Tangerine Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, Channeler, Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Hoodoo Priestess, Fortune Card Reader, Egyptian Healer, Hypnotherapist & So Much More:  A Tangerine is a symbol for success and business fruition. It denotes a advancement and reimbursement in a very positive way. You will begin to enjoy the work that you do. Something will inspire you and you will get going. Seeing a Tangerine in your waking life dreams, visions, and synchronicities is your sign, affirmation or confirmation that right now is the right time to see a project through. If you are expanding a business idea, plan or thought process. or Perhaps, changing outdated thought forms and patterns. It is definitely a sign of promotion.

Now is the time to be creative. The color of the tangerine is orange, so, this signifies the thought process and that it is abundant. You are being commended for making the changes you are not only willing to make. Yet, are willing to make it a part of a habitual pattern in a very positive way.

You can look forward/ahead with success. Keep a close eye on surrounding symbols, signs and synchronicities received through visions or otherwise. The Tangerine is a reminder, that even in business, our learning experience is ours alone and not that of others. We must agree with the steps and orders we take, to move steadily forward and ahead. Always do your research into anothers’ character. NEVER, place emphasis on one versus the other. As often, vibes are congruent. Stay focused on your life pattern. Always, always, always, prioritize goals, and plans.

The tangerine could also be a sign that it is time to gather new information and bright perspectives. Use your influence in positive and empowering ways. If you feel guilty for shielding/defending yourself, you will always be vulnerable towards the opposing energy. Even tangerines have shells. In a sense, this is a reminder to have a solid foundation always. Always have a solid platform to perform your very best.

Right now is most auspicious for spells, rituals and prayers of any kind, especially in regards to prosperity, wealth or success or all. Be assured that, happiness is indeed an inclusion of your accolades. To see the tangerine in any synchronicity represents strength, will and power to carry on and forward.

Look forward to forthcoming news being of a positive context and intention. Always research opportunities. And, be sure that what you ask for, you truly want. Desires have an expiration date, but aspirations with a purpose never go dull, nor does the light ever dim. Whenever you are no longer interested in a specific idea or context, this is a sign that, this has served it’s purpose. Show gratitude for it’s service and the duration of it’s timing in your life.

You must do your work in order to greatly benefit of this positive energy. Always be fully invested in what you feel confident in. WARNING! This is not a go for things you are in question about. If you doubt it, then the answer is a reverse. Do NOT. MOVE. FORWARD. With any opportunities that appall you! Do not be afraid to be independent in your business affairs, at least to start. No one will care more about your success and fruition, better than yourself.

Always request that offerings be made on behalf of your success(es) to give honor and glory to the deities, spirits or guides offering you their energy in the process. There’s nothing much worse than an ungrateful person. Be thankful that you are alive and have the opportunities to thrive. Do NOT worry about your haters. They too, can be taken care of in your favor. If need be, make offerings to the spirits, deities and guides yourself, under proper guidance *experienced professionals*.

Be so confident in your own ‘skin’ or efforts that others’ and whatever they are doing matters not & to your path, it can bring no harm. The Old African Proverb mentions, If there’s no enemy on the inside, the enemy on the outside can do us no harm. Be cautious of the ‘company’ you keep. And act with the utmost integrity, always. Blessings are sure to follow you! Believe fully in your ideas and originality. For through this, it is surely blessed. Good fortune is on the way, business-wise.  A rotted tangerine? And this means that you will need to check books, employees or otherwise. Be on the lookout for changes that will bring renewal.

Tangerine: = Clarity, Focus, Abundance, wealth, Prosperity, business success!


Namaste & Blessings

Priestess of High Order


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Finding Love Like the Love Inside of you!

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Intuitive Medium Healer| We are ALL love. When we are introduced to the world through birth we are assigned times…Signs, and a purpose to fulfill, plus so much more. We are immediately set out on a mission. We are made of so much energy and potential.

