Decoding The Term: Be Careful What You Wish for!

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: The Term can have several symbolic messages. In a sense it applies to both literal and figuratively.

Elaboration/Decoded Truth: Wishing for rain, could mean that it literally rains in an area you are connected to whether subconsciously or otherwise. In your own world, this could manifest as something going wrong in various ways.

Decode: It can also mean that one’s manifesting abilities are now activated, and you should take care in what you intend out into the world. Whether you are manifesting through reading, writing or affirming. Watch/choose your words very carefully!

Being careful what you wish for’ could also symbolize that you need to consider karma when taking action upon someone else’ behalf. As everything boomerangs 7 fold! Whatever you sow, you will reap!

To release negative wishes or desires that no longer serve you, surrender them!

By taking caution what you wish for you are putting in the care and time necessary for a positive and uplifting spiritual outfit.

Remember everything happens for a reason and all that presents in our lives is a prophecy for you to interpret! Watch your dreams and thoughts. Most importantly, careful what you wish for!

Be careful what you wish for is a reminder, that caution is needed. As whatever you ask for will be given to you. Just because you desire it, does not mean that it will serve you. For example, wanting what others have, or wanting only half of what others have to be successful. Seek your own success and these successes will be identifiable to you. Do not wish for what belongs to others.

If you truly have set goals before you, be sure that they match what is ideally for you. Do everything with intention. What you manifest must be meaningful to reduce any disappointments that may be possible.

Do not wish your life away to get rid of problems. Instead declare and decree, that situations leave your life to be replaced with new ones, if they do not serve you. Do not wish that others were better. Instead ask that you see things in a positive aspect, such as; Being accepting of who they are, and respectfully minding your own business, unless you are asked for your opinion or perspective.

Being careful what you wish for, can also consist of taking active steps. Being certain that You truly want whatever you are working for. If you work for goals that do not really resonate with you, or your spiritual beliefs, the steps become meaningless. Do not be defined by others, always define yourself, according to what you truly want. Do not allow anyone to wish upon your life. Be careful who you take advice from and do not apply it to your life in a gullible manner.

You are to be sure that what you receive totally resonates with you. It is imperative that you not procrastinate in doing what you want to do. Do not feel intimidated by the impatience of others. Even if they mean well. You are the captain of your life. Do not allow anyone to tell you how to go about your life lessons. You are to be receptive to wisdom and listen and when asked, you are to teach.

If you do not want something, firmly stand in your power and do not give power or presence to it in your life.

Through the law of request, we are able to attract or expel what no longer serves us. We are also able to decline what we feel will not take us higher. Be involved with what uplifts you, and become less involved with intentions that bring you down. Do not allow fears to make wishes on your behalf. Lead your fears and be the captain of your own mind. Know that every thought you think isn’t always ‘correct’. As thoughts are particles of energies and vibrations, which are not always positive. Allow your heart and soul to commune with you more, as the mind often accumulates energy from what is reality. Which explains the constant need to do spiritual and meaningful work to balance our emotions, heal and forgive. Etc.

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