Itches + Twitches Superstitions

Channeled by Quornesha S. Twitching right eye: Thoughts and actions are out of place. Actions also leading you to your purpose. Good and Bad news, depending on your direction of thoughts and activities.

Right eye brow. Some changes occurring for highest and greatest good, clarity with hindsight. Increase and acknowledgement.

Right top Eye Lid: Someone thinking of  you in a positive light or way. Someone seeing the good that you do.

Lower right eye lid: Take caution and do not sign anything without inward assurance in matters.

Corner of right eye. Also represents someone threatened by you. Also, you are resonating with your soul mission.

Left Eye: Good Fortune in all ways.

Left top eye-lid: Unexpected good news.

Corner of Left eye: Opportunities, coming forward.

Left lower eye-lid: Expecting good news and receiving expected good news./Expected conclusions.

Left Eyebrow: Time to look more into opportunities to be certain that they are reputable and fair. Can also mean luck, depending on the timing. But you must look a little closer to see what is hidden to be certain.

Itching feet: Travel + movement(s). The right foot means a long distance (far) and the left is symbolic for a short trip. Quite often by the seaside, oceans, lakes, so it could be symbolic of a vacation or weekend road trip.

Third eye; Throbbing, irritation, Soul transitions, empowerment of your abilities through your own efforts and through awakenings.

Right hand itching; Money out going.

Center of right hand is symbolic for efforts out going.

Left hand: Money incoming.

Center Left: Efforts and recognition.

Edge of left hand: Some fortune and favor.

Tingling in spine, Listen to your instincts.

Twitching eye lashes; Look closer with friends, allies, etc.

Happy feelings in heart and smiling without visible reason or known reason: Good news and opportunities

Ringing Ears: Time to listen to your intuition about something or a question you may have.  Also symbolizes messages from guides, animal guides, and nature and even our inner and higher self. Clairaudient abilities.

Know that faith is not looking for proven results each time, faith is leaping, and often, without knowing entirely where you are going. 

Channeled through Quornesha S. + Martin Luther King JR ©

It’s now time to consider doing something good on behalf of your existence. Luck exists, it is when we ride entirely upon the existence of luck that it will fail us.

Psychic note: These instances can also be telling you to believe a little more in ‘the impossible’ whatever you think, believe and know you can do, you will. If you will do it also, it will become possible. Through faith and active measures.

Prophecy/Claircognizance: Prayer, affirmations, decrees, are all tools. But if you do not use ‘equipment’ aligned for it, it will not be possible. You cannot put a nail into concrete. Persisting to do so, makes it lose it’s stability. Always put in work, wherever you have planted.

There is as much good as there is bad, but the truth of the matter, is that, If you plant an apple tree, it has the potential to rot, or potential to blossom, whatever our efforts are or the lack thereof. You must keep the faith and continue working, even in the midst of hate, discrimination, or lack of belief in what you can do.

Prophecy: These are all signs that a victory is near. But you must keep moving forward. Nothing hidden in the silence of the dark, that doesn’t bring it’s way into the light, sooner or later. But always in good timing. No corn, carrot or tree will ever give birth before it’s time and still flourish, so keep the faith in your enduring.

While there are the few who do, that is their unique story. As much as this one is yours. Not every tree who does sprout before it’s time, survives. Your story is not in your weakness it is within your strength.

x  Quornesha S. + Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Quornesha S., 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect








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