The Message Of The Red Cardinal 6-25-15

 Clairvoyant Ability + Clairsentience, Clairaudience + Claircognizance + Mediumship + Inner Wisdom: Also Known as Channeling: You are beautiful, you need not look for heavenly signs, although they are open and available to you. Just relax, we are transcending and descending upon you in abundant ways. Please continue to stay patient. Your patience will pay off very shortly. You are loved for all that you do in the world. We the heavenly beings all love you. Try to stay calm throughout these sudden or rapid changes, call to us as we are here for you. If you need confirmation, leap first and then take a step back and note where you have done something brilliantly. We love you dearly.


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect.

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2 thoughts on “The Message Of The Red Cardinal 6-25-15

  1. Thanks again for the beautiful message. It is a confirmation to prepare for sudden changes as i have been seeing 2s and 5s in various combination frequently. In addition, a red cardinal shot pass my windshield as I neared my home. This was after a powder white dove had just flown gracefully in front of my car may 5 minutes prior. I really appreciate you offerings. Much gratitude to you Quornesha.


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