The Symbolic Meaning Of Iron(Ing)

Inner wisdom: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience: To iron or see an iron in your waking life, paintings, dreams, flashes or signs is symbolic for the preparation of success. Whatever action you have taken for the fruition of your dreams, stay in this vibration as the results will be bright and positive. Remember to show gratitude where it is due.

You are learning to control your fate and not allow your destiny or others to control you. Things change all the time and you are using your will and power wisely. You are also using your words in a more balanced and calm state of mind. You differentiate what is heated and what is cool. Interpreting that you are in control of you emotions, once and for all.

You know that this balance and stability you feel is not of your imagination. You are grounded and you know how to sit aside time for inner contemplation. If you are ironing, consider how wreckless, careless or gentle you are with this iron…Is it plugged in when you’re raged? Is it cooling down when you’re enraged.

Things will begin to shift in your favor. You can expect some victories for the trouble you have faced. Know that whatever it was, is over now. If you’re feeling as though you cannot take it any more and you will not be defeated, this is a sure sign that you’re taking your shift pretty darn well.

Success + fruition is sure to be. You are allowing yourself to learn that even though others have the best intentions, it does not mean that they are necessarily correct. You have realized something about yourself. Acknowledgement of who you are and how to activate a particular emotion is the first step.

Congratulations, you can expect to hear positive news about the way you are currently carrying yourself emotionally. Continue to trust your intuition and things will go smoothly and steady from here on out.

Channel also Clairvoyance + Claircognizance: The angels ask you, WHY HAVEN’T YOU ASKED FOR HELP OF THIS KIND, BEFORE NOW?! But they are indeed proud of you. Even though people told you of the truth you were courageous + remarkable enough to try on the lessons yourself.

You’ve overcome something. Whatever it was, has no more control over you. Rather your long term relationship with it prior to this moment has allowed you to adapt and discern your frequency from your fears or doubts. You can expect to see your ideas and actions successful for many times to come.

Intuitive Conclusion: Remember to stay balanced. As you receive more when you know there is more work to do. An opportunity is set to come your way. Open your heart-mind-body and soul…wide!

Enjoy the acceleration period!

Ironing a suit: Business

Ironing a Tie: Social events

Ironing a Dress: Social Events + Commendation

Ironing Slacks: Complete tasks at hand, success ahead.

Ironing A blanket: All being provided for

xoxo Quornesha 

The Supernatural healer™

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing and reading so kindly with all due respect! 



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