Bonsai Tree Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom + Knowing: The Symbolic Meaning of the bonsai is a sign of Significant wealth entering one’s life or business. Bonsai are great gifts to empower new life, whether in health or finances. However long you choose to upkeep the bonsai will be the duration of how you will receive it’s benefits.

When you have the bonsai and growth is not successful to the plant or something disrupts it’s blessings (appearance) it is a sign that any opportunities you receive at this time will not last for the long term. (Such potting breaking, plant leaves falling off) You should consider stability in all the actions you pursue. As working for anyone else other than your business is obvious message that your faith in what you do for a living will not make or earn an income for you.

Prophecy/Observance through Mediumship: Placing Bonsai plants or trees around the home empowers higher vibrations. As Bonsai trees are amulets to attracting the best into one’s life, personal and business matters. Defining your message or niche will be most valuable to you in the long-term. It’s time to look over prophecies received and find ways to implement action steps to bring what has been foreseen into tangible results.

Now is the most auspicious time to change and improve the way you do things in your business. Seeing the bonsai in Synchronicity, dreams, readings, ‘signs from the universe’. Is a message that your prayers or affirmations or any other technique or tool you use in regards to attracting abundance is being heard and acknowledged by the heavens to bring in the energy required to propel you into living what you envision.

Intuitive Conclusion: The Bonsai represents wealth, stability, peace in home, immediate or incoming opportunities, imminent, empowerment, clarity, overcoming obstacles, heaven luck, heavens blessings, Business success (both home and office), enlightenment, breaking free from foolishness, renouncing fears, resilience, the number 88, the power of 88, success in ventures, renouncing depletion, moving forward, excellence, finances, abundance, more than enough, luxury, living your best life, dreams coming to rapid fruition.

To bring or carry this energy with you, wear jade, as this stone is equal to the qualities and wealth of empowerment that the bonsai tree carries. Where to buy Bonsai + Jade

Wishing wealth to you and I, 

xoxo Quornesha 

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