed to seeking clarity as to whether you will be happy with a situation or not.

The message from the Angel Oak Tree: Surrender any concerns and cares to us. You are a sacred one and Divine loves you. Express yourself freely and openly at this time.

Many Blessings & Ase,

~Quornesha S. Lemon


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The Law of Reflection: Caution of Your Energy + Vibrations

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When we are convinced with our whole hearts, we are sending vibrations, (However negative or positive out to the other person or situation/circumstance.

Which describes the reason and sensitivity of sensitive beings or empaths (those with heightened sensitivity).

But keep in mind that what we send out vibration-wise, is what we will receive in turn. It’s not just biblical, (dig one ditch, dig two).

The Law Of reflection, Whatever you see about others, you see about yourself. Whatever you require-desire-need-or despair others to do, you have the ability to do yourself.

If we are fearful of the world, the world will be fearful or intimidated of us. If we see the positive in others, more than likely, the negatives we have prior, foreseen will be absolved also and will be reflected back to us.

If we look at others as though they need to attain any status, or acclaim, before we receive them unto ourselves, then that will be required of us also.

How you treat others is not only a message to consolidate good manners in others, but it is also in alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe.

If you declare out into the universe, the universe can only copy what you think about yourself, and reveal it towards the world, inwardly and outside of you. This is so because, we have made up our minds, rather than procrastinating about whether we deserve it or not. When you know you deserve it the Universe, or HIgher power, believes this about you also.

We are allowed the gift of being received first and the opportunity to show others what we believe we can do. But more importantly, we must become what we believe.

Always participate in beliefs you believe will serve your soul. With this truth, this advocates that, we cannot only get into an idea for any reason in particular only that we are truly interested and ready to discover where the path may lead us.

When you design an intention for the universe to pick up on and serve up to you. Whereas, have it perfectly aligned in your mind how it is all going to work out, you are giving authority to yourself, thereby taking action on behalf of the Universe or Divine. When in all, we are only meant to ask and receive. When you are doing all the work, you are telling the Universe, Or Divine or the Christ Mind, that you have no further use of it’s abundant resources.

When you surrender your dreams and the end goal to a higher power, you are allowing a relationship to happen on your behalf. Thereby, empowering you to accomplish your grandest dreams.

Whatever you declare and affirm on your behalf, you must take it to the highest power, therefore you are giving your trust and giving it over to the source that promises that it will provide all you need, and work things out for your highest good, even if it isn’t all that you want. As opposed to sharing your dreams and ordeals with someone else, who may not see the bigger picture. Not that we are greater, but our beliefs reflect where we are or where we stand in our spiritual evolution.

Therefore you cannot present higher knowledge to someone whose mind, still lingers in their absent reality. When you are higher consciousness, or in vibration of your higher self. You must pray, speak or share your Dreams with Divine, or The Christ Mind alone and they will work out the details for you, and  bring into your life the right people, places, opportunities and materials or abundance to help you serve your mission in a graceful manner.

You must use discernment and serenity. Accept what you cannot change (others) and you must use discernment for whom you tell your dreams and ordeals to.

~The Law Of Reflection by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 


What’s the Moral of The Story?


Channeled and written by Psychic Medium Quornesha S. :

A child was born. It was a girl. She was so beautiful.  Everyone admired her. As the girl grew older she was taken from her mother.

Her mother got her back from the thief who’d taken her to admire her beauty.
This girl who’d one day become a woman held in her eyes great power.

But people she thought was supposed to love her. Had abandoned encouraging her difference. Her uniqueness. She was then deemed the opposite of who she truly was. She had lost all hope in her creator.

As she grew up in the family she was born into. Corruption followed. She dreamed of palm trees and skies as black as the souls she met along the way.

She knew and could see that where she was born into brought her only trouble. She didn’t have a plan yet.

Each year had passed the little girl wept. She wanted a way out. But in her mind she was caged.

After battling the demons in her mind and the people they used around her. They laughed at her. But as the girl grew into a woman. She laughed back. Life tested her will and strength.  She pulled through every time.

The towns people wondered how she had gotten through every battle. And by herself it seems.

No one around her decided to change. One day a voice spoke through her and said. There is nothing left for you in this life. Move on. It’s you.

26 years had passed and finally she got up and decided to speak to all around her. “I have given you all 26 years and a million times to show me you have changed. I was your test and YOU have failed me. It’s a little too late to show you care. It’s a little too late to show your tears”.

