Juggler Symbolic Meaning

Juggler Symbolic Meaning channeled by Quornesha S., Psychic Medium (Natural Born). Many things appearing to happen at once. Do not miss the bigger picture.  Mistaking something for what it’s not. Do not speak all at once nor reveal your answers. Keep a competitive edge and don’t be fooled or deluded, that in order for someone to ‘make it’  or feel good around you, you have to change yourself.

Forethought/Prophecy: Look beyond what is being presented.  This may be forethought as to how to approach certain  situations.
While someone may be ‘investing’ all of their hard earned business earnings into some sort of charity or dream for the world. Remember, the move would not be made had they not have savings, or money in another, personal account. In which case you should take caution in feeling ‘inspired’ to do the same. You are missing the bigger picture. And all answers are not being revealed. Only half of the story is being told.  In many cases. This could be associated with publicity stunts.

It’s not what it seems: While others may seem brave, generous, you have your own steps to take. It is not a Time to make sacrifices.  So if what you have planned seems to ‘be in the way’ of what someone else is doing. Stick to what you have planned as it may be out of jealousy toward you.

Look Closely: In which case. You may assume that someone is betting ‘their all’ or that someone may be you. Know that there is a Divine will at work. If YOU are taking steps that lead you to your purpose.  You will be surprised soon. There is an old saying, of course, I edited  ‘When you are down to nothing a higher power is up To something.’  This is true.  While this may look like your only option it is not the last straw or final outcome. There are pieces that complete the bigger picture. You’ll come into why that is so wait and see. It is often something you least expect.  Continue taking action positively. The universe is now working on your behalf to meet you the other half.

Decoding the illusion: Sure you see a juggler throwing balls or whichever into the air catching and flipping as if by magic. But rest assured. Gravity and wind is on his or her side. Just like the wind. Just like gravity. Someone or something is on your side from the spirit world. Cheering and applauding you on.

Your Bold Move: This is a bold move you are making. Like any good investment.  It has a return and a reward. Your faith will be rewarded.  Congratulations.
Power Thought/Quote: Intuitive Conclusions: Furthermore.
‘Follow your own steps. No one can live or die on your behalf.’- Quornesha S.


In Power, Peace + Priorities,  
Quornesha S.

Natural Born Psychic Medium 

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©

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