The Symbolic Meaning of The White Butterfly

Inner wisdom: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience: White is the color that is symbolic for purity, when any form of healing has been successfully performed the color white appears or becomes of great significance. However, when you have fulfilled a purpose or calling this color also crosses your path as confirmation, it is finished.

If you have not done any healing of any sort, consider some for yourself + research ways you yourself, can heal all others. Love heals all. Find what you’re passionate about + make a difference in that area. Your affirmations may be quite potent or prayers literally heard + answered in nano seconds.

This may be due to some sort of periodical change in the atmosphere that is being felt around the world. When you know yourself, then, you’re capable of leadership. The light within must always burn bright enough so that it can have the spiritual resources to distribute on the outside.

Take caution in taking a stand in battles you yourself do not have the victory for. Budget what you disperse from your spirit. Very Often, once depleted, it could be difficult to regain the trust of your mind. Thereby procrastination is born, meaning, you have misused your own will.

It is important to value yourself at first glance, the only vital first impression is, your own reflection when day breaks.

Intuitive Question: What is it that you’re waiting upon to change, in order to make your move? Unlike chess or Checkers it is your move that is most imperative before all others. You must be a leader. Stand in who you are. Not in what you think you should become. At this time be wise to refuse unwise decisions. Develop a sense of harmony + balance.

Prophecy: It is you who decides how you’re going to fly tomorrow, by the fuel you use today. Be smart about your perspectives, use your wisdom + intellect to show you the way + avoid unnecessary dangers. After all the only dangers you need to face are your own. The mountains you need to climb. Etc.

Angelic Channeling: After a while of seeking the light at the end of the tunnel you realize, YOU are that light! There isn’t any outward hero to sweep you from your life + into a new one. You evolve + develop, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Do something amazing, do it greatly!

Intuitive Conclusion:Also known as Clairsentience, Clairvoyance + Claircognizance, Clairdient,  If you take yourself higher every time you feel like there is nothing else you can do, you’ll realize that you haven’t yet done all you could do. Not yet, not at all. When you do, you trust + you allow. In the end, you’ll see that it was something more than surrender, it is your willingness that you will move beyond every measure + get something else done in the meantime.

Butterflies in general are symbolic of a change that is occurring. Take note of their landing + the direction they are flying, this color in particular is about blessings from heaven.Follow along in the movement + it’s current chapter!  26 Days of Invoking Heavens Blessings!


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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6 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning of The White Butterfly

  1. This was an insightful and pleasent read. I’ve never thought much of or seen white butterfly’s before. But on 3 occasions now, when I’m in my garden tending to my plants I seem to have this butterfly appear and fly around me and the plants. It’s always such an inspiringly beautiful moment, one which lead me to your blog this evening. The interesting part of my encounters, is that they always appear when I try to talk with God about my purpose in life.. being Nature one with nature is my thanggg and I often daydream about making some sort of career to help others with it.. I could go on about this but my question is… do you think that these butterflies are connected in confirming my purpose, and I’m just to afraid to act upon my intuition?

    Sorry about the rant, and again, this was a lovely feed. Thank you.

    Sasha x


  2. I want to express my gratitud I have been for a while finding meaning trough your words on your ilumunitating website thank you so much blessings


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