Often I send out a questions to the Source of Light and I recently asked for clarity in regards to relationships. While many of us place our trust into astrology or signs of any sort, I was told that, We can also use our incompatibility to our favors. Such as using the phase of the moon to share vibrations and energy that are most compatible with us.

Because, how do we know for certain if one is right for us..if we don’t make ourselves available to the possibilities. Not convincing anyone or arguing that anyone or thing SHOULD BE SO. As that is for each individual to decide.

If you truly want a happy and long lasting relationship, not through the demands of marriage, the demands of agreements, etc, but through releasing all bias when open to receiving a companion that is good for you. Such as, making an intention that you choose to be happy rather than live out an ideal with someone or something that isn’t necessarily promised.

I believe that when we are open to trying things out and open to living the life of our dreams through happiness and peace of mind, we can have the results we actually want. If you are not purposefully dating, it’s impossible to reap the rewards of such.

While we don’t have to change for love, as we all grow and evolve along the way, irregardless…We should remain open to change. It will not work to our favor whenever we decide we must change to meet a specific person at their ‘level’. Our needs are ever evolving. Who you are today will not be the same person you’ll be tomorrow or a few days from here.

Make it your personal mission to be happy, and peaceful. As when we decide to plan out our lives for the benefit of living at the expense of an ideal, we lose anyway. We may assume that because we have the ability to call into our lives what we want, we can have it. Think of it as a child, you don’t always give a child what they ask for, because what they ask for isn’t always what’s for their highest good.

When we decide that we are ‘sticking to our guns’ no pun intended, We fail to see the bigger picture. We not only miss out on the open opportunities which are plentiful and available to all of us, but we also…miss out on the doors that refuse to open for us. We are each to celebrate our biggest dreams, but you must also be willing to give up whatever future you have ‘planned’ so as to have the life the higher powers will have you happy and peaceful with.

We are each assigned a specific purpose, right down to the details. These details can be edited but it’s original purpose must never be altered. No matter what happens. Open your mind and heart, you are not limited by your past, your environment. And moreover, you must begin to trust your future. If it isn’t one you’d be proud to live out, then change what you are doing in your present or at least the direction and intention you may be coming from.

Know that nothing for you can slip away,  your destiny is yours alone. Although you may have or add others to this path that you are on, it is yours to live out and be happy to live it. You don’t have to become anything more than what you are destined to become. To receive the blessings that are aligned for you. Love is inside of you first. Begin to exude how you’d be with your beloved, as though it was already so.

You must simply trust the process and remind yourself that all things are working together for your good. And the highest good, always. Become the love that you may have hidden within, you begin to attract unlimited potential from then on and the opportunities to choose for yourself. Know that the journey will never be perfect. You are complete as you are, although you desire someone to share it with.

Create and visualize as these have magnitudes of power..Create the future you want, by who you are, how you treat others and what you allow to go on in your life. Affirm daily, even when you don’t always get specific results; All things are working for my good. Use prayer, use your inner energy. Don’t be afraid to ask of what you already are. Most of all, be exactly who you wish to attract, the kindness, loving, kind and gentleness you are asking for, become it first so that it is reciprocated.  For Love Readings Book here|


Quornesha S. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Brooms

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer) Seeing a broom in your visions, dreams or waking life is a message that something has come to a definitive end/conclusion. You are clearing away from old habits, beliefs, concerns, etc. The ascended masters and guardian angels would like for you to know that changes are forthcoming in an unexpected way.

You are not to feel angst, as these changes will be swift, smooth and will bring peace in many areas of your life. If there are any fears of the unknown in your life, know that they will be quickly swept aside. It is important to listen at this time. As the messages forthcoming are to be from unexpected source(s).

Continue calling into your life through the power of your manifesting tools and abilities. As these have played a viable part in the making of these changes. You are co-creating with the Divine realm and you are empowered to continue. A concern will lift or a burden will ease. It is now a time for new beginnings.