She then put a vision into the universe.  Set it out. She begin to envision her life again this time.  The sky was as black as the souls she grew to know. But this time. One by one lights begin to shine. They were stars. Billions of them. A light beamed directly toward her and the wind whispered. You are the one. A few months later. All clothed in black to support her ending and a new beginning she moved.

And at first she shed her tears. But then she awakened within her soul and decided. “This was it. My tears will only be shed for when they are most needed.  Tears don’t change people and definitely not situations”. A voice comforted, “Yes. Save them until they are needed”.

She smiled. And this was the greatest gift she had given herself.  Her hand to the sky both night and day. Grateful.  The chance was taken. She moved and the wind moved with her. She felt lucky. But someone from heaven was asking and granting on her behalf with every bold move she made. She’s living the life she wants now. Surrounded by everything that empowered her difference and all was well. People. Yes many. Came to her for answers. After hearing of her in the new town.

She lived humbly but her surroundings and bank statements were never the same. Her home was quaint but beautiful and alluring. But that’s why most loved her in the new town. They wanted to know. How can someone live so small and feel so fulfilled and she had answers. Lots of them. Her audience was many and grew globally. As well as her beauty and the evolution of her soul.

Later in life. When the time was right it was time go ‘home’. She had become acquainted with death so his visit was no surprise.  She packed a ‘suitcase’. But she knew she couldn’t carry it with her. People celebrated her. And only cried because they’d miss her smile and essence. It was the last time anyone had seen such power expressed as she had. She’d become a myth as decades had passed. But her legacy was one many could believe in.
People could swear they saw an aurora of light sweep her foot steps and the home she’d claimed in her lifetime.

What is the moral of the story?

In Power, Peace + Priorities, 

Quornesha S.

Natural Born Psychic Medium 

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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Itches + Twitches Superstitions

Channeled by Quornesha S. Twitching right eye: Thoughts and actions are out of place. Actions also leading you to your purpose. Good and Bad news, depending on your direction of thoughts and activities.

Right eye brow. Some changes occurring for highest and greatest good, clarity with hindsight. Increase and acknowledgement.

Right top Eye Lid: Someone thinking of  you in a positive light or way. Someone seeing the good that you do.

Lower right eye lid: Take caution and do not sign anything without inward assurance in matters.

Corner of right eye. Also represents someone threatened by you. Also, you are resonating with your soul mission.

Left Eye: Good Fortune in all ways.

Left top eye-lid: Unexpected good news.

Corner of Left eye: Opportunities, coming forward.

Left lower eye-lid: Expecting good news and receiving expected good news./Expected conclusions.

Left Eyebrow: Time to look more into opportunities to be certain that they are reputable and fair. Can also mean luck, depending on the timing. But you must look a little closer to see what is hidden to be certain.

Itching feet: Travel + movement(s). The right foot means a long distance (far) and the left is symbolic for a short trip. Quite often by the seaside, oceans, lakes, so it could be symbolic of a vacation or weekend road trip.

Third eye; Throbbing, irritation, Soul transitions, empowerment of your abilities through your own efforts and through awakenings.

Right hand itching; Money out going.

Center of right hand is symbolic for efforts out going.

Left hand: Money incoming.

Center Left: Efforts and recognition.

Edge of left hand: Some fortune and favor.

Tingling in spine, Listen to your instincts.

Twitching eye lashes; Look closer with friends, allies, etc.

Happy feelings in heart and smiling without visible reason or known reason: Good news and opportunities

Ringing Ears: Time to listen to your intuition about something or a question you may have.  Also symbolizes messages from guides, animal guides, and nature and even our inner and higher self. Clairaudient abilities.

Know that faith is not looking for proven results each time, faith is leaping, and often, without knowing entirely where you are going. 

Channeled through Quornesha S. + Martin Luther King JR ©

It’s now time to consider doing something good on behalf of your existence. Luck exists, it is when we ride entirely upon the existence of luck that it will fail us.

Psychic note: These instances can also be telling you to believe a little more in ‘the impossible’ whatever you think, believe and know you can do, you will. If you will do it also, it will become possible. Through faith and active measures.

Prophecy/Claircognizance: Prayer, affirmations, decrees, are all tools. But if you do not use ‘equipment’ aligned for it, it will not be possible. You cannot put a nail into concrete. Persisting to do so, makes it lose it’s stability. Always put in work, wherever you have planted.

