Musk Ox (Ovibos Moschatus] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: The Meaning of the OX, Is that Stability and Wealth will enter your life at this time for long-term providence. As well as relationships. You can rest assured that your prayers have been heard and answered to for your highest good when you see the Musk OX in your waking life, synchronicity, dreams, paintings, tattoo, etc.

You have taken the vital steps that will lead to the presence of success that is due to flow into your life.

You are shielded and protected. So have no fear whether you will miss out on your opportunities. Trust that these opportunities have also chosen you, from your relationships to your financial well being. Know that as you were knocking on doors, they were being prepared for your arrival.

It has taken some time for you to be here on this journey, you have persisted, you did not give up, which is why you are being rewarded with these ‘fruits’.

Prophecy: You will  be taking a move very soon, you know, as though you don’t know how you know it, that you will take this move. This move will serve as your new starting point so that things will move more effortlessly in your life and that of your goals and dreams.

You are on board. It is time to go forward now.

You may have been in the same scene twice or more for repeated amounts of time, but the season is changing and there is a new story that fate is waiting for you to tell through experience.

You have learned what you needed to, with what will soon be your past.

Intuitive Conclusion: The contentment that you feel, is right in time. As this is your passport for the ‘new world’ you will soon enter. You knew you were letting go for a reason, and now, here’s your confirmation of it. Once you leave, the energy in your life, in particular, will be different. Mission complete. When you finally part ways with what will soon be your past, do so peacefully. Namaste, Blessed Be, It is done, Etc.

xoxo Quornesha S. 

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2 thoughts on “Musk Ox (Ovibos Moschatus] Symbolic Meaning

  1. Good morning Quornesha! The Angels sent me the word ox, (in black, lower case letters) through my dreams last night. I did not see a Musk ox, per se, only the letters/word. Does your explanation of the Musk ox resonate with the same meaning of only the letters /? Many thanks, Michele

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    1. Hi Michelle, Generally yes. But each ox has specific meaning or interpretation. However, just like a butterfly, each is unique but the general interpretation of what the butterfly represents may be used in any case. xoxo ~Quornesha S. Lemon ♡♡☆♡♡


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