Know and assure yourself that you are protected and safe from harm or fears of any kinds. Know that your travels will be safe when you see the broom in your waking life, dreams or synchronicity. Know that your home is protected. Know that there are blessings of many kinds to enter your home life or home aspect at this time.

In some traditions the broom is used in ceremonies/rituals of variant kinds. Therefore the broom is a reminder to call into your life and upon that which you hope to see in your life. Right now is a very successful time in the home aspect for you. Take note of others being of assistance to you along your way. As these are also many answers to your prayers. Prayer is a powerful tool to draw things into your life and into your favor. Remember, that if we do not ask, it is assumed that we have no need. It is important to balance yourself and be willing for relationships or dreams to grow and expand at this time. Know that whatever you do in the world, a blessing comes along to nurture and support you so that you may continue doing and being in this vibration.

There is ancient energy moving in your favor, whether the broom is seen upside or right-side down. You know how to handle life and it’s challenges, and for that reason, many things will begin to flow your way as opportunities to share your wisdom with others. Be uplifting, and inspiring as that is what you create and will receive in turn. Know that everything you send you receive in turn.Be loving, be bold, be kind, be receptive and respective in both directions (towards others and towards yourself).

If there is a special prayer you’d like to make, or request or affirmation, now will be the auspicious time. If there are any changes you’d like to make to your business, your brand or home, now will be the time. The broom sweeps energy into your favor, in a non-direct way.

Know that every move you’ve ever made, every trial you’ve ever faced, every mistake you’ve ever made. It all mattered. Nothing was ever a mistake or by chance, it all happened for a specific reason and purpose. As long as you are willing to believe it, you are not a reflection of your mistakes, your trials, your tribulations or the things that you go through. Every situation is a different story, a new window, a new door. Keep moving forward. Everything has a purpose, and a time to end and begin/renew.

“These changes are ‘clearing the way’, for you to walk without restriction or restraint” express gratitude. A Broom is confirmation of good energy or feng shui being brought or sent into your direction.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Bonsai Tree Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom + Knowing: The Symbolic Meaning of the bonsai is a sign of Significant wealth entering one’s life or business. Bonsai are great gifts to empower new life, whether in health or finances. However long you choose to upkeep the bonsai will be the duration of how you will receive it’s benefits.

When you have the bonsai and growth is not successful to the plant or something disrupts it’s blessings (appearance) it is a sign that any opportunities you receive at this time will not last for the long term. (Such potting breaking, plant leaves falling off) You should consider stability in all the actions you pursue. As working for anyone else other than your business is obvious message that your faith in what you do for a living will not make or earn an income for you.

Prophecy/Observance through Mediumship: Placing Bonsai plants or trees around the home empowers higher vibrations. As Bonsai trees are amulets to attracting the best into one’s life, personal and business matters. Defining your message or niche will be most valuable to you in the long-term. It’s time to look over prophecies received and find ways to implement action steps to bring what has been foreseen into tangible results.

Now is the most auspicious time to change and improve the way you do things in your business. Seeing the bonsai in Synchronicity, dreams, readings, ‘signs from the universe’. Is a message that your prayers or affirmations or any other technique or tool you use in regards to attracting abundance is being heard and acknowledged by the heavens to bring in the energy required to propel you into living what you envision.

Intuitive Conclusion: The Bonsai represents wealth, stability, peace in home, immediate or incoming opportunities, imminent, empowerment, clarity, overcoming obstacles, heaven luck, heavens blessings, Business success (both home and office), enlightenment, breaking free from foolishness, renouncing fears, resilience, the number 88, the power of 88, success in ventures, renouncing depletion, moving forward, excellence, finances, abundance, more than enough, luxury, living your best life, dreams coming to rapid fruition.

To bring or carry this energy with you, wear jade, as this stone is equal to the qualities and wealth of empowerment that the bonsai tree carries. Where to buy Bonsai + Jade

Wishing wealth to you and I, 

xoxo Quornesha 

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