There is as much good as there is bad, but the truth of the matter, is that, If you plant an apple tree, it has the potential to rot, or potential to blossom, whatever our efforts are or the lack thereof. You must keep the faith and continue working, even in the midst of hate, discrimination, or lack of belief in what you can do.

Prophecy: These are all signs that a victory is near. But you must keep moving forward. Nothing hidden in the silence of the dark, that doesn’t bring it’s way into the light, sooner or later. But always in good timing. No corn, carrot or tree will ever give birth before it’s time and still flourish, so keep the faith in your enduring.

While there are the few who do, that is their unique story. As much as this one is yours. Not every tree who does sprout before it’s time, survives. Your story is not in your weakness it is within your strength.

x  Quornesha S. + Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Quornesha S., 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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Hot Air Balloon Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Hot air balloons are messages of ascension in spiritual form and what is needed at this point. Be open to the changes now happening to you, move forward as you are guided. Opportunities are now coming forward for you to climb aboard. Dreams will begin to flourish and you are ‘asked’ to consider the expansions that are being offered to you.

Do not fear the changes taking place, as these are for your highest good at this time. If you find that any frequency presents itself to you in a way that pulls at your energy rise above it.

You have done some vital karmic work so make sure that you understand that the changes that present right now, you have earned them. Everything will begin to come together in all the right ways. You will seem to be in the right place at the right time. You are asked to not descend from your current changes. As with any new shoes, your ‘feet’ must get used to them.

Reward yourself for the hard work you have done.

Make a list of the things you want in your life (in small ways) make it reasonable and watch your manifesting ability awaken through intention. (this is only the beginning).

Prophecy: You’ll begin to do things with higher clarity. From new perspectives, you’re in position, you’ve cleared the way so that you can lead as you were meant to lead.

Intuitive Conclusion(s): Finding your purpose consist of the willingness to being open to what your calling is. If you feel you already know what that may be it may be time to narrow down with intention what it is specifically meant to do in the world.

It is now time to focus only on the positives as this will empower you to go much further in what you are pursuing in the present. Regardless of any opinion, whether from within yourself or about yourself, this is your journey to take. It’s up to you how you’re going to take on the lessons.

Hot air balloons are symbolic that you have finally reached the end or completion of something in your life, mind, body and spirit. This ending will be a very happy one. (The end is near) and That’s in a very positive light. You’re soaring, like only you can.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Angel Number 50/Confirmation Number 50

Inner Knowledge + Wisdom: The Number 50 Is symbolic for having high sensory perception of all situations. All knowing and high intellect or inner knowing. The angels are confirming that what you sense is true and that you have an ability that is very rare. You are able to pick up on the slightest of frequencies and this is so for a very important spiritual and ‘soul reasons’.

You are here to help many, you’re equipped with the wisdom, abilities, gifts and talents to take on your assignments to fulfill your mission. Accept the blessings that may be entering into your life. Gratitude not only brings more of it to you, it also allows room for you to do more in the world without treading or restraint.

Prophecy: It may be time to leave behind some situations. As the road ahead requires that you be ‘clear’ upon where it is going to take you. You may find that many put their trust in you wherever you go, confiding in you with the truth without your need to dig for it. Don’t judge, and allow yourself to provide to those less fortunate than you.

There is an end in sight and you’re facing it courageously. You may find now that you attract the perfect opportunities to do your will or cause while you are here. The number 50 is also a symbolic message that you will leave this world, ’empty’. With all of you for the world to continue on with. Whatever you’re doing right now, stay in this vibration as this is your legacy.

Intuitive Conclusions: Take notice of your birth dates’ numbers and assess the meaning through intuition. If you look closer enough you will calculate that all is happening as it was set to occur. There is a Divine light within you that is surfacing and meeting the sunrise. As this one situation ends, another is prepared to appear before you.

You are evolving and going through the revolving doors as you should. Metaphorically, when a revolving door spins and you’re a passenger in one of it’s capsules, no one else can enter unless you exit. Think of this human journey as your capsule. You’re moving in the right directions now. All that is needed to continue along this way, will come about in unexpected ways now.

You deserve some commendation for your endurance. Congratulations.

You’re over it now. Even if you don’t know how, it is complete!

The Repeating Number 50 Is also in resonance to Star Seeds and therefore a message and reminder of the reason why you are here.


Quornesha S. 

