The Letter W Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: When seeing the Letter ‘W’ In your waking life, Paintings, synchronicity, Dreams,visions, psychic flashes, etc….’W’ Is  Generously symbolic for Wealth, Well Being, Wellness, With. Windfall, When, where, why, want, Wisdom, wakening, wicker, Wizard, witch, white, win, withdraw, window, wholeness, wife, wish, willpower.

Seeing the  Letter ‘W’ is symbolic that wealth is flowing into one’s life right now. You have taken the necessary actions to arrive at this point and time. You’ve made your paradigm shift. You are now seeing things lift and get better all together. You are within an exceptional period of your lifetime. Stability is now beginning to seem more clearer to grasp and hold onto.

Relationships are starting to get better when the Letter W appears in your life. You’re discovering your reason for being here. You’re beginning to acknowledge the reason you’re in your present position. Things are beginning to clarify before your eyes.You are seeing things manifest rapidly at this time for your highest and greatest good.

Prophecy: Every blessing that enters your life, thank it for being present. Thank those that give to you for your highest and greatest good. Everything is peeling that isn’t for your highest good and that which is you’re learning to be grateful for.

Everything will begin to supply, as though, by itself. Know that these are the miracles, which you have asked for. You have learned how to see yourself as you truly are. As  A Divine Being. You’re acknowledging that nothing is limited, we have not, we ask of it, and it is received.

Intuitive Conclusions: You’re receptive in every way to that which is entering your life for your highest and greatest good. Know that if things aren’t yet happening in this direction, it is now time to assert, position and receive these blessings. These upgrades have been a long time coming. Your patience has not been overlooked. You are in the right space and time to receive.

While the letter ‘W’ is a very positive sign, it comes with it’s own challenges, but if you’re ready for the blessings, it’s assured that you’ll overcome the challenges that come with blessings. You’re beginning to learn of your origins and what you truly deserve. Congratulations, on arriving to this point in your life.

With Love, Light + Fire,

Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + With all due respect.

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‘The Best Is Yet To come!’


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