Angel Number 33/ Confirmation Number 33

Intuitive Inner Knowing: Clairvoyance + Clairsenteince + Claircognizance + Clairaudience: Angel number 33 comes to us as confirmation that we are within Divine vibration with our thoughts. The way to stay in your highest frequency is to ask your higher self for the assistance in developing the natural skill of communicating. From your grounded self to your higher self. It’s not about just being in a positive state of mind.

Focus upon the things that nurture you, loose yourself from the things that bring you to worry, fear, anxiety. This is what brings you to your lowest point, your knees. You can surrender standing tall also. Do not dwell upon anything, acknowledge it and move on. Looking upon any troubles you may face do not magically change them.

When you’re solely focused upon them, it’s what you are doing. Grieving and sympathizing with yourself. Do not allow whatever is in front of you, beneath you or behind you to bring you to a level of pain such as this. You do not have to fake your emotions if you are focused more on the things that bring you joy. DO not complain in your spirit.

Take note that throwing things, pouting, frowning are all negative reactions. Find someone whose willing to listen and seek ways you can actually get on a higher vibration. Do not mope and drag yourself about. As to do so, is sign that you are not yourself, the love that you are created to be.

You do not need to pile on countless affirmations, simply compliment yourself on things you do perform well or admire in you, and move on. Come back to the issue in question when you can rightfully critique it without being in your feelings.

Do not be afraid to let go of the things you feel are dragging you down in that lower self that you are constantly evolving. Your higher self fuels the lower you. But remember to exist your higher self needs you. You are your higher self’s priority.

To be in love with yourself or someone else means that the two of you are in agreement at this time. As in order to fall out of love, one must get into the frequency of hate. You fall in and out of love all the time. But the key is to remember why you love each other and try to mutually find a way to work through difficulties.  It is for the benefit of both parties, not just one.

Be grateful for the joy you are set to receive or the joy you are receiving now. The power of affirmation isn’t about covering up how you truly feel with how you wish to feel. Ask angels and higher powers to assist and teach you to love those parts of yourself you feel need work or healing and make an effort to do so.

Claircognizant: Acknowledgement/Discernment: Threes are as the wings of butterflies. Two means that things are coming together for the balance and stability of both sides. One completing the other. Each other supporting the other. Making a complete full circle.

Intuitive Conclusion + Prophecy: Love + really mean it. Recall the good memories, it’s time to farewell the old.

xoxo Quornesha, The Supernatural Healer

Thanks for sharing with all due respect!

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