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The White Leopard Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience + Clairsentience + Claircognizance + Clairvoyance: The white leopard asks for patience, for you to take a state of calmness + not ferociousness or act of boldness. To which case,any desire to move out of state, country or anything else. May have to wait at this time.

It also asks us to tame the lion + any transmutation or transformation will be more calm in nature, rather than wild + outside your norms.

The White Leopard’s message is to ask us to direct our wording. For as we prophesy our sayings into the universe, they shall come about.

You know that you can always let go of anyone or anything along the way, should you feel that later they do not match whatever it may be that you seek. Your ideas of what anything is, is different from absolution. As absolution itself cannot be truth, for it is only an idea of what something is possibly “certain to be”.

It’d be our own shame to not fully absorb our experiences in life.

The Loaded Question: Who gets to decide what’s shameful, beautiful, hideous, or dark about ourselves? Only we do. Who gets to decide how we will be interpreted? We do, as previously mentioned, absolution, is only an idea. No one is truly definite that they are who they say they are, because we are always changing,

IW Cont’d: [Internal Wisdom]: There is no need to make excuses, for yourself or anyone else for the reason they are the way they are. You have the power to change it, your decisions are the one’s that are not set in stone. It’s your own choice if you wish to wait for a prophetic word to take the first step.

If you were to have a plan, you’ll know that you must begin your own course. Lead the way.

If you’re hating anyone or anything for what it is, dislike of anyone’s success, you know that you, yourself are inexperienced with success itself.

Channeled Message/Prophecy: The White Leopard tells us, that none of the rage about whose doing what, actually matters. It’s what you do, when your priorities are aligned to understand why or what anyone else is doing. It’s quite noble to sacrifice your own beliefs, style, and spirituality in order to fuel someone else’. But isn’t this your life you’re living? Whose vessel are you residing in.

Intuitive Conclusion: These next decisions are up to you. The White Leopard can only suggest that you heed this advice or continue to do as you were doing. It is wise to make a change and evolve, but then again, it is your own choice to make. This message is the same, whether it is seen in dreams, waking life, paintings, visions, psychic flashes, readings of any kind, etc.

We are equally more than welcomed to take a back seat, yet why? when the Front row is readily available to us.

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Quornesha Anauel Virgo

The Supernatural Healer

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Black Widow Symbolic Meaning

Internal Wisdom: Claircognizance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience + Clairvoyance: The black widow is symbolic for illness or poison that can last very briefly yet however has a long term effect. That makes one instantly feel as though one is passing from life unto death.

Take cautious steps in regard to your health, eating habits or consuming food or beverages from those you do not know very well. Take caution in trusting even those you know or think you know. Right now will not be the time to let down your guard in order to be more sociable or explore (in the sense of dining, drinking or change of any kind in what you prefer eating).

Follow the instructions of your instincts or intuition.

Take caution in poisons around the home that may or may not be exposed or in plain sight of children.

Consider your weaknesses, keep an open eye out for harm in this manner. Especially in this time, to which the immune system is quite vulnerable.

Take caution in any relations as well. You do not need to become more concerned with hindsight, rather with fore-thought and knowledge. Partners in question can be quite fleeting, quick and emotionless, especially if no relationship has been prior formed, before now.

As you can obviously see, the Black Widow, speaks volumes of dangers and illnesses to do with one’s immune and physical self. If you are guided to not take on a certain habit(IE; Smoking, drinking, binge eating, multi partners,  etc) when you are being presented with the presence of the Black Widow, it is best to follow that guidance.

Even if you think nothing may be wrong it is best to check + take cautious steps to avoid such processes of stress, loss + turmoil. The black widow can also be symbolic of some mental + emotional pain one should experience.

The black widow comes as forewarning for some danger that is imminent yet is certain that will occur. If one should experience such, healing of some kind will be required thereafter.

Intuitive Conclusion: However, if none of the above, there will be some truths one will be unable to stomach once discovered about a close friend or relative. It’s time to understand that as a being having a human experience. One will experience things such as..betrayal, false criticism, hate or even envy. But there are bright sides to the experience, you’ll just have to stay grounded once they are found.

You need to look further into your signs at this time + make sure it’s specific, is it yes, no or maybe so. It can only be one of them.

While spiders are symbolic for a partner in question already spoken for, the Widow announces danger!

However if you are going into business, check your thoughts + intentions, the Black Widow is on the Same frequency as 666!


Quornesha S.

The Supernatural Healer

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The Symbolic Meaning of The White Butterfly

Inner wisdom: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: White is the color that is symbolic for purity, when any form of healing has been successfully performed the color white appears or becomes of great significance. However, when you have fulfilled a purpose or calling this color also crosses your path as confirmation, it is finished.

If you have not done any healing of any sort, consider some for yourself + research ways you yourself, can heal all others. Love heals all. Find what you’re passionate about + make a difference in that area. Your affirmations may be quite potent or prayers literally heard + answered in nano seconds.

This may be due to some sort of periodical change in the atmosphere that is being felt around the world. When you know yourself, then, you’re capable of leadership. The light within must always burn bright enough so that it can have the spiritual resources to distribute on the outside.

Take caution in taking a stand in battles you yourself do not have the victory for. Budget what you disperse from your spirit. Very Often, once depleted, it could be difficult to regain the trust of your mind. Thereby procrastination is born, meaning, you have misused your own will.

It is important to value yourself at first glance, the only vital first impression is, your own reflection when day breaks.

Intuitive Question: What is it that you’re waiting upon to change, in order to make your move? Unlike chess or Checkers it is your move that is most imperative before all others. You must be a leader. Stand in who you are. Not in what you think you should become. At this time be wise to refuse unwise decisions. Develop a sense of harmony + balance.

Prophecy: It is you who decides how you’re going to fly tomorrow, by the fuel you use today. Be smart about your perspectives, use your wisdom + intellect to show you the way + avoid unnecessary dangers. After all the only dangers you need to face are your own. The mountains you need to climb. Etc.

Angelic Channeling: After a while of seeking the light at the end of the tunnel you realize, YOU are that light! There isn’t any outward hero to sweep you from your life + into a new one. You evolve + develop, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Do something amazing, do it greatly!

Intuitive Conclusion:Also known as Clairsentience, Clairvoyance + Claircognizance, Clairdient,  If you take yourself higher every time you feel like there is nothing else you can do, you’ll realize that you haven’t yet done all you could do. Not yet, not at all. When you do, you trust + you allow. In the end, you’ll see that it was something more than surrender, it is your willingness that you will move beyond every measure + get something else done in the meantime.

Butterflies in general are symbolic of a change that is occurring. Take note of their landing + the direction they are flying, this color in particular is about blessings from heaven.Follow along in the movement + it’s current chapter!  26 Days of Invoking Heavens Blessings!


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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Symbolic Meaning of Rain

Inner wisdom: Clairvoyance + Claircognizance + Clairvoyance + Clairsentience: To see rain in dreams, psychic flashes, waking life, photographs or paintings is symbolic that a journey has completed. That it has ran it’s due course. When you experience the rain after losing a loved one, it is symbolic that this may be a grieving period in your life that may last quite a while. However long you decide to hold onto the loss is up to you. You must receive a new path now, sadly one without your loved one(s).

Overall it isn’t totally a loss. As seeing rain of any sort is significance that the person in question lived every area of his or her life as they should have. You may miss this person but they also miss being physically present with you in the earthly realms, in your day to day life.

However, Rain is the perfect refreshing sign that you will be moving on soon. We may make our plans, but fate has the ultimate power in choosing the direction into which the path will go. Often Fate, will have us to take shelter, in unlikely places. Pay close attention to the signs around you during the rain. This is the next step you are being lead, toward.

In a sense there will be no choice to make, except for what is yet to come. IT IS SET to come about. Many of these changes has much to do with your blueprint, contract, or soul’s higher calling. It’s going to go where the spirit realm beckons it to perform.

Changes will be very sudden + refreshing. Once accomplished. These changes have been calling you by name for some time now. It isn’t that you were not listening, it is that your soul has prepared you for this very moment. You’re here. Wherever you are right now, you have completed this chapter. Fate will not allow you to come so far to look back or turn around.

Angelic Channeling: Also known as Clairsentience + Intuitive Abilities: You will find yourself allured to these changes, embracing them, instead of resistance. All that you require will become available. As though the Universe is in total synchronicity with your being, entirely. In this next life you are about to experience. Get excited, as you may be, already.

Intuitive Conclusion:Also known as Claircognizance| Something or someone has altered your course for the better. More than likely, you’ll find that person by looking within. YOU made these choices. Now, be aware of where it leads you. You awaited long enough for this moment. It does not come with less challenges or any less of blessings, but you already know it will not be easy. Enjoy new life.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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