Palm Tree Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom + Knowing: Seeing palm trees in your waking life, synchronicity, dreams, visions, signs from the universe, paintings, is a symbolic message that you will be freed of your concerns once you decide to take a look at the situation from a larger perspective. Palm trees represent the need for emotional freedom or need to exile oneself of memories that are of no further use to self.

Palm trees are symbolic for peace giving and receiving. It asks you to hold onto your faith. Although you may experience some doubts know that as the changes being made to your life, things will get better. Brighter days are ahead. Be sure to not self-blame or look at your failures too much.

Palm trees’ message is that there are changes happening beyond this world that you will feel and notice in your life once the shift has taken place. Anything you lack right now will be supplied once things have completed. Try handling things with grace and peace. Empower and encourage the self. As it is most needed during this time.

Writing letters to higher powers or the self will be most beneficial. You can keep the letters for later and further review or you can decide to shred them up to remove the concern from your mind and heart space.

Palm trees planted outside of the home will negate and renounce anxieties one may encounter and instill a sense of peaceful surroundings. If you cannot accept the things around you, it is best to be open about it to your angels. As the best remedy for discontentment is to be open and honest to exile and expel worries or concerns.

Prophecy: door is closing and although it may feel like a struggle to the soul, it is for your betterment. The Best decisions are the ones you make when you are feeling much lighter and not heated in the moment. Look forward to the best outcomes. Seeing the palm trees is a message from the spirit realm, that all is going according to plan. Angels or higher powers have the best in store for you.

They are working out a miracle now, on your behalf. Even though you may not see it now and stress is high but fruition appears miles away, do not give up. You’re closer than you appear!

Intuitive Conclusion: You are not in the same ‘place’ as before. Even though it may feel like the more things change the more they stay the same. They don’t. If you feel such ways, it is because you’re holding onto your past and not allowing it to outgrow you or be left behind. Ask the spirit to put you into the inner mirror so that you can forgive the past and move on. Remember, you’re not here to change anyone, you’re here because you have a purpose and a legacy to share/impart with the world.

Palm Trees can also be a reminder or forewarning that one may feel a tendency to live beyond and above their means. It is time to come back to earth and ground oneself. do not make useless investments and fill one’s life with more things or treasures. Take care to provide to others and think of others, as the flow of opulence, wealth or prosperity can only flow when it is not hoarded.

It is also a message and confirmation that hardships are now coming to an ending/conclusion. Congratulations, for serving your lessons well. You will surrender them once they are complete.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

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