Symbolic Meaning Of The Green Anole Lizard [Male]

Inner Wisdom: Clairsentience + Clairaudience + Claircognizance + Clairvoyance: Seeing the Green Anole in our waking life, pictures, dreams, flashes, or on trees, is symbolic of forthcoming love or relationships. And also signifies the closeness that is due to come about in a current relationship. The Green Anole Lizard can be quite charismatic and very open minded.

It is the most auspicious sign if we are asking a question, as it is an affirming “yes”. We are asked to remain open, as being open brings about the opportunities for such. Know that as you do, and the other party decides to take another direction, this does not effect your openness.

Depending upon his reaction, simply, Him exposing it’s neck (Dewlaps) is sign of fertility. Do not force your way into another’s life. Take inspired action, nothing can occur if you simply wait for the Universe or a higher power to act or place a miracle in your life. Remember that every door closes for a reason.

It can be in relation to the way you do things, or relationships in general. Know that as it comes to an end it is for your highest good. Remember, if we have obtained anything, and it leaves it is sign that it is now time for the soul to move on. We as humans believe more in coming together of something rather than letting go. For that is why it seems so difficult.

However the Green Anole is a very powerful + positive omen, you will have what is needed for your journey regardless. Do not fear. In fact much of your feelings in regards to these matters are stemmed from fear or angst. Just because you feel it, does not make it accurate. You cannot follow your heart and feelings at the same time.

Do not hold onto situations, even if they have not been directly within your reach, if they are no longer positively fueling you. There are many opportunities available but you have to close one door in order to access the other.

Learn to get out of your thoughts when they bring up fearful thinking or thoughts that cause you to fret over possibly nothing, or something that isn’t worth the value or time you give to it. If you’re questioning a current relationship, chances are you are not happy in it. It is best to speak up to your partner in question about such things. Rather than withholding and regretting that you have stayed.

We each make mistakes. It is important to understand that these are lessons for us to learn from. Life will not be perfect. Know that you are learning and life has it’s own way of teaching us the lessons we need to learn, especially when we insist on living it in a specific way. Know that these lessons will not be more than you can bare. We don’t intend to make mistakes, but that is why they are called ‘mistakes’.

If you do not trust yourself to keep you in positive or healthy relationships, who can you trust? The soul cannot trust if it isn’t doing so for itself already. The Green anole is also a sign that you must use your intuitive inner guide for situations that are difficult to discern. If you cannot meet his family, go out in public, just met, etc, chances are it is only a fling, but it is up to you to decipher the final answer.

Remember, you only need confirmation for your inquiry, trust your instincts always. Focus your energy on positive outcomes for the ones you love. Support each other. Give and receive. Be open to something new or different. Not every experience, has to be the same. Forgive past experiences. At least let them go for the one’s ahead of you.

Intuitive Conclusion: Seeing this omen is also sign that he/she that is set to enter your life is in the likeness of you yourself. Therefore you can only judge where you are at fault. Vice versa. Green Anole’s love Tree space and branches. However love to hang in other areas where nature is a surrounding environment. Be sure that the journey’s you take, belong to you, or that they are free for your choosing. This isn’t your past if you’re in the present.


Quornesha